Jesse Jackson Supports Black Mayor Ushered in to Fix Flint Water Crisis, Now Facing Tuesday Recall

From [Mlive] With the Flint recall election just a few days away, supporters of Mayor Karen Weaver rallied at the New McCree Theater Sunday night to make a final push to rally their base to go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Among those offering their words of support for Weaver among the crowd of around 200 people was the Rev. Jesse Jackson on his latest visit to the Vehicle City.

"Our mayor has brought dignity, decency, and a high standard," he said. "We should work for her, invest in her... If we do our best on Tuesday morning, we'll celebrate on Tuesday night."

If given the chance to keep her seat at Flint City Hall, Weaver said her focus would continue to be recovering from the water crisis, as well as economic growth, public safety, and education while trying to maintain a cooperative spirit.

From [NyTimes] Weaver sailed into office two years ago promising to clean Flint’s lead-tainted water and to restore trust in government, after previous leaders brought poisoned water to the city and ignored residents when they complained. Ms. Weaver declared a state of emergency, met with the president and made the rounds on cable television, quickly becoming one of America’s most visible mayors.

But as her celebrity grew, so too did a revolt within her own City Hall. She now faces City Council members accusing her of corruption, a court battle over Flint’s long-term water source and, on Tuesday, a recall election that could snuff out her four-year term at the halfway point.

Ms. Weaver’s opponents — 17 names will appear on the ballot along with hers — dismiss her as a political amateur who has run Flint like a fief, failed to engage with the City Council and further eroded the public’s already battered faith in government. The candidate who receives the most votes on Tuesday will serve out the remainder of the term. [MORE]