Eugenics Author who Believes in Black Genocide & an Imaginary Hierarchy of People [white supremacy] Silenced at College

From [HERE] A racist author of a book discussing racial differences in intelligence who was shouted down by protesters at Middlebury College when he gave a guest lecture and was confronted by some of them afterward says he wants the college to sanction those involved.

Charles Murray, who is a liar, describes himself as a libertarian and social scientist, warned that anything less could become an inspiration for other protests and has the potential “to be a disaster for American liberal education.”

He says when he left the building where his lecture was held last week he walked into “the middle of a mob.”

“If that’s the new normal then why would any college in its right mind allow a controversial speaker to arrive?” he said on Monday. “Because no college wants to go through what Middlebury’s gone through.” [MORE]

According to Dr. Blynd in FUNKTIONARY

eugenics - the science of African extermination and of the gene that produces a people (ethnicity) with the object being African and melanated peoples of the world. 2) the science of Racism White Supremacy. Eugenics is a bogus pseudo-science founded by English psycho-ologist Francis Galton, used for purposes of white supremacy tactics made popular by Hitler in Nazi Germany but practiced earlier in the U.S.S.A. 3) the maniacal (Yurugu-istic) philosophy of using genetic manipulation to create a better organism, better race or even a so-called master race by a lone totalitarian Dictator or a group of evil men under the veil of a Corporate State, i.e., Social Eugenics. 4) the racist belief held by many Caucasians that Africans and descendants of Africans are biologically moribund—and consequently were deficient in native or inborn intelligence and that the lack of intelligence would likely lead to a decline in the nation's collective intelligence. 5) the antidote of the Caucasian's unconscious fear of a Black Planet. 6) the artifice of attempting to make people appear to be other than they are. 7) the propaganda that African people should be done away with—exterminated. The name 'eugenics" was coined by the white psychologist Francis Galton. The triune objectives of Eugenics is selective ethnic genetic annihilation, population control (or depopulation), and selective breeding by a pathological strain of DNA. Eugenics essentially means, good white genetic stock; the selective breeding of white people and the mass extermination of African people. Mass incarceration, the homosexuality agenda (depopulation) grew out of the Eugenics movment. Read "War of the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race" by Edwin Black. (See: Genocide, Yurugu, Recombinant DNA, U.S. Sterilization Laws, Freemasony, Theosophy, Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, Planned Parenthood, Neuropean, Weiteko Disease, Racism White Supremacy, Similac, PLC, Caucasian & Inferiority Complex)