[Non-Law = an otherwise legitimate law used by racists to affect Black people] Gentrifiers Use D.C. Building Code to Shut Down Liquor Store

According to racist suspects at Popville gentrifiers in DC recently used the D.C. building code to eliminate a liquor store at Georgia Ave. and Kennedy Street NW [above] in an area white invaders now insist on calling Petworth. Apparently, the store attracted undesirable Black men whose presence frightens & intimidates them as they get in & out of their Ubers, jog by or play on their expensive phones. Boo. If the store had sold scones or donuts with bacon bits on them in service of whitey it would have been all good. In 10 years these stupid zombies will probably invade Wheaton, MD looking for culture or charbroiled chicken. [MORE]

Neely Fuller explains that an otherwise fine law or policy becomes a "non-law" when it is used by racists in such a manner as to promote injustice. It is the application of policy or laws by racist citizens, prosecutors, jurors and judges that creates injustice for non-whites.  At any rate, most laws are created and funded by white legislators, administered by white Government workers, enforced by white prosecutors and remedied by white jurors and judges [& their Black & Brown Clones] - the same racist suspects who participate, perpetuate and/or benefit from this system of white domination and control. "Laws in and of themselves will not protect us." 

Anything innocuous, such as a building code or a law banning the possession of alcohol in public in the hands of racists can be used as a tool of white supremacy. The plain meaning of such laws is not racist. For example, "Stand your ground" is a self-defense, defense raised at trial by a criminal defendant that allows for the use of deadly force when it is reasonable for a non-aggressor/victim to do so. In states which have variations of this law a person does not have a legal duty to retreat before using self defense to defend themselves under life threatening conditions that are reasonably apparent to the victim. Most states, including D.C. have a version of the law. [MORE] And what is wrong with defending yourself against someone trying to substantially harm you? Yet racist civilians, judges, jurors, prosecutors and police have used these laws to justify murdering Black people. Similarly, pedestrian laws and traffic codes have been co-opted by cops for years to target Black people everywhere. [MORE] and [MORE]. Changing laws or creating more is no remedy.

Undeceiver Dr. Blynd explains that "law always serve to maintain the interests of those who legislate, uphold, service and execute the law. Law is always erected and imposed by overrulers and their "orderlies" anywhere ignorance of the true nature of Self - reality based truth- widely flourishes. [MORE]

Doggy's operating system (OS) of White supremacy is the cause and effect of white people's genocidal conduct towards non-whites; recent incidents are part of this observable pattern. It is a white over Black system of vast unequal conditions and power. White people practice racism because they have the power to do so. To end or neutralize white supremacy Black people must end or neutralize white power

The system of racism/white supremacy can be neutralized, destroyed or replaced with a civilized system of justice only when Black people acquire some power. This can begin as soon as Blacks stop participating in, legitimizing, consenting to and drop out of white people’s fantastic con game.