Asks Why do white women support Roy Moore? [Answer: Most White People Hate Black People Because Whites are not Black People]

Rugged Frontier Days = A White Supremacy Myth. It is a white supremacist fable that prowess with firearms was critical to survival during the rugged frontier days. Dr. Welsing points out that "Native Americans taught Europeans how to grow corn to feed themselves and survive. Guns were needed however, if Native (non-white) Americans were going to be removed successfully from the land that the Europeans (whites) wished to dominate and control." [MORE]  

Today Euron asked? Why do white women support Roy Moore?

Of course, not all white women. But on the eve of the divisive Alabama Senate special election, a recent Washington Post-Schar School poll reveals a shocking, significant disparity between white women’s support of Moore versus their support of the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones. While the race remains virtually deadlocked, white women support the Republican candidate by a nearly 20 point margin. And Moore holds an incredible 35-point lead among white women without a college degree. [MORE]

Answer: "Most white people hate Black people. The reason that most white people hate Black people is because whites are not Black people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you." -Neely Fuller and [MORE] and [MORE

Their uncivilized election is about hatred of niggers, Latinos and muslims. Can't vote for no nigger loving Democrats. The GOP always has some moving pre-textual criteria for explaining what motivates its votary. But the unchanging bottom line is racism and their hatred of Blacks & non-white immigrants. [Doug Jones, Roy Moore's opponent, is a perceived nigger lover - as a former U.S. attorney who successfully prosecuted members of the Ku Klux Klan for bombing a black church in Birmingham in 1963, killing four Black girls. The GOP wants nothing to do with that image. Moore is an avowed out the box Neuropeon