Student's Artwork of a Pig Dressed as a Police Officer Rattles White Authorities at Madeira Municipal Bdlg, Thin-Skinned Cops Force its Removal, Citing Government's Right to Control Thought

Madeira 23 cops.jpg

From [HERE] As defenders of free expression and artistic freedom, the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) condemns the removal of a student artwork from an exhibition in Madeira, Ohio. The removal of the work shows a deep disregard for the young artist’s constitutional right to free expression, and is a flagrant violation of free speech principles. It is a sad day when the message school administrators choose to send to students is to refrain from expressing their opinions about contemporary social issues lest they offend someone.

In response to complaints, the work was removed from an annual exhibition of art made by Madeira students of different ages. It fulfilled a class assignment where students chose topics from news articles and recreated them as visual art. The controversial work combined newspaper clippings of recent articles about police brutality with a police officer depicted as a pig in uniform.

The exhibition is on view at the Madeira Municipal Building, which also houses the Madeira Police Department headquarters. [MORE]