Conn Police Chief's Son Settles Case: White Cop Cracked Skull of Cuffed Latino Man, Then Repositioned his Body in Cover Up

Police Officer Evan Cossette shoved a handcuffed Latino prisoner, Pedro Temich into a jail cell, cracking the his skull on concrete. He then attempted to cover it up. Unbeknoest to Cossette a video tape shows Cossette entering the cell at least six times and moving the unconscious Temich around, twice propping him up against the bench and another time putting him back on the floor so that the man's handcuffs could be removed. [MORE]. The incident wasn't reported to police administrators until six weeks later. [MORE

From [RecordJournal] and [MORE] A white city police officer and son of Police Chief Jeffry Cossette has settled an excessive force lawsuit filed six years ago by a Latino man who was shoved in a holding cell and cracked his skull. The white cop then tried to cover it up.

Details of the settlement were not disclosed.

Pedro Temich sued former officer Evan Cossette for violating his civil rights following a motor vehicle violation in May 2010. Videotape shows Cossette pushing the handcuffed prisoner, Pedro Temich, backward into the jail cell, causing Temich to cut open his head on a concrete bench. The indictment calls it a "firm shove" of the "compliant and handcuffed" Temich, causing him to fall back. Temich was taken to MidState Medical Center in Meriden and required 12 stitches in the back of his head.

Temich, who had been arrested on charges that he fled the scene of an accident, fell onto a concrete bench and lost consciousness. In the video, Cossette is seen repositioning the unconscious prisoner before medics arrive (6 times). [MORE]

A U.S. District Court jury convicted Cossette on charges of excessive force and for obstruction of justice in September 2013. He was sentenced to 14 months in a federal prison and ordered not to return to work as a police officer.     

Cossette appealed his conviction to the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals, which upheld the lower court’s ruling. 

The FBI eventually launched a probe into the incident and other allegations against Cossette.

Temich’s attorney Sally Roberts, who filed the civil suit in 2011, said both parties have agreed not to disclose the terms of the settlement. [MORE]