Black Man Calls 911 on Professor’s Unpatriotic Artwork that turns U.S. flags into KKK Hoods

From [Fox43] Will the alleged brother in the video be rewarded for his patriotism? If racists feel good about practicing racism what do Blacks programmed with a false consciousness get out of their conduct? 

According to FUNKTIONARY

Ku Klux Klan - the second most overwhelming and convincing argument against the theory of "white" racial superiority and albino domination, the first being melanin deficiency/recessive genes. The KKK comprise mostly low-IQ, low-life, semi-illiterate, irate unpaid voluntary mercenaries of the Xian God-All-Whitey within the ignorant sections of the in-bred lunchin' pale white trailer-trash white working class, who feel that its current version of the overruling elitist white supremacy racist power dynamic is too rigid, monolithic, inefficient and slow. (See: Weiteko Disease, Overruling Class & Yurugu)