2 White Euclid Cops on Video Violently Beating Black Man, Slamming His Head Into Ground for "Resisting Arrest"

From [HERE] and [HERE] Euclid police are reviewing a struggle between two white police officers and a Black man that was caught on video and spread on social media Saturday.

Richard Hubbard, 25, was driving a 2011 Hyundai when he was pulled over on East 228th Street before 10:30 a.m, for an unknown "moving violation" according to a news release.

Police ordered Hubbard out of the car, instructing him to face away, so they could arrest him. Apparently he was placed under arrest for driving on a suspended driver's license. 

Hubbard did not face away. A video shows Hubbard on the ground while a Black woman yells at the white cops to stop assaulting him. One of the officers is shown slamming Hubbard's body repeatedly into the ground. The officer briefly puts his hands around the man's neck and pushes his head into the ground at least three times.

The officer then sits over him and punches his face multiple times. The other officer pats his partner's back before the officer on top of the man slides an object away.

Police have not identified the officers.

Hubbard was taken to the Cuyahoga County Jail Euclid Annex and medically examined. He posted bond on charges of driving under suspension and resisting arrest.

Councilwoman Taneika Hill, Ward 3, said, "I was very disturbed by what I saw.I am waiting for my chief and my mayor to respond to me and add some clarity. To me the video is very disturbing."

"I do not want to move ahead of facts, but at the same time the human in me, its disturbing, to see a person hitting someone to that degree is disturbing. I will never understand why the officers would continuously hit. I will never understand why the young lady [who was video recording it] was put on the ground..to me that is humiliating, cant wrap my mind around things like that....Do not want to move ahead of the facts"

"I am not an officer...again, I don't know what happened before,I can't speak on what happened. I can only speak on what my heart felt."