[Like Salmon to Bear] Elijah Cummings tells Trump 'most Blacks are doing very, very well in system of white supremacy/racism'

Sleeping Beggar. Maybe if Congressman Elijah Cummings dreamed about falling down a flight of steps he would wake up. While he is actually starving for food he probably would dream that he is eating a delicious feast - a trick his mind plays on him to snooze a little longer. In what way is thinking while you are awake like dreaming? Our minds go on chattering, thoughting, pretending, while racism/white supremacy is in front of the nose, all around us. When reality is too harsh to tolerate we create dreams and look to be deceived - to make reality more tolerable. 

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings said he told President Donald Trump during a meeting Wednesday that his language describing African-American communities has been "hurtful" and "insulting," and suggested the administration look into allegations of voter suppression as well as election fraud.

The exchange came during what appears to have been an otherwise congenial Oval Office meeting in which Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, presented the Republican president and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price with a proposal to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

Cummings, a senior member of the Congressional Black Caucus, said he spoke about African Americans in response to speeches in which Trump has referred to "carnage" in the "inner cities." The president has frequently described cities, including Baltimore, in dire terms.

"I said to him, 'Mr. President, most respectfully, when you're talking about the African-American community, I want you to realize that all African-American communities are not places of depression, where people are being harmed,'" the Baltimore lawmaker said. "I think it would be good for him to acknowledge that most African-American people are doing very, very well." [MORE]

The high price of prescription drugs is not the number one health issue facing African Americans. Rather, it is the false afrikan consciousness that African Americans, such as Cummings, possess. This false consciousness or mental programming by racists has rendered Black people useless to themselves, believers in white supremacy or mentacidal enemies against themselves. Cummings does not want to acknowledge the half truth of Trump's crituque of Black communities b/c he beleives that somehow it implicates Black people as the cause of its problems. Conversely, he also fears acknowledging such a reality because to do so might indict this system as system of racism/white supremacy - something he desperately does not want to believe exists [Jews during Nazi Germany considered themselves to be fully integrated Germans - they were deceived].  So instead he pretends that things are "very, very well." Racism/white supremacy has made Black people like him crazy. 

White Supremacy/Racism causes many of Black people's symptomatic problems; poverty, economic inequality, unemployment, drug addiction, infant mortality, AIDS, chronic welfare dependency, lack of affordable housing, homelessness, servant education, the unequal administration of justice, police brutality, jim crow incarceration and much more. 

The Packard Motors plant in black Detroit looks as if a wrecking ball has swung through the top floors, but the building has just been left to collapse.[MORE]  

The condition of Black communities has everything to do with the actions & inactions of racists like Trump. Whatever happened or did not happened to Black communities is the result of white supremacists/racists as they control everything in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war) - 24/7 worldwide.

Neely Fuller explains 'Whatever a Black person gets, and/or is allowed to keep, is the result of decisions made by White Supremacists. This is the functional meaning of White Supremacy (Racism) that many non-white people — particularly Black people — prefer not to acknowledge.  Non-white persons should stop pretending that this is not true. Non-white people should stop pretending that they have power that they do not have.' [MORE]

It is difficult to "stop pretending" when you have been relentlessly programmed to believe otherwise.

Cummings should ask racist Trump 'when are you going to turn your self in to the police?' Voter fraud does indeed exist and mounting empirical evidence shows that it got Trump elected through the systematic disenfranchisement of Black, Latino & Asian voters. [MORE] Like a salmon asking a bear 'what's for dinner?', Cummings has asked a rep from CrimethInc. to investigate itself. He should wear a clown suit. With so many stories in his head, put there by racists and with beliefs in so many lies told by racists, Cummings has lost touch with reality - like so many of us. Our beliefs in nonsense hold the system together and make white people who they are [masters] and make us what we are [servants]. 

Dr. Blynd explains in FUNKTIONARY 

CrimethInc. - an elite class of intergenerational financiers and psychopathic human parasites. Crimethlnc. is a faction of men and their legal fictions created in this Matrix by those who make them rob widows and orphans, who take your sons and daughters into pre-emptive corporate invasions and occupations of foreign lands, who kill the innocent, jail the just, mine the womb of your daughters, devour the weak, terrorize and falsely imprison political activists, traumatize the oppressed, and covet the wealth of all. 2) Back-on-Track crime. 3) the twisted empty-souls of humanity's invisible oligarchy. Crimethlnc. is a geo­political agreement among territorial gangsters to share power over looted differential wealth of people's labor, minds, lands and natural resources. The objective pay-off is still empire no matter the condition of the ecology or many people expire. (See: Doggy. "Credit" & Reificarion)

Delusion: false beliefs held by an individual which are stubbornly retained and defended despite their logical inconsistencies with objective reality and valid evidence to the contrary. Not only do such beliefs persist directly in the face of contradictory evidence, they persist in the face of continuous negative consequences resulting from their being held.

According to Dr. Amos Wilson in The Falsification of Afrkian Consciousness

Dominant Whites have from the distant past up to the present moment unabatingly continued to propagate historical and cultural falsehoods (concerning things Afrikan as well as European) as truths, fabricated evidence to support such confabulations and lies, continued to obscure reality and conceal their inhumane motives behind a papier-m&che facade of humanity and hypocritical moral superiority. The creation, presentation, and sinister manipulation of powerful cultural images and ideas, information and ideology, symbols and values, rewards and punishments, social communications and interactions, have allowed Whites by dint of their overwhelming social power, to inculcate their subordinate Afrikan subjects with detrimental delusions whose attitudinal-behavioral expression advance the interests of White supremacy. Dominant Whites utilize such inculcated delusory images, ideas, values, ideologies, etc., to justify their supremacy as well as to convince themselves and their Afrikan subjects that they only have themselves (or fate perhaps?; to blame for their inferiorization. As the continuity of White supremacy is premised on the acceptance by Afrikans of the European falsification of Afrikan history and culture as true, so does its continuity also depend on their continuing acceptance of European self-serving ideological fabrications as true. In fact, in order for Afrikans to remain in their positions of subordination they must be compelled (most efficiently if achieved subliminally) to mistake certain Eurocentric lies for truths and certain Afrocentric truths for lies. For it is this fundamental mistake which inverts and reverses the subordinated Afrikan collective personality.

The virtually unchallenged social power wielded by the White supremacist establishment enables it to block out, censor, degrade, and deny the truth and severely limit the dissemina­tion of all important, positive information, ideas, ideologies, values, etc., relative to Afrikans, except those which are compatible with and supportive of White superiority. Further­more, the White supremacist establishment's ability to associate a full range of socially and psychologically aversive outcomes with the belief in and expression of ideologies, which if actualized by Afrikans would revolutionize Afrikan-European power relations, is utilized to motivate Afrikans to reject the holding and expression of such beliefs as hazardous to their well-being. Conversely, their ability to make relief from suffering aversive outcomes; the receipt of future material and non-material rewards, some modicum of security, social acceptance, and the like, contingent on the belief in and expression of established, self-serving Eurocentric ideologies. is utilized to motivate Afrikans to hold fast to such beliefs as ensuring their well-being. Consequently, the measure of the truth value of an ideology, belief, value, etc., in the subordinate Afrikan mind is neither determined by the degree to which it accurately represents objective reality nor by the degree to' which it may equalize or revolutionize the power relations between Whites and Blacks. The basis for belief is not truth but expediency — the measure of pain or pleasure its holding and expression may bring to its host. The basis for the acceptance or rejectance of an idea becomes its emotional consequences rather than its truth value.

Related to delusion is fantasy — the conscious and uncon­scious creating of images, wishes, hopes, scenarios, illusory thoughts and goals and their "acting-out" either only in the mind, or in their ritualistic, fetishistic "acting-out" in reality as substitutes for desires and hopes which cannot be gratified in actuality. Fantasy fills the vacuum of absent reality. It is a pretense, a passive or active charade, the pretentious living and acting of a daydream, a substitute for action, a hope tenaciously clung to in the face of hopelessness. An escape from stress and frustration, fantasy gratifies frustrated desires by imaginary or substitute achievements — by defending the ego against paralyzing despair. Thus the easier accomplishments of make-believe are substituted for the harder accomplishments of real-life endeavors. At that point fantasy becomes self-defeating, maladaptive, and self-destructive. Yet these fantasies become the characteristic fantasies of both the "normal" and "abnormal" oppressed.

Frustration and reaction fantasies are the hallmarks of oppression. To be oppressed is to have the most meaningful wishes, hopes, plans and expectations blocked and unfulfilled by oppression or the oppressive circumstances the oppressor erects and maintains. However, the reactionary fantasies and fanciful charades of the oppressed, their pursuit of vain hopes, addiction to substitute gratifications, energize and support the oppressive regime and help to maintain their own oppression. Their religion, handed-down by their oppressors, promises them rescue, a messiah, a Moses, "pie-in-the-sky" — and thus their revolutionary will is pacified. They wait on the Lord, the tribulation, and are gratified by religious ecstacies. Their oppressors are thus permitted to enjoy heaven-on-earth at their expense. [MORE]