Full Dylann Roof Confession. [An Uncontested Trial is Not a Real Trial]

From [HERE] Whether or not you believe the Dylann Roof episode was a "false flag" operation, it is clear that he is not having a real trial right now. A major difference between the Roof episode and other alleged "false operations" was going to be this criminal trial; usually the assailants are murdered or plead out so no public trial ever takes place.

However, no real trial is actually taking place in Roof's case. In a filing last week, Roof's defense lawyers wrote that “the sole issue” was “whether the federal death penalty will be inflicted.” [MORE] His attorneys did so after the Government refused to offer a non-death penalty guilty plea. [MORE]. Roof's defense team has conceded that he’s guilty and has, instead, tried to focus on sparing him the death penalty, according to the Associated Press. Thus, his "trial" is uncontested. 

On November 25, 2016, Roof was declared competent enough to stand trial. Three days later, a federal judge granted Roof's motion to represent himself. On December 4, 2016, Roof, in a handwritten request, asked the Judge to give him back his defense team for the guilt phase of his federal death penalty trial. On December 5, 2016, the Judge allowed Roof to hire back his lawyers for the guilt phase of his trial.  On December 6, 2016, a federal judge denied a motion by Roof's defense team to delay Roof's trial [sought the delay because of blanket media coverage of the mistrial Monday in white cop's Michael Slager's separate murder case of an unarmed, fleeing Black man in the same city. [MORE]

A criminal trial is usually an adversarial contest between the Government and a defendant. It is an actual dispute over a set of facts - facts that are rigorously tested through the pre-trial and trial process. Since he has conceded all liability, Roof will not contest any of the essential facts in the case, object to the admissibility of evidence and the Government will have no problems authenticating any of its evidence for things such as Roof's murder plans journal/manifesto (a witness familiar with his handwriting would have to confirm that his writing in fact was in the journal) and show that Roof in fact created the Facebook page and made entries on it to demonstrate that it was "his" [things that may not be so easy to do during a contested trial]. Last week Roof's lawyers made no objections to the admissibility of the journal b/c he has conceded. [MORE

There will also be no meaningful cross examination on issues relevant to establishing guilt. The right to rigorously confront witnesses and cross examine them is the primary purpose of the 6th Amendment and essential to a fair trial. Roof has basically waived this right by admitting guilt. Cross frequently produces critical evidence in trials and is the defense's tool to raise doubt and produce an acquittal. Through cross, witnesses and evidence are tested for their authenticity. None of this will be applicable in Roof's case.

Pursuant to his defense strategy Roof also apparently will waive his right to refrain from testifying and testify to explain why he committed the murders. So, you will have to take his word for it.