Rep Steve King Can't Drop His Racist Mind: 'Blacks & Hispanics will be fighting each other before overtaking whites in population'

There are 7 billion people in the world, 90% of them are non-white. From [HERE] Iowa Rep. Steve King said Monday that blacks and Hispanics "will be fighting each other" before overtaking whites in the US population.

King, a racist Republican, was on the radio responding to a question about Univision anchor Jorge Ramos' comment to Tucker Carlson on Fox News that whites would become a majority-minority demographic in America by 2044, a point Ramos used to make the argument that it is a multiracial country.

"Jorge Ramos' stock in trade is identifying and trying to drive wedges between race," King told Iowa radio host Jan Mickelson on 1040 WHO. "Race and ethnicity, I should say to be more correct. When you start accentuating the differences, then you start ending up with people that are at each other's throats. And he's adding up Hispanics and blacks into what he predicts will be in greater number than whites in America. I will predict that Hispanics and the blacks will be fighting each other before that happens."

On Sunday he tweeted, "We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies."

In the interview on Iowa radio, King reiterated comments he made Monday to Chris Cuomo on CNN's "New Day," saying, "This isn't about race." He said his comments were instead about "our stock, our country, our culture, our civilization," and that "we need to have enough babies to replace ourselves."

But King argued that others, such as Ramos, were "celebrating" the success of a plan to make whites a majority-minority.

"Their effort here is to be celebrating because the United States is moving towards becoming, the whites becoming a minority, a majority-minority within the country according to what their plan is," he said.

King concluded the interview by recommending that listeners read the novel, "The Camp of the Saints," by French author Jean Raspail, a book about Europe being overcome by immigrants which has also frequently been referenced by top Trump adviser Steve Bannon. The book has been criticized as presenting a racist view of immigration.

lol. A "plan to make whites a majority." This racist is playing dumb here. It is scientific fact that Black is a genetically dominant trait. Whenever Black mixes with White, which is a recessive genetic trait, Black will dominate. In general, this means persons with white skin cannot reproduce a white child when they have sexual relations with non-whites. So, the white "race" can be replaced or "genetically annihilated" through such assimilation or social intermingling with non-whites; 

White plus Black equals Colored. 

White plus Brown equals Colored. 

White plus Yellow equals Colored. [MORE]

Understanding the above creates deep seated fears within the  racist mind. [MORE]

There are 7 billion people in the world, 90% of them are non-white. Persons who classify themselves as Whites make up less than 10% of the world's population and their numbers are shrinking fast, while non-white populations are surging. Demographic changes are not a "US thing" - it is just everyone's reality. Racists are vulerable to their sense of numerical inadequacy.

Having little biological validity, race is an artificial "European" invention with real consequences. Race is not real but racism is. [MORERace is translated more correctly as "organization," the sole purpose of which is to maintain white domination and world control of non-whites'. [MOREThe only purpose of race is to practice racism. The same people who created these names/classifications also drew lines all over the globe, created boundaries, passports and named the "nations."

Non-white people do not do any of the classifying without the approval of racists. Non-white people have been defined or determined to be whatever the "vested interests" say they are. 

According to Dr. Frances Cress Welsing white people's need to divide and conquer non-whites is "a funda­mental behavioral response of whites to their own minority status. The white "race" has structured and manipulated their own thought processes and conceptual patterns, as well as those of the entire non-white world majority, so that the real numerical minority (whites) illusionally feels and represents itself as the world's majority, while the true numerical majority (non-whites) illusionally feels and views itself as the minority. Interest­ingly, the white collective, whenever discussing the question of color, never discusses any of its own particular ethnic groups as minorities, but constantly focuses on the various ethnic, language and religious groups of non-white peoples as minorities. Then great efforts are made to initiate conflict between these arbitrary groups. This is one of the key methods by which a minority can remain in power. The "divide, frictionalize and conquer" pattern, observable throughout history wherever non-whites are confronted by whites, results primarily from whites' sense of color deficiency and secondarily from their sense of numerical inadequacy. [MORE]

Given thier genetic recessive status [inability to produce color] racists believe the only way they can survive is by dominating non-white persons. According to Dr. Welsing, racism is a system of white behavior and survival: "genetic annihilation is the fundamental motivation of people who classify themselves as White, whether it is conscious and/or subconsciously determined. In other words: what the White Collective is doing on the planet is engaging in racist behaviors—in economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and more—in order for them to survive. Indeed, 'everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks in close proximity to each other, whether it is Ferguson, Mo. or Zimbabwe, the whites are in control. Yet Blacks rarely question this extraordinary universal phenomenon which defies every known statistical law of probability.' [MORE]

In a state of unconscious stupidity racists like King live in a cartoon fantasy. Suffering from the disease of constant comparison racists imagine themselves to be separate from you and to be a part of a hierarchy where persons unable to produce color and lacking melanin are supreme; imagining themselves to be higher than what they imagine you to be. By and large non-whites go along with this. The question for non-whites, particularly Black people, is how do we drop this partcipatory servant role in their cartoon world, how to drop this racist mind that has been programmed in us? 

Amos Wilson states, "we must question how is it that a minority people [whites], a very small percentage of mankind, a people who are essentially resourceless in terms of their natural resources, maintain the power they have. Why is it that the peoples whose lands contain the wealth of the earth are the poorest people? Why is it that Afrika with some twenty (20) or thirty (30) strategic metals that make the space age possible — why is it that the image of Afrika is projected at us time and time again as that of starving children, as societies in disorder, as societies on the verge of disaster? This implies that there must exist a political, social situation wherein the mental orientation of our people must be so structured that the power and the ability of the Europeans to rule this earth are continually maintained.' [MORE]