Settler Trump= the Opposite of the Refinement of White Supremacy: The Chains are More Visible Now to Palestinians

Paper Boat Captain Trump is what Chuang Tzo might call a Full Boat; filled with an endless supply of stupid opinions and beliefs, his little boat purposely crashes into most of the world's inhabitants on a hurried pace along an ambitiously manipulated route to many planned destinations. ["paper boats are as good as real boats if you never go for the voyage"]

Osho Rajineesh explained that a perfect man is like an empty boat. [MORE]. At any rate, like unseen deadly toxins in the air, the true deadly power of racism/white supremacy lies in its concealment. Less clever than stupid klansman, the only thing Trump folks are concealing from us is their tails. [MORE

From [IBTimesAt least one Palestinian was killed in skirmishes between protesters and Israeli troops along the Gaza border fence, the Palestinian Health Ministry said. Dozens more were reported wounded in clashes in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The ministry said that Mohammed Al-Masri died after being struck by live fire east of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip, and that more than 35 Palestinians were injured, two seriously.

It was the first death since clashes erupted across the Palestinian territories after President Donald Trump recognised Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The Israeli military said in a statement that during clashes along the border fence soldiers "fired selectively at two main instigators" and confirmed hitting them.

Trump's dramatic policy shift has triggered widespread international condemnation, including from US allies. Several European leaders have warned that the decision could further destabilise the region. [MORE]