Racists Smirk as Black Congressional Members Protest Trump’s Election Certification [Hoax is Official]

Election Hoax & Black Jokes Told by White Folks & "the tricks of the elect". A challenge by several African American House Democrats to Donald Trump’s election on Friday collapsed when they failed to persuade a single Democratic senator to join their protest. Cory Booker, who is the only current democrat Black U.S. Senator, did not support the protest. 

The short-lived effort — spearheaded by Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and Barbara Lee of California — came during a joint meeting of the House and Senate to certify Trump’s Electoral College victory. Without sufficient support from one single U.S. Senator to challenge Trump’s victory, the Republican-led Congress moved ahead with an easy confirmation of Trump’s presidency. 

The only remaining step is for him to take the oath of office on Jan. 20.

“It is over,” said Vice President Joe Biden, presiding over the meeting, after three Democratic House members lodged objections but failed to secure required support from any senator. His comment drew a standing ovation and cheers from the assembled Republicans in the room.

Proxymoron Racist Suspect Paul Ryan insisted Friday that President-elect Donald Trump’s White House win remains legitimate

The joint session of Congress is a legally required — and typically ceremonial — event to ratify the results of the presidential election. But members are permitted to challenge the validity of electoral votes, and for just the fourth time since 1877, they did so. The last time such a challenge was made was 2004 after Bush blatantly stole an election from John Kerry by voter disenfranchisement & suppression fraud in Ohio. Although, Kerry, who was a U.S. Senator at the time, could have made such a challenge he failed to do so. Kerry was not present for the challenge and was spotted drinking Arabic coffee in the ancient Omayyad Mosque in old Damascus on Saturday, Jan. 8, 2005, the day after the election challenge. [MORE] Apparently Senator Booker was not present and it is unknown how he likes his coffee.

Congresswoman Lee said, “during this presidential election cycle, hundreds of thousands of minority voters were disenfranchised before and on Election Day. It’s unconscionable that more than 50 years after the signing of the Voting Rights Act, people of color are still denied their constitutional right to cast a ballot.

The use of malfunctioning voting machines, the restriction of provisional ballots, the improper purging of voter rolls, and the widely reported incidents of intimidation and misinformation at the polls amount to widespread efforts to disenfranchise and suppress voters across the country." [MORE]

Although Congresswoman Lee and others made a strong showing here it was nevertheless only superficial - as no Black lawmakers have apparently sought hearings concerning voter suppression, uncounted Black ballots & disenfrachisement [see below]. Black congressional members have basically remained silent and have not challenged the legitimacy of the election. But that's not why the racists were smirking.  

According to electionologist and investigative journalist Greg Palast millions of Black, Latino & Asian voters were removed from voter rolls in swing states by Interstate Crosscheck, a so-called "voter fraud" program created by the GOP. 30 states participate in Interstate Crosscheck. Palast also provided evidence that thousands of votes were intentionally not counted in Black, Asian and Latino voting precincts in swing states, such as Flint & Detroit, Michigan. [MORE]  

Interstate Crosscheck removed voters from the voter list if the voter's name appeared to be registered in more than one state. Around 7 million names were put on the list of “potential double voters” before the 2014 election. Crosscheck then compares each state’s list with lists from other states in the program. Specifically, according to Palast, the Crosscheck list contains 7,264,422 voters.

Although the Crosscheck program aims to prevent individuals from voting in more than one state in the same election, Crosscheck has been doing the exact opposite and is used to remove legitmate voters from voting rolls. Greg Palast has claimed that before a single vote was even cast, the election was already fixed by Trump operatives who eliminated millions of legitimate African American, Latino and Asian voters from the voter rolls in North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

An investigation in Rolling Stone found that Crosscheck uses a biased and questionable methodology that puts voters with African-American, Latino, and Asian names in greater danger of being purged from the voter list and being falsely accused of double voting. Crosscheck supposedly matches first, middle and last name, plus birth date, and provides the last four digits of a Social Security number for additional verification.

However, in practice a quarter of the names on the list did not have a middle name match or were only partially the same name. The list contained thousands of errors. The system also neglected to take into account designations of Jr. and Sr., and did not include any Social Security numbers to croscheck whether the suspected voter is the same person. 

An overwhelmingly disproportionate number of non-whites have been removed who have typical Black, Latino and Asian last names and who reside in predominately minority zip codes. Names such as Jackson, Garcia and Wong in areas such as Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia. U.S. Census data shows that minorities are overrepresented in 85 of 100 of the most common last names. “If your name is Washington, there’s an 89 percent chance you’re African-American,” says Palast. “If your last name is Hernandez, there’s a 94 percent chance you’re Hispanic.” Finding these common names the GOP targeted non-white voters and put them on the list and then stopped them from voting on election day. 

For instance, if the common name "Jose Garcia" appears on voter rolls in Wisconsin and Michigan it was removed from the rolls in both states without any cross referencing for middle name or social security number. When "Jose Garcia" appeared to vote on election day he would be given a provisional ballot -which would never get counted.   

This inherent bias in the Crosscheck database results in an astonishing one in six Hispanics, one in seven Asian-Americans and one in nine African-Americans landing on what Palast dubs “Trump’s hit list.” His investigators calculated 1.1 million non-white people, many spread over crucial swing states were deprived of their right to vote on election day. 

Trump victory margin in Michigan:                    13,107 

  • Michigan Crosscheck purge list:                       449,922

Trump victory margin in Arizona:                       85,257

  • Arizona Crosscheck purge list:                           270,824

Trump victory margin in North Carolina:        177,008

  • North Carolina Crosscheck purge list:              589,393 

Thus far, Palast's claims have not been refuted. The elite white media, WSJ, WashPost, NY Times, CNN, NBC, FOX etc. have only focused on the officially recognized hoax of Russian manipultation. The elite white media and servant puppeticians [including Mr. Obama] have simply ignored Crosscheck. [The Green Party's recount effort was not taken seriously until human eye ballot verfication was requested]

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, a racist suspect, couldn’t hide his smile when Vice President Joe Biden repeatedly told protesting Democrats to sit down. 

Ryan insisted Friday that President-elect Donald Trump’s White House win remains legitimate despite U.S. intelligence officials' conclusion that Russia interfered in the election. Ryan and the GOP do not even acknowledge Crosscheck or the disenfrachisement of non-whites.  

The GOP leader simply responded to a declassified joint report by three federal security agencies released Friday that concluded Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a widespread influence campaign aimed at helping Trump.

“Russia has a track record of working against our interests, and they clearly tried to meddle in our political system. I strongly condemn any outside interference in our elections, which we must work to prevent moving forward," Ryan said in a statement. [BLAH BLAH]