Before & After like Our "Mind Shampoo"- New Dove Bodywash Ad Shows Black Woman Transforming Into a White Woman

Before & After - Similar to Our Mind Shampoo or relentless psy-ops programmed into us to falsify our Afrikan Consciousness.  From [HERE] Beauty brand Dove deleted a "three-second video clip" from its Facebook page and admitted Saturday that it had "missed the mark in thoughtfully representing women of color" in an ad for body wash. Consumers had reacted angrily to images of a black woman removing a brown shirt and appearing to transform into a white woman removing a similar shirt. 

And as Keith Boykin, pointed out, this is not the first time Dove has found itself in hot water for the way it has advertised body wash.

In 2011, Dove released a body wash ad showing three women with a range of skin tones standing in a row, the word "before" above the head of the woman with darker skin and "after" above the head of the woman with lighter skin.

"Okay, Dove ... One racist ad makes you suspect. Two racist ads makes you kinda guilty," Boykin tweeted.

Gawker wrote at the time, "Dove VisibleCare body wash: 'Visibly more beautiful skin.' Bye-bye black skin, hello white skin! (Scrub hard!)" [MORE]