White Media, Gov, Police, DA, & Civilians All Supported White Cop's Murder of Tamir Rice = White Collective Power

GUN WAS IN HIS WAISTBAND WHEN WHITE COPS MURDERED HIM. A few days ago Newsweek put out an article with the headline "This is the Toy Gun That Got Tamir Rice Killed" as Wednesday marked the three-year anniversary of the killing of Tamir Rice. The racist suspect writer states, "No charges were brought after the 12-year-old black boy was killed by police officer Timothy Loehmann while holding a toy gun on a Cleveland playground."

"Holding a toy gun?" Tamir died with the gun still in his waistband. It was not out or visible when the cops were present. This is how racist suspects go on subtly re-mixing & writing history to justify their actions and this racist system. The system racism/white supremacy got him killed. Don't blame a gun. 

Discussion about Tamir Rice's pellet gun is racist misdirection because it is not relevant to his case. If the white cops never saw the gun it makes no difference whether it looked real or if it looked like it was made of chocolate. White cops wanted to talk about the toy gun after Tamir was killed because they had nothing else to talk about after the video came out. The white media obliged them.  

Zombified neuropean journalists at GQ, Newsweek, LA Times, New York Times and so many others go on chattering about the size, color and material of the boy's pellet gun and then comparing it to how similar it looks to a real gun. The new aforementioned Newsweek article is exhibit A. It provides large photos of a pellet gun similar to Tamir's and pictures of real guns. Unless officer Loehmann had x-ray vision how could he see a gun in a waistband? After Tamir laid crumpled on the ground the white cops found the toy gun in his waistband.  

Suppose you found a fruit fly in your soup. After you remove it, would you still eat the soup? This is similar to cop testimony and statements about their incidents with the Black & Latino people they encounter. Despite so many incredible, inaccurate and incorrect statements made by the white cops involved in Rice's murder and made by the Department, the elite white media goes on parroting them. White cops tell lies about Black defendants and victims because white journalists, judges, jurors, prosecutors and readers will believe them! White journalists tell stories in accord with the appetite of the racist reader or viewer not in accord with the realities of life. How many fruit flies would you eat? How many self serving lies can cops tell you before you don't believe anything else they say?

Newsweek presents you the Hollywood version of the Tamir Rice episode - the one where he takes the gun out and brandishes it in front of cops. Such racist bullshit makes it reasonable for cops to kill Tamir and induce sympathy for the white cops in a very difficult situation with a violent Black male. This is similar to elite whites in Hollywood depicting Native Americans as savages in order to justify their ongoing and historical savage treatment of them- 'they made us do it.' 

When white cops met Tamir the gun only existed in their minds - that thought was put there by police dispatch - more on that in a minute.

Dr. Blynd says "racism is a virus in the mind." This an example of it. Racists don't see reality with their eyes. They see non-whites, particularly Blacks, with their mind. Before racists look to see 'they probably already had an idea. Their eyes carry some experience, some opinion, some ideology about Blacks. These objects become barriers that corrupt understanding, seeing reality, the obvious. [MORE] and [pdf

Whether the white cops even saw part of a gun in Tamir's waistband or more specifically whether there was video evidence that a gun was visible in his waistband, is no small matter. The government of Cleveland settled Tamir's civil case for $6 Million. If the video wasn't blurry the settlement would have been even larger and murder charges wouldn't be so easy for a racist suspect prosecutor to fumble. The white media is just doing their part as belief pushers in the system of racism/white supremacy. Their public relations role is to support and help justify a white cop's decision to lawfully execute a Black person at any time and any place.

The entire Tamir Rice episode is an example of white collective power. Before we check out the different racist suspect players, check out Anon -

Anon asks: "Q: What is collective power?

A: Collective power is the institutions and systems that benefit one group at the expense of another group, and allow one group to dominate another group in all areas of human activity.

For example, when a white policeman shoots an unarmed black man, his fellow officers, the police chief, internal affairs, the union, the media, the prosecutor, the judge, and the jury will support, defend, and finance that white police officer’s “right” to shoot (murder) an unarmed black person. That is white collective power.

Tamir Rice Murder =Anatomy of an Episode of White Supremacy.

A criminal conspiracy is an agreement by two or more persons to commit a criminal act or a series of criminal acts, or to accomplish a legal act by unlawful means. To make the required agreement, a defendant need not know the details of the criminal plan ; the agreement can be inferred from a concerted action of two or more people where each has knowledge of the other's actions. Persons in a conspiracy need not know what each person's role is. The general rule is that each conspirator, while a member of the conspiracy, is liable for every offense committed by all other conspirators in pursuance or furtherance of the conspiracy, even if the particular conspirator neither participated in the offense nor expressly knew of its commission. 

Like a criminal conspiracy, the system of white supremacy/racism is an agreement among racists to act genocidally towards non-whites. Here, a group of racist suspects acted together in a chain of events to harm a Black child. It was not personal - but to the extent that each actor may have been a racist -  it was racial.  

White Media Parrots Liar White Cops. Cleveland police have said the officer who fired the fatal shot, Timothy Loehmann [in photo], told Tamir three times to put his hands up from inside the car, then opened fire when the boy reached for the pellet gun tucked in his waistband.

Forensic expert Jesse Wobrock found that Rice could not have heard police commands to show his hands because the windows in Loehmann’s patrol car were rolled up. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty's report on the incident also included accounts from several witnesses who did not hear officers issue any verbal warning to Rice. [MORE] Nevertheless, elite white media has made this part of the official narrative - google it, its everywhere as fact.  

Next, Officer Garmback who was in the driver’s seat of the cruiser during the shooting, concurred that he saw what looked like an “adult” male pulling a real gun from his waistband. 

“I kept my eyes on the suspect the entire time,” Loehmann wrote in his statement. “I saw the weapon in his hands coming out of his waistband and the threat to my partner and myself was real and active,” he added.

Mr. Wobrock is an accident reconstruction expert who holds a doctorate in biomedical engineering from the University of California Los Angeles. After reviewing news articles, medical records, documents from the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office and various other reports, including enhanced video stills of the incident released by the county prosecutor, Wobrock concluded that the officers’ accounts are inaccurate. Tamir did not reach for a pellet gun when he was shot by Cleveland police. [MORE]

Wolbrock's frame-by-frame video analysis of the shooting, indicated he did not have time to remove his hands from his pocket. Tamir’s hands were in front of his body for a couple seconds while the officers remained in their cruiser. While the vehicle was still moving forward, Loehmann opened the passenger door; at this point, Tamir’s hands had moved into his jacket pockets.

Half a second later, Tamir moved his right shoulder and arm upward in a “defensive-type position”—  a movement consistent with the bullet hole’s location in his outer jacket — and was shot.

According to Wobrock, Tamir performed the upward motion with his hands still in his pockets.

While police reports parroted by white media contended that Tamir was shot within two seconds of Loehmann exiting the cruiser, parked within seven feet of the victim, Wobrock concludes that the accident actually occurred even more quickly. Judging by the elapsed time between frames, he says, the encounter took place over less than one second.

“Based on the timing of this event,” Wobrock writes, “Tamir Rice did not have enough time to perceive and react to any verbal commands. “It is clear that Officer Loehmann shot Tamir Rice immediately upon exiting the vehicle, such that Rice did not have enough time to take his hands out of his jacket pockets.”

The expert states with a “reasonable degree of scientific certainty” that the pellet gun was not visible to the officers prior to the shooting, and at no point in Tamir’s encounter with the police did he reach into his waistband, contrary to what Loehmann and Garmback wrote in their statements. [MORE]

Additionally, during the white cops one second interaction with Tamir, “the scientific analysis and timing involved do not support any claim that there was a meaningful exchange between Officer Loehmann and Tamir Rice before he was shot,” Wobrock said. [MORE]

Yet white media goes on with the fantastic lie that in less than one second, the white cop opened the car door, stepped out, maintained eye contact with Tamir, who responded like with a quck draw like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven. Racist suspect journalist don't question such details because they want to be deceived and don't want their beliefs to be disturbed by reality.  

Prior to the release of the video Cleveland Police Patrolmen's Association President Jeffrey Follmer, said "[Loehmann and Garmback] pulled into the parking lot and saw a few people sitting underneath a pavilion next to the center. [Loehmann] saw a black gun sitting on the table, and he saw the boy pick up the gun and put it in his waistband."  The video itself impeaches all this hearsay as fiction relayed to Follmer by the white cops. Cleveland cops also said "the officer got out of the car and told the boy to put his hands up. The boy reached into his waistband, pulled out the gun and [Loehmann] fired two shots." Again the video and analysis proved this was also more dogshit [MORE]

Importantly, it should be emphasized that even the Cleveland Police walked back their statement that a gun was out in Tamir's hand when the cops interacted with him. According to Chief of Police, "the child did not threaten the officer verbally or physically" because the toy was in his waistband. [MORE]

Moreover, white media engaged in the usual character assassination of Black & Latino victims unlawfully killed or harmed by white cops. Except in this case Tamir had no 'criminal background as a poor Black youth' for white media to work with. So instead white media attacked Tamir's father. 

For example, just one day after Tamir was shot to death, Brandon Blackwell, a racist suspect journalist [in photo] for Cleveland.com and the Cleveland Plain Dealer [one of the largest news organizations in Ohio] wrote an article smearing Tamir's father by discussing his criminal record and showing his mug shot. Tamir's father was not present during the police shooting of his son and had nothing to do with the incident or the investigation of it. Nevertheless, the first sentence of his article stated, "Tamir Rice's father has a history of violence against women." [MORE] What does Tamir's father's criminal record have to do with the boy's tragic killing at the hands of a white police officer? And why was Tamir's dad's mug shot included in a news article about Tamir being shot by the police while playing in the park? Racism/white supremacy

Under the pretense of providing news Mr. Blackwell presented idiotic, racist propaganda. Although Blackwell, as with other white media, had the opportunity and the ability to give constructive help to Non-White people by providing objective, constructive facts to the public he refused to do so. Rather, his speech directly or indirectly promoted the maintenance of the System of White Supremacy (Racism). 

Whites Act as an Auxiliary Snitch Force Against Blacks. 1) A White man called 911, sounding calm [or drunk] talking about, "Hi. How are you. [pause] I'm sitting in the park and there is a guy here pointing his gun at everybody. He is wearing a camouflage hat, like Desert Storm." The caller subsequently said he was “probably a juvenile” and that the weapon was “probably fake. But he said enough. He gave the impression that an adult Black man, possible a military veteran, is at a park filled with people, threatening them with a gun. Perhaps about to wreak havoc with a loaded weapon. There is no panic in his voice and he doesn't sound frightened either - because he wasn't. Apparently, the cops arrived minutes after the call. Where did all the people he talked about go? Where did he go? The caller knew what could happen when called the police on the Black child, that's probably why he called. After his reckless call, what happened to Tamir was reasonably foreseeable under these circumstances in this context. [Black male with gun in public place] Listen for yourself above.

[Similar to Nazi Germany, with regard to non-whites, especially Black males, white folks function as an auxiliary police force. They are watching YOU with hyper-alertness. If Anything you do makes them feel uncomfortable they will call the cops on you. Check out what happened to the Black grad student getting into his own car, or another Dartmouth graduate going into his own home, or the brother riding the BART in Oakland or this Black man reading a book in his car, and on & on. 'In the context of White American domination to the racist, there is no innocent Black male, just Black male criminals who have not yet been detected, apprehended or convicted. Their mere presence inspires in White Americans, fears of being assaulted, raped, robbed, or some other indefinable dread of being criminally victimized.' [MORE]]

2) White Woman Police Dispatch Constance Hollinger calls the white cops and relays info from the 911 caller telling them: 'a Black male wearing a camouflage hat with a gun is at the park threatening people with a gun, waving it at people.' [cops don't listen to 911 calls they get it from the dispatch, so they never heard the above call]. She fails to relay the details that she was told by the 911 caller - that the suspect is “probably a juvenile” and that the weapon was “probably fake" to the responding officers. In other words, she purposefully provided incomplete information or mislead the cops.

Hollinger also knew that the caller was calm and was not in any immediate danger when he called. Despite the caller's allegation that a suspect was threatening "people" at the park, Hollinger knew that no one else had reported the incident to 911. She may have also given cops the impression that there was a group of "people" at the park. Dispatch has now effectively programmed the white cops to believe an ongoing emergency is taking place. Was this a mistake [negligence] or done intentionally [criminal]?

Hollinger was suspended for 8 days over this. [MORE] and [MORE

NO 4th Amendment Basis for Cops to Stop & Seize Tamir Rice. Although they continually remind us about their 1st Amendment rights to say whatever they want no matter how destructive & demeaning, Elite white media continually ignore the 4th Amendment rights of Black people, to the point where people don't even understand what it is suppose to mean. As stated, contrary to racist suspects at Newsweek when cops arrived at the scene no gun was visible. This fact is important to a 4th Amendment analysis as it determines whether the stop was lawful.  Let's go through it: 

In order for the police to stop you the Supreme Court has ruled that police must have reasonable articulable suspicion that there is criminal activity afoot and the person stopped or detained is involved in the activity. Police may not act on on the basis of an inchoate and unparticularized suspicion or a hunch - there must be some specific articulable facts along with reasonable inferences from those facts to justify the intrusion. With regard to an anonymous tip, the Supremes have said that apart from the tip the officers must have a reason[s] or facts to suspect an individual of illegal conduct AND police must have predictive information that can be corroborated. [MORE] and [MORE]. The Court has specifically said that an anonymous tip about alleged gun possession by itself will not justify a stop, frisk or detention. [MORE] That is, insofar as the 4th Amendment applies to white citizens. Let's review the facts in light of the 4th Amendment. 

On the afternoon of November 22, 2014, Tamir was playing in the park at the Cudell Recreation Center. He sat on the swings, made snowballs, and played with an airsoft replica gun that is designed to shoot non-lethal plastic projectiles.

The airsoft replica or imitation gun is not a firearm and its sale is not regulated by state or federal laws. No law prohibits the sale of such devices to minors. No law prohibits the carrying or use of an airsoft replica gun by a child. The possession of the airsoft replica gun was in compliance with Ohio law.

Unknown to young Tamir, someone in the park had called 911 and reported the above mentioned information.

At approximately 3:30 p.m. Tamir was playing alone in the park. He was not endangering anyone. He was not violent. He was not threatening harm to himself or anyone else. He was not pointing his imitation gun at anyone. At that time Officer Garmback rapidly drove his police cruiser across the park grounds and stopped immediately next to young Tamir.

Less than two seconds after appearing next to Tamir Defendant Loehmann shot Tamir twice, hitting him in the stomach at least once. The officers then refused to provide any medical attention to Tamir for at least four minutes as he lay on the ground alive and bleeding. [MORE]

In evaluating the legality of the stop all that matters is what the cops knew and what they saw at the time of the stop; that is, the first hand knowledge the police had in the present moment of the stop. A court will only consider what an officer observed or knew at the time of the stop. What cops subsequently learned from records checks, court records, videos or from the media is not relevant to a 4th Amendment analysis. 

Here, the police acted on the basis of an anonymous caller who had no personal face to face contact with police. Cops had no way to know whether the information was reliable or credible. Prior to engaging Tamir, the cops did not talk to anyone else on the scene or do any investigation. They pulled up blazing.

When the racist suspect cops arrived on the scene most of the information from the police radio run dispatch was not corroborated. 1) No "guy" or grown man was present - only a 12 yr old child. From 4 to 10 feet away this was obvious to cops  2) There were no people around - the child was alone, no one is in the vicinity in the video. The white man who called 911 moments ago was not there. Thus, no ongoing emergency existed. 3) Contrary to white media accounts no gun was visible when cops arrived - the toy gun was in the child's pants and out of sight when police arrived- as his hands are empty and near his stomach when cops arrive. Importantly, Tamir was not engaged in criminal activity when cops arrived. The cops also did not witness any predictive conduct based on information the dispatch or caller provided - that is, Tamir was not threatening anyone as described by dispatch. A reasonable officer may have asked, 'is this the person we're were looking for?' 

The cops acted without a warrant. When the white cop pulled his gun out and pointed it at Tamir what crime was he being stopped and arrested for?

[Shot in 2 seconds. Gun not visible. No people present. No imminent danger present. No legal basis to stop and seize.]

Based on what cops saw as they arrived there was no reasonable articulable suspicion or probable cause that a crime was going on and no reason to believe that Tamir was committing a crime. Thus, the white cops' action was unlawful within the meaning of the 4th Amendment - at least insofar as it is applied to white citizens. The cops had ample opportunity to safely initiate their encounter from a safe distance but instead stopped their cruiser immediately next to young Tamir. The cops had ample opportunity to safely provide clear, unhurried commands to the startled young boy but instead rapidly confronted him with their cruiser and their guns and shot him all within two seconds.

Had the cops properly approached Tamir and properly investigated his possession of the replica gun they would undoubtedly have determined, as the 911 caller suspected, that the gun was fake and that the subject was a juvenile.

White boys playing with replica guns are commonplace in America and police are expected to approach them safely if an investigation is warranted, not shoot them dead within two seconds. The record including the video speaks for itself; all that mattered to the white cops was that he was Black. The cops had there minds made up to kill a nigger . [MORE] and [MORE] and [MORE]

Cleveland Cops Usually Reward White Cops Who Murder Blacks. Speaking on behalf of the department, Stephen S. Loomis, the president of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, said in a statement the cops "did nothing wrong that day.” Loomis is white. [MORE] The Cleveland cops also blamed Tamir for his own death. 

 A criminal incident review committee was created  by Clevealnd Police Department “to really take a deep dive” into what happened on Nov. 22, 2014. lol.

Officer Loehmann was fired but not for killing Tamir Rice. He was fired for withholding this information on his initlal police application to join the Cleveland Police Department. In the aftermath of the shooting, it was revealed that Loehmann, in his previous job as a police officer in the Cleveland suburb of Independence, had been deemed an emotionally unstable recruit and unfit for duty. Independence Police Chief Jim Polak said that Loehmann was unable to follow "basic functions as instructed" and specifically cited a "dangerous loss of composure" that occurred in a weapons training exercise. He also had been untruthful to a superior officer, records showed. [MORE] and [MORE]

Officer Frank Garmback [in photo], the cop who drove the police car, was never under criminal investigation and apparently is still on the force. 

A third officer, William Cunningham was suspended for two days because he didn't have permission to work at Cudell Park and he also “completed, signed and submitted an untruthful” report as part of the investigation into the use of deadly force. The charges did not specify how the report was untruthful [white media never rarely presses for facts like this when non-whites are killed by cops.]. 

As stated, call taker Constance Hollinger, ironically, a police civilian employee received the stiffest punishment. She was suspended for eight days because she failed to provide complete information to the white cops [MORE]. [Nevertheless, it is a cop' professional and legal obligation to independently evaluate any info provided by dispatch].

That's it. Nothing further was done by the Cleveland Cops about their murder of Tamir Rice.

In response to a petition from citizens, on June 11 Municipal Court Judge Ronald Adrine agreed that "Officer Timothy Loehmann should be charged with several crimes, the most serious of them being murder but also including involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide, negligent homicide and dereliction of duty." Judge Adrine also found probable cause to charge Officer Frank Garmback with negligent homicide and dereliction of duty. Because Ohio judges lack the legal authority to issue arrest warrants in such cases, his opinion was forwarded to city prosecutors and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty who, as of that date, had not yet come to a decision on whether to present the evidence to a grand jury.

White Prosecutor Acted Like a Defense Attorney for the Murderous White Cops. Legal observers, aadvocates and lawyers representing the Rice family believed that proseutor Timothy J. McGinty had a "pro-police bias" and did not want to prosecute the white cops. McGinty also is white.

On December 28, McGinty reported that the grand jury had decided not to indict Loehmann or Garmback, saying, "Given this perfect storm of human error, mistakes, and communications by all involved that day, the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police." The announcement prompted Rice's mother to release a statement accusing McGinty of mishandling the investigation, stating in part, "Prosecutor McGinty deliberately sabotaged the case, never advocating for my son, and acting instead like the police officers' defense attorney." [MORE]

Three expert witnesses who testified before the grand jury criticized the prosecutors behavior during the grand jury. Roger Clark, a retired LASD officer with expertise in police shootings, said that prosecutors at the hearing treated him with hostility and "disdain" for concluding that Loehmann and Garmback had acted recklessly; he also described the prosecutors' as using theatrics, like none he'd ever seen in previous grand jury proceedings, which he believed were intended to lead the grand jurors to the conclusion that the prosecutors wanted them to reach. Jeffrey Noble, another retired police officer and expert in use-of-force cases (who had himself used deadly force on the job), said he was attacked by prosecutors for saying that the officers never should have escalated the situation by rushing Rice, adding, "I’ve definitely never seen two prosecutors play defense attorney so well."

And Jesse Wobrock,  the biomechanics expert discussed earlier, also described the prosecutors as "acting in a way like they were defense attorneys for the cops," and as having attacked him professionally for his testimony regarding the timing and significance of body movements by Loehmann and Rice, as seen on video footage of the shooting.[MORE] and [MORE]

Cleveland, Ohio = a City Dominated by Democrats. Non-whites should also witness that like St. Louis, Baltimore or NYC or many other places where white cops murder Blacks & Latinos in broad daylight, Cleveland is also dominated by Democrats. Cleveland commonly breeds the strongest support in the state for the Democrats. At the local level, elections are nonpartisan. However, Democrats still dominate every level of government. Cleveland is split between two congressional districts. Most of the western part of the city is in the 9th District, represented by Marcy Kaptur. Most of the eastern part of the city, as well as most of downtown, is in the 11th District, represented by Marcia Fudge. Both are Democrats. The city of Cleveland operates on the mayor–council (strong mayor) form of government. The mayor is the chief executive of the city, and the office has been held by Frank G. Jackson since 2006. [racist suspect in photo]

These Democrats did nothing to ensure the prosecution of the white cops who killed Tamir Rice. They do not hold cops accountable. Voting for these friendly puppeticians did not translate into power - just like it has not in places like NYC. These Cleveland Dems do nothing to neutralize racism/white supremacy - the cause of police brutality, the unequal administration of "justice" and so many other things plaguing non-white communities. These people are doing nothing to solve our problem. 

Conspiracy complete. In what way did other racist suspects or Black clones participate in this episode of injustice? [MORE] and [MORE