Black QB Colin Kaepernick: "I'm Against Systematic Oppression" [racism is white supremacy] [white supremacy is racism]

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'Any act or attitude on the part of Black males which appears to White Americans to defy White American authority, control or dominance is a problem to white folks.' [MORE] Elite whites will now begin to officially filter out (dissapear) Mr. Kaepernick.  

Racism/white supremacy was not on the agenda in any election. Its not a complicated issue - just Cause and Effect. White Supremacy/Racism is the cause of problems such as poverty, economic inequality, lack of economic development, unemployment, drug addiction, infant mortality, AIDS, chronic welfare dependency, lack of affordable housing, homelessness, servant education, the unequal administration of justice, police brutality, jim crow like incarceration, voter suppression and disenfranchisement and much more. Yet no candidates talked about racism/white supremacy and neutralizing or challenging white power. When its all said and done both political parties function to service the interests of the ruling white corporate wealthy elite. 

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explained, "Black people throughout the world, live under the power of the white supremacy system of total oppression and domination, implying the absence of any true power to determine ultimately what happens to their individual and collective lives. This is the major and only problem facing Black and all other non-white peoples throughout the world. [MORE]