US Authorities Trying to Disappear Anarchist 3D Gun Maker who Dared to Challenge his Slavery - Detained in Taiwan, then Deported & Released in Texas

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From [HERE] An anarchist running a 3D-printed guns company who flew to Taiwan as police investigated an accusation that he had sex with an underage girl was apprehended in Taipei on Friday after US authorities annulled his passport, officials said. [prison to prison transfer]

Cody Wilson, 30, was taken to immigration authorities in the capital by officers from Taiwan’s Criminal Investigation Bureau, according to local media reports and an official from the bureau who asked not to be named. However, two Taiwanese officials denied Wilson was arrested or in custody. His exact status was unclear.

Wilson, who is at the center of a US legal battle over his plan to publish instructions for the manufacture of 3D-printed plastic guns, flew into Taiwan legally, the country’s National Immigration Agency said in a statement on Friday. Because his US passport was later annulled, the agency’s statement said, he “no longer has the legal status to stay in Taiwan”.

Wilson was deported and placed on a flight from Taipei to Texas, landing at Bush Intercontinental Airport overnight on Sunday. He was released from jail in Harris County, Texas after posting $150,000 bond on Sunday. [MORE]

Wilson is the founder of Defense Distributed, the focus of a legal and political battle over its placing on the internet blueprints for plastic guns that can be made with a 3D printer.

The files could previously be downloaded for nothing, but a federal judge issued a nationwide injunction last month that blocked the posting of the blueprints online. [MORE]