Uber Just Wants the Best White Minds in its Workplace - Workforce Only 8% Black and 5% Latino

From [Bloomberg] and [MORE] After weeks of scandal, Uber released its first report Tuesday detailing the gender breakdown and racial makeup of its employees. Though welcomed by diversity advocates, the revelations weren’t that surprising: Within engineering, only 15 percent are women and 6 percent are black, Latino or multiracial, which makes Uber not that different from other tech companies, where those groups make up a tiny fraction of the technical workforce.

Uber’s racial makeup is similar to the rest of the Valley. People of white or Asian descent make up 94 percent of Uber’s technical staff in the U.S. Among all of its American workers, 8.8 percent are black and 5.6 percent are Hispanic. Slightly more than half of Uber’s employees are outside the U.S.[MORE]

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Travis Kalanick, Uber’s co-founder and chief executive officer, 40, has said he wants to find the “best minds” and resisted the idea of prioritizing based on race or gender. Kalanick is white - in video above he argues with his non-white driver, who is not considered an employee but an "independent contractor." 

Uber also released retention data-- the percentage of each demographic group that stays at the company each year -- reveals more about the hospitality of the workplace culture than the percentage of white and Asian men there overall. Most companies, including Uber and its peers in Silicon Valley, track it. They just don’t make it public.

Retention data is a proxy for job satisfaction, and tech companies won’t be able to build the diverse workforces they claim to be working toward unless they can hold onto the small fraction of female and minority employees they successfully recruit. Since 2014, demographics at Apple Inc., Facebook Inc., Google, Twitter Inc. and others have stayed roughly the same: Women make up about 17 percent of technical workers; only about 6 percent are black or Latino.