Misunderstanding Their Roles, the National Black Police Association [cops w/a double consciousness] Supports Kaepernick Despite Union Disapproval

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BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE. Scholar Alex Vitale explains, “there is now a large body of evidence measuring whether the race of the individual officers affects their use of force. Most studies show no effect. More distressingly, a few indicate that black officers are more likely to use force or make arrests, especially of Black civilians.” Conversely, it is rare for a black police officer to use excessive force against a white person. In fact, according to Anon, in the history of modern law enforcement there have been only a handful of instances of a black police officer shooting or killing an unarmed white person. This is not surprising but it is absolute proof that the black individual operating within a system of white supremacy cannot mistreat whites even if he or she is wearing a uniform, a badge, and carrying a gun." [MORE

Black cops are Obedient Black rolebots plugged into Doggy's operating system. They worship rules, government and logic within the parameters of the lex-icon. Many Black cops probably possess what Dr. Blynd calls “double consciousness”

double consciousness - the sense of looking at one's Self through the eye's (axiology) and distorted mirrors of others. 2) the psycho-mismanagement of one's neurosis. 3) intimately involved with what you hate, and torn apart from who you (think you) are. You cannot learn to use that which you refuse to acknowledge, i.e., one's heritage, roots, or asili. (See: Matah, Inauthentic, "Wille-Chip," Power, Anxiety, Anguish, LEARN & Asili.) 

Their mind is really not their own [not dissimilar to most of us]. Black cops fulfill their roles dutifully because they misunderstand it completely. Said Borgs believe themselves to be aligned with the experimenter controlling Skinner's cage when in actual reality they are aligned with the mice inside it! As such, they function similarly to the black-on-black criminal committing crimes in service of white domination. This does not mean that all Black officers are foul but it does mean they all serve the same public rulers.

“It is largely a liberal fantasy that the police exist to protect us from the bad guys.” Cops are tools for managing a system of unequal power and unequal conditions and managing the behaviors of non-white people within this free range prison. “People who are awake see cops are mercenary security guards that remind us daily, through acts of force, that we are simultaneously both enemies and slaves of the Corporate state - colonized, surveilled and patrolled by the desensitized and lobotomized drones of the colonizers.” - FUNKTIONARY. Black cops are used by Neuropeans primarily against Black people to help disguise the system of racism/white supremacy.

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From [HERE] The National Black Police Association (NBPA) has openly criticized police condemnation of Colin Kaepernick and voiced its support of the former star quarterback.

It appears Black police officers are taking a stand alongside Kaepernick to show their support to end police brutality and violence. On Wednesday, NBPA, lead by Sonia Y.W. Pruitt, issued a letter of support and stated that both Nike and Kaepernick are simply upholding their constitutional rights.

The letter states:

“Your inclusion of Mr. Kaepernick in your ads seems appropriate to us. We live in a country where the 1st Amendment is a right of the people. Mr. Kaepernick chose to exercise his right where his passion was—on the football field.

“The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) believes that Mr. Kaepernick’s choice to openly protest issues surrounding police brutality, racism and social injustice in this country makes him anti-police.

“On the contrary, the NBPA believes that Mr. Kaepernick’s stance is in direct alignment with what law enforcement stands for — the protection of a people, their human rights, their dignity, their safety, and their rights as American citizens.”

Prior to this overt show support for Kaepernick, Black officers were often a messy part of the “blue wall of silence.” This code makes up the very fabric of our nation’s police forces. Black officers are often chided to maintain silence for their fraternal brothers even to the detriment of the people with whom they share a race.

This marks the first public and direct challenge of that code and hopefully this will spark a change in all of those who choose to “serve and protect.”

Meanwhile, the NAPO continues its disapproval of Kaepernick’s silent protest against police brutality and murder of this country’s Black citizens. The organization wrote a seething letter showing it’s disgust for what many would call a cry for justice and fairness.