"Showcase Blacks" and Thought Control

According to Anon: "the term "Showcase Blacks," coined by Neely Fuller, refers to the high-profile blacks that are constantly paraded before the public. They may be political dignitaries, pro athletes, entertainers, educators, business people, Supreme Court justices, and even US Secretary of States. Their real purpose is to mask the REALITY of being black in America. [MORE]

Showcase Blacks are part and parcel to the necessary illusion of the media, which is a "mind shampoo"- shaping the thoughts and understandings of non-white people with miseducation about themselves and their environment (on tv and movies white people do not function as white supremacists/racists in their relations with non-whites).

Instead of presenting reality, the media sells you deception with showcase Blacks. But do not blame or hate on the showcase Blacks. Blame the white supremacists/racists who control the show. Showcase Blacks are not showcasing themselves, they are being showcased by white supremacists. 

Showcasing Prominent Blacks Accomplishes Several Things:

•    It deceives the black collective about the realities of racism and the white supremacy system they live in.

•    It neutralizes the legitimate claims of racism by blacks.

•    It offers a pressure relief valve for the explosive build-up of frustration and rage within the black collective. If blacks believed they had nothing to gain, the nation would be at risk from millions of blacks who had nothing to lose. [MORE

What's really real

Neely Fuller explains that "in a socio-material system dominated by White Supremacists, all major decisions involving non-white people are made by White Supremacists. When a Black person needs serious help, he or she goes directly, or indirectly, to the White Supremacists and asks for that help. 

Under White Supremacy, all non-white people, regardless of age, are "children." They are the servants to, the victims of, and the "children" under the power and direction of the White Supremacists. The White Supremacists are their bosses, their masters, and their major decision-makers. [thecode]

Whatever a Black person gets, and/or is allowed to keep, is the result of decisions made by White Supremacists. This is the functional meaning of White Supremacy (Racism) that many people — particularly non-white people — prefer not to acknowledge. 

It is correct for all non-white persons to know and understand these things to be true, and to stop pretending that they are not. Non-white people should stop pretending that they have power that they do not have." [MORE