After Uncontested "Trial" "Dylann Roof" Is Sentenced to Death [Watch a Photoshop Master Move This Jaguar to a Beautiful Mountain Setting]

Uncontested Facts in Accord with the Appetite of the Listener, Not With the Realities of Life. A mind that is filled with belief is a mind which can project anything according to that belief.'

From [HERE] Dylann S. Roof, whom the NY Times describes as "the impenitent and inscrutable white supremacist who killed nine African-American churchgoers" in a brazenly racial assault almost 19 months ago, shocking the world over the persistence of extremist hatred "in dark corners of the American South" [as opposed to the global system of white supremacy/racism in which most of teh world's white people participate in], was condemned to death by a federal jury last Tuesday. [MORE] No surprise after an uncontested trial and sentencing. Due to the contrived nature of the evidence (unauthenticated handwritten journal, jail writings, online manifesto [which was never updated and appears to be written by multiple authors], photoshopped pics, full confession, crisis actors, booty police chase, off and on play lawyer with no strategy etc, many think this episode was false - yes, the Government kills Black people. [MORE] More on photoshop tricks [HERE]