To Justify Search, Cop Pretended to Smell Non-Existent Weed & Then Slammed Black Teen on His Head - Albany Considers Settlement

From [HERE] A proposed settlement will be before Albany city commissioners during a Tuesday night meeting to settle an excessive force lawsuit tied to an incident in April involving an Albany-Dougherty Drug Unit officer.

According to the City of Albany's Tuesday night meeting agenda, City Attorney Nathan Davis will be presenting the settlement offer of $372,500 for commissioners to vote upon.

If approved, that settlement would go to Llewellyn Glover Jr., who stated he suffered head, hand and foot injuries on April 25 that were caused by ADDU Officer Jamie Sutton during a traffic stop.

According to the agenda item, dash cam video of the event was persuasive.

July 2017, Llewellyn Glover Jr. was pulled over by a cop for a broken tail light. The officer said he smelled weed in the car. He proceeded to try and force the situation. When it was all said and done Glover's family said he suffered a broken hand, which required surgery, a fractured foot, and had to have three staples placed in his head. An internal Albany Police report also states a deadly force chokehold was used against him. No marijuana was found. 

Sutton, a Black cop who was trying to please his masters, no longer works for the Albany Police Department, but was not charged for the incident by white prosecutors.