‘My Base Won’t Be Happy w/Me Touching Brown People:’ Paper Boat President Offers Paper Towels to Puerto Ricans

DRUNK with power. Like a mascot at a basketball game, Mr. Trump gently tossed rolls of paper towels into a crowd that gathered to see him at his photo op at Calvary Chapel. [MORE] FUCK Trump. 

From [HERE] President Trump, the 1st Rat American president, on Tuesday told officials in Puerto Rico that they should be proud that only 16 people died in Hurricane Maria, compared with the “thousands” killed in “a real catastrophe like Hurricane Katrina.”

“Sixteen versus in the thousands,” Mr. Trump said during his first visit to the island after the storm, after asking one of the officials what the death count was. “You can be very proud of your people and all of our people working together.” 

“Our country has really gone all out,” Trump said. “It’s not only dangerous, it’s expensive. But I consider it a great honor.”

Trump then explained that Director of the Office of Management and Budget “Mick Mulvaney is here, and Mick is in charge of a thing called budget. I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you are throwing our budget out of whack. We spent a lot of money on Puerto Rico, and that’s fine. We saved a lot of lives.” [MORE]

On Saturday, after the Mayor of San Juan criticized the pace of the response, Trump attacked the people of Puerto Rico as lazy and ungrateful. “They want everything to be done for them,” Trump said in a series of angry tweets. Trump insisted that any concerns regarding Puerto Rico were the result of “Fake News” and “ingrates.” He especially bragged that “all buildings” had now been inspected. [MORE]

In Puerto Rico, Mr. Trump’s schedule limited his exposure to the public. He will be briefed by local officials in a hangar at the Luis Muniz Air National Guard Base, then meet with storm victims at an undisclosed location, before heading to a Navy amphibious assault ship for meetings with the governors of Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands. [MORE]