Dr. Blynd: PRISON [People Residing In State Orchestrated Neverland] and prisons


Resonated & Orchestrated by Dr. Blynd, Ph.F.

PRISON - People Residing In State Orchestrated Neverland. Once convicted (wrongfully or accurately) of either non-crimes or real crimes (inflicting actual injury to another) you are no longer treated as just an animal—but less than one.

prisons - U.S. Bureau of Gender Annihilation and Family Destruction. Prisons are indicative of society's sickness, the political repression of the State and a corrupt—if not bankrupt—economic system. There is a myth supported by Corporate media that prisons function to keep criminals away from society. This is patently false as most crimes are non-violent and actually go unreported. Most "criminals" operate and remain within agencies and boardrooms—though not in prison, making life for others a living hell. Prisons are but reflections of society's infractions—refracted in the form of deformed grins and shadowed sins— missing the mark is the mark of the missing and exploited, the lost, oppressed, despised and compromised, left with only vices as their bootstrap devices in a misbegotten world gone astray. A place where the multitudes (have-nots) scrap amongst each other in order to taste the morsel of just another still-bom day that brings the hope unborn aborted in the muffled moans of yesterday. The ghetto groans in the birth of a new dawn accompanied by the same old sirens serenading the pangs of hunger, souls murmur and pre-mumble the pre-amble to be free; free from the oppression of the OCTOCON and its emissaries. I've seen the whites of eyes, clear and teary—hold on my people, don't get weary. We must all leam to discern and honor the sacredness of life—the life you deserve is the one you preserve, and the life you help save may help you save your own. (See: The OCTOCON, Penal Code, DL Brothers, Buck Rodgers Time, BOP & Homo Tiempos)