Senator Tim Scott, “a lost sheep in master's clothing," says ‘the GOP [a racial identity party] must do better with Racism’ - like a Westworld [Sleeping Tom] Rolebot, His Mind is Literally Not His Own

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From [HERE] Certified sambo puppetician Tim Scott (R-S.C.) recently made headlines after opposing Thomas Farr, a racist lawyer President Trump nominated to be a U.S. district judge despite accusations that he was in favor of measures to suppress the votes of black Americans. Many mentacidal Blacks and racists think he should be given props for rejecting an obviously unqualified neuropean. Deluded GOP operatives who really, truly think Black people are stupid, probably instructed Scott to do so - better to not blow his cover and status as an alleged “brother” for any future GOP ‘outreach to Blacks’ - actually intended to attract white moderates. As a role-bot, Tim Scott, “merely plays the role of the mask - the personae - [GOP] issued and approved.” For obvious reasons, discussing whether racists should be appointed to judgeships will not be discussed here and those who do so are in a deep sleep of mental slavery [niggers].

In the Wall Street Journal, Scott said that eradicating racism should be a major priority for Americans. He said,

“Unfortunately, there are those in this country who see racism in everything, and they are countered by those who believe racism no longer exists in any substantive way. While our nation has made significant progress over the past 50 years, there is no doubt we still have work left to do.”

“Regardless of the obvious issues the Democratic Party has on race, is that the Republican Party must strive to do better. We can build on the momentum of opportunity zones and criminal-justice reform to show we are serious about tackling real issues facing people of color. I know conservative solutions can transform lives, but if folks don’t trust us, implementing those solutions becomes impossible.”

“We must not seek to sow the seeds of discord, but rather embrace the power of unity. Simply put, if the Senate votes on a candidate that doesn’t move us in that direction, I will not support him or her. Our country deserves better.”

Scott fails to understand that racism is a behavioral system of white genetic survival. Racists practice racism to survive and maintain their dominant economic and social position in a white over Black system. Racism is white supremacy and white supremacy is racism. Dr. Blynd explains, racism is White Degeneracy wrongly cast as Supremacy. Racism—a psycho-socio-economic reality based on a pseudo-scientific biological myth—is a power group dynamic, i.e., a defined group cooperatively via legacy institutions exerting structured and enforced institutionalized and systemic injustice, oppression and power over another group. Racism is not individualistic, but institutional, cultural, economic, political, linguistic, self-perpetuating and systematic. Racism is economic discrimination by one group over and against another for the purposes of subjugation and/or maintaining the imbalance of power through cooperative control, misinformation, indoctrination, genocide and oppression. It is defined as:

Racism White Supremacy - psychopathic degeneracy. 2) "The local and global power system and dynamic, structured and maintained by persons who classify themselves as white, whether consciously or subconsciously determined, which consists of patterns of perception, logic, symbol formation, thought, speech, action and emotional response, as conducted simultaneously in all areas of people activity (economics, education, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war); for the ultimate purpose of white genetic survival and to prevent white genetic annihilation on planet earth—a planet upon which the vast majority of people are classified as non-white (Black, Brown, Red and Yellow) by white skinned people, and all of the nonwhite people are genetically dominant (in terms of skin coloration) compared to the genetic recessive white skin people." 

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With regard to Blacks and Latinos the democrat and republican parties both function as plantations. The democratic party is the nicer, kinder master and its plantation offers more “respect”, privileges, opportunities and responsibilities to them. The GOP is clearly the mean cracker master and its genocidal plantation seeks to place Blacks in greater confinement. At election time a coerced Black votary smartly “chooses” to stay on the nicer plantation. [Said votary never wonders whether a world without masters is ever possible].

Much of the racist votary, have no greater concern other than their own survival in a mostly non-white world and the maintenance of a system of white domination. The Republican Party is the party of the vanishing majority or the shrinking white population in the US - it is "the White Party." As explained by Patrick Buchanan, 'Republicans now depend on this vanishing majority of whites for fully 90 percent of their votes in presidential elections. [MORE] "The Republican party is a racial identity party. It is designed to appeal to white people as white people... not as union-members or as unemployed people or as home-owners... but as white people.  It is a crude racial-identity party and the numbers bear that out. It is almost exclusively a white party. Many white people vote Democratic, but the Republican party is pretty close to all white. It identifies and caters to white people as an interest group." [MORE] and [MORE]. 

Racist Republicans see "Blacks as the primary impediment to governing." As explained by Dr. Amos Wilson, many working class, non-college educated whites express a profound distaste for blacks, a sentiment that pervades almost everything they think about government and politics. Blacks constitute the explanation for these white voters' vulnerability and provide an explanation for almost everything that has gone wrong in their lives; not being black is what constitutes being middle class; not living with blacks is what makes a neighborhood a decent place to live, etc. The special status of blacks is perceived by almost all of these individuals as a serious obstacle to their personal advancement. Indeed, so-called discrimination against whites has become a well-assimi­lated and ready explanation for their status, vulnerability and failures.' [MORE]

The GOP strategy centering around projecting the idea that the White populace is threatened by over­whelming alien forces, particularly Black criminals, non-white immigrants, Arab terrorists and non-whites demanding welfare and special entitlements, is not a strategy for governance. Yet racism unites an otherwise ad-hoc group of white people who otherwise have no unifying theory they agree on Wilson explains, The party's method deliberately coaxes emotional responses from white people — teases their anxieties over values they hold important in their own lives — but then walks away from the anger and proceeds to govern on its real agenda, defending the upper-class interest of wealth and corporate power. The Republican party is not a party of conservative ideology. It is a party of conservative clients. Wherever possible, the ideology will be invoked as justification for taking care of the client's needs. When the two are in conflict, the conservative principles are discarded and the clients are served.'

Tim Scott is literally out of his mind. Unbeknownst to this Sleeping Tom racists hate him regardless of his political affiliation with GOP masters. Dr. Blynd explains:

Black Conservative - a lost sheep in master's clothing. A black conservative typically has nothing of his own to conserve with the exception of his or her own double-consciousness. So-called "Black Conservatives" dodge the reality of their folly and posit is that what they truly are conserving is traditional "values" as if values ever had anything whatsoever to do with morality or ethics. A black conservative unknowingly preserves the differential power-relations and dynamics between those of African descent he and their bosses, the overruling overclass elite. A black conservative is a turncoat made of wooly hair with no one to turn to tie because when it comes to empowering his own people, his master will turn to him say: "Get your hat, your robe and coat and leave—you're still just a nigger Clarence!" (See: Sambo, Nigger, Somnamnesiac, Values, Status Quo, Strawboss, Double Consciousness, Overclass, Uncle Tom. Status-Quoticians & Assimilationism) 

double consciousness - the sense of looking at one's Self through the eye's (axiology) and distorted mirrors of others. 2) the psycho-mismanagement of one's neurosis. 3) intimately involved with what you hate, and torn apart from who you (think you) are. You cannot learn to use that which you refuse to acknowledge, i.e., one's heritage, roots, or asili. (See: Matah, Inauthentic, "Wille-Chip," Power, Anxiety, Anguish, LEARN & Asili.) 

Sleeping Tom - a person of Afrikan descent who has not consciously awakened to fully embrace his or her own asili (cultural heritage and imperative). 2) a socially unconscious person of Afrikan descent who participates in secret balloting (voting). A sleepin' Tom lives and reacts out of another culture's asili or out of the mind of another; not their own. 3) a Negro who is unaware that he is all souled-out. 4) a Negro who isn't aware that he is in fact and in deed a certified Sambo. 5) a broken, token Negro; a coin-operative. (See: Straw Boss, Doublemindedness, Sambo, Uncle Tom-Tom, Coin-Operated & Secret Ballots) 

Negrosis - the psychological disease affecting and afflicting native Black Americans, Afrikans, Afrikan-Americans, Negroes and all other people of Afrikan genetic heritage characterized by double-consciousness resulting from the falsification of Afrikan consciousness, history and applied spiritual sciences. (See: Double-Consciousness & Asili)

His mind is controlled by remote. Scott is lost in extreme gullibility or jesusized belief in the many many lies told to him by racists.  

Wilson explains that such a manufactured mind in a system of white supremacy "requires that Blacks involuntarily and obsessively deceive themselves. This collective self-deception, which is the benchmark of oppressed Black consciousness, is the main product of White-Black social power relations, motivated by anxiety and ignorance, founded on the denial and distortion of reality. Such a consciousness and its produced behaviors require that Blacks operate against their own best interests in the interests of their White oppressors; that they be self-denying, self-defeating, and oftentimes self-destroying, while convincing themselves that the opposite is true.' [MORE

Seeking better relations with racists or reforming racists misses the point entirely. Our role in the white over Black relationship itself empowers racists. As stated by Dr. Amos Wilson,

"The power relationship between Blacks and Whites is an interactive one — where White power, to a significant extent, arises out of certain types of social interactions between Whites and Blacks where Blacks unwittingly play a very important role in constituting and sustaining their powerlessness relative to Whites. White domination of Blacks in our current social context is primarily facilitated by the fact that Blacks think of themselves and of reality in terms created by the self-serving interests and perspectives imposed on them by Whites, and act on the basis of biased and false information provided them by Whites without realizing it. They therefore contribute to their powerlessness and domination by Whites simply by thinking about themselves and reality in a manner that allows them to be subjugated. Thus, White domination of Blacks is, to a significant degree, covered-over by ideology, beliefs which Blacks have been conditioned by Whites to unwittingly accept. To this degree, their domination and powerlessness is self-imposed. Blacks obscure their unnecessary domination by Whites and contribute to that domination by their own gullibility and too-ready acceptance of Eurocentric ideology and their obsequious willingness to think and act only within the confines of White-generated ideas, social definitions, relations and ethics (not often honored by Whites themselves). Hence, the minds of Blacks are Used to forge the links of their own mental chains. [MORE].