George Younge Tries to Give Neuropean Corpse Richard Spencer Some Oxygen [Debate is Never Communication]

On video George Younge and Richard Spencer. [MORE] Why try to convince? "Debate is violence." [MORE]

As you can see the unconscious white man Richard Spencer is a walking corpse, his beliefs have made his mind a prison. Maybe if he was struck by lightning he would be alive.

The system of white supremacy depends upon your unconscious consent, your buy in and participation in it. In this play world of theirs [like Westword] you are here to fulfill a servant role in your relations with Neuropeans.  As defined by Dr. Blynd in FUNKTIONARY

Neuropeans - (Neurotic Europeans) - neurotic, ignorant, narcissistic and self-deluded white supremacist Caucasians operating at the mythic and rational levels of consciousness only. 2) Fascists.  

Race is not real but racism is. 

Race - a totally artificial theologically-driven, biologically-based, and scientifically-invalid "European" ideology of human genetic evolution and classification coiniciding with the emergence of colonialism and the rise of the transatlantic slave trade. 2) hue-man's greatest and most manipulated myth—just a pigment of your imagination. Race is not real but the psycho-socio-economic effects of racism surely is. Race as a biological construct has been created to be wrongly confused with ethnic identity in order to establish the sense of "otherness" and de-humanization of melanated peoples around the globe. Europeans are racing to thwart genetic annihilation and genetic diversification (human biological variation) in the form of "government" created and sponsored microbiological genocide and cloning. [MORE] Trump is part of the rat race.

Racists are obsessed with skin color and their inability to produce color. The only purpose of race is to practice racism. Having little biological validity, the term "race" is better translated to mean organization. The sole purpose of such organization is to maintain white domination and control of non-whites. Racism cannot be integrated. It can only be practiced or not practiced. [MORE

Getting caught up in unreality is a trick bag or form of mental bondage, a trap intentionally set that you have been conditioned to fall into. "Dr. Blynd states, "never fight (oppose) things that are not or 'what is not' - as you will stratify your energy and disparate your life force while paradoxically strengthening what is not. If it is an absence - a granfalloon - then don't fight with it, seek the the thing of which it is the absence (for), find it and handle your business accordingly.[MORE]

Undeceiver Osho explains, "fighting with anything non-existent is the most dangerous thing in the world. It is like fighting with darkness; if you start fighting with darkness, wrestling, even if you are a Mohammed Ali you are not going to win. Soon you will be tired, exhausted, and you will fall flat on the ground, thinking that darkness seems to be very powerful. Darkness is not powerful, darkness is not weak, because darkness does not exist at all. All that you need is just a small candle and the darkness will be gone. I call that small candle meditation. [MORE]