Suit Says Gang of White Pomona Cops Unlawfully Stopped & Attacked 3 Latino Brothers On their Way to Work

From [HERE] Just 24 hours after three Pomona Police Department officers were indicted by the FBI for excessive force in a 2015 incident, NBC4 has learned of three more alleged victims who filed a civil lawsuit against the department and three individual officers -- one of whom was involved in the first lawsuit.

Three brothers who used to live in the area alleged they were beaten without warning by the officers in October 2015, just one month after the alleged beating of a 16-year-old at the Los Angeles County Fair.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Oct. 4, states the officers and department violated the brothers' civil rights and that the officers approached their vehicle as the trio was getting ready for work. One of the brothers stepped out of the vehicle to speak with an officer, which allegedly prompted the official to draw his gun. Another brother, who was in the vehicle, was allegedly dragged out of the car by an officer afterwards. The last brother ran outside their apartment to ask what the police were doing and was then reportedly beaten by one of the officers.

"I felt someone had rushed me through the back," Jose Pelayo said. "I got hit in the side of the head and I blacked out."

According to the lawsuit, the officers allegedly fabricated actions in the report following the encounter and failed to document one of the brothers' complaints.

The complaint states the alleged victims suffered wage loss and "significant mental trauma." It cites the incident as reason for the brothers' relocation.

"I just remember asking myself what it is that I did wrong or why it is that I was going through all this," Pelayo said. 

The Pomona Police Department was officially served with the complaint on Oct. 19, 2017, according to the alleged victims' attorney. The department has 21 days after being served to respond.