Dr. Blynd: The Definition of SNigger

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SNigger ---a sold-out snitching-smiling Sambo-Negro. 2) a South-Bender offender. SNiggers smile for nothing except an empty mind while selling-out their own kind. They typically have an intellectual base yet are devoid of intelligence, thus promoting the on-going smiling face. They also often giggle and have a frivolous conception of society and scant knowledge of the vestiges of the trans-Atlantic slave trade that even brought their sorry-ass selves to shore. SNiggers are traitors and pawns of the downpressors. Watch the company you keep! Sniggers like famed Civil Rights era photographer Ernest Withers, an FBI informant, who "shot" (photographed) Dr. Martin Luther King before providing the FBI with critical details about where King was staying and information on his meeting with black militants on April 3, 1968—the day before they (FBI government operatives, informants, Memphis police, and/or their unsuspecting patsy) shot him dead in Memphis. Withers provided the information that "no one but the perpetrator could have known" conclusive evidence that the government was behind and the "front" for the assassination. Don't cross-over unless you are ready to bend-over! Sniggers get stitches—and word is bond(age). We need a "Snigger Hall of Shame" established for traitors to freedom, self-determination, and justice and then include the informant who will run and snitch to the master downpressors even about this initiative as well. Never forget, every brother ain't a brother—some of them are paid undercover. "Whoever thought that hip-hop would be down and m bed with the feds? Hoover Music!" -Public Enemy. He ain't heavy—he's a SNigger! (See: Straw Boss, Sambo, Black Flask Brigade, FBI, FOIA, Coin-Operated, SNAGs, Infiltraitor, Hoover Music, Snitchcraft & Criss-Crossover)

sniggering - the modus vivendi of opportunist (sell-out) compromises. 2) the actions of SNiggers. (See: Coin-Operated) sniping - late-night covert sneak attacks on public space by outlaw cognitive nocturnal operative-activists armed with mind-liberating ideas, posters, broadsides, brushes, and buckets of wheat paste. (See: Subvertising)

Snitchcraft - the nefarious pecuniary art (bait and snitch tactic) of selling-out the aspirations of an oppressed people for personal gain—regardless of the consequences. Snitchcraft is the primary reason that many of our Afrikan-American leaders of "he 20th century were silenced by informant-assisted and CIA-FBI instigated assassinations. (See: Hall of Shame) snob - someone with a lot of class but not enough recess. (See: Satire, Wit & Humor)