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White Supremacist Plot alleged in Crime Spree: White Couple Went on Rampage to "Preserve the White Race"

From [HERE] A young couple accused of killing four people in a multistate crime spree last fall have been indicted on federal racketeering charges alleging the rampage was part of a campaign to "purify" and "preserve" the white race, the U.S. attorney for Oregon said Friday. A grand jury handed up the indictment Thursday against David "Joey" Pedersen, 32, and Holly Ann Grigsby, 25, prosecutor Amanda Marshall said in a statement. Grigsby will be arraigned Monday in Seattle. Pedersen's arraignment in Portland hasn't been scheduled.

"The indictment in this case alleges horrendous crimes were committed as part of defendants' white supremacist campaign to kidnap and murder targets on the basis of race, color, religion and perceived 'degenerate' conduct," Marshall said. They are charged in the killing, kidnapping and robbery of four people last fall: Pedersen's father, David "Red" Pedersen, and stepmother, Leslie "DeeDee" Pedersen, on Sept. 26 in Everett, Wash.; Cody Myers, a 19-year-old from Oregon on Oct. 1; and Reginald Clark, 53, of Eureka (Humboldt County) on Oct. 3.

Clark was black and Grigsby allegedly told investigators that Myers, a Christian, was killed because his name sounded Jewish. The 24-page indictment charges that Pedersen and Grigsby were members of a criminal enterprise whose aim was to promote a white supremacist movement. The pair robbed their victims to finance the campaign, stole their cars to escape and murdered them to eliminate witnesses and avoid capture.

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Precondition to Genocide? Most Whites in NYC Support Stop & Frisk of Non-whites: 4th Amendment Vanishing

Prior to the Holocaust in Nazi Germany certain pre-conditions had to be established before such mass murder could have been possible. For one thing, people had to be ready to accept the identification of other members of their society as enemies. A substantial part of the population had to be ready to consider it desirable, acceptable or unavoidable that certain other people would be isolated, persecuted and killed.

Consider the fact that prior to the Holocaust, Jews thought they were German. That is, Jews had fully assimilated & integrated into German society. Are the pre-conditions to the genocide of non-whites being laid down in U.S.? This poll shows that most whites in NYC see nothing wrong with stopping, detaining and searching random Blacks & Latinos. What's next folks?  The 4th Amendement is not even an afterthought here to the poll takers & givers or white media [HERE]- bw. From [HERE] New York City voters are divided along racial lines over the New York Police Department's "stop-and-frisk" strategy, according to a poll released Thursday.

The Quinnipiac University survey found that 57 percent of white city voters approve of the Police Department's practice of detaining and sometimes searching anyone officers deem suspicious. But only 25 percent of black voters surveyed said they approve of the policy, which affects many more minorities than white residents. Of those surveyed, 53 percent of Hispanics said they approve of the practice. 

The NYPD stopped close to 700,000 people on the street last year. Nearly 87 percent were black or Hispanic, and about half were frisked. About 10 percent were arrested. According to NYPD data, even though, Blacks and Latinos were far more likely to be stopped, whites were almost twice as likely to be found carrying a weapon. [MORE] and [MORE].

Mayor Michael Bloomberg argues that the program is an indispensable tool in the fight against illegal guns.

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White Terror Attacks Increase as U.S. Nears Racial Tipping Point

From [HERE] The New America Foundation, a non-partisan public policy think-tank based in Washington, D.C., collected data on terrorist attacks after 9/11. The NAF study revealed that right-wing extremists have carried out eight fatal terrorist attacks in the U.S.

Militants connected to al Qaeda or jihad-inspired radicals have committed four terrorist attacks in the United States – half as many of White supremacists – that have killed 17 Americans. If the FBI investigation concludes that the Sikh temple shooting was indeed an act of domestic terrorism, the death toll from right-wing terrorism will jump to 15.

Last week, New America Foundation director and CNN national security contributor Peter Bergen wrote: “The numbers in the New America Foundation database may well understate the toll of violence from right-wing extremists. Another FBI study reported that between January 1, 2007, and October 31, 2009, white supremacists were involved in 53 acts of violence, 40 of which were assaults directed primarily at African-Americans, seven of which were murders and the rest of which were threats, arson and intimidation.”

Jennifer Rowland, program associate in National Security Studies Program at NAF, said that many of these crimes carried out by White supremacists were prosecuted as murders or hate crimes, which generally carry lower sentences than domestic terrorism convictions.

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Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others

From [HERE]

1. White terrorists are called “gunmen.” What does that even mean? A person with a gun? Wouldn’t that be, like, everyone in the US? Other terrorists are called, like, “terrorists.”

2. White terrorists are “troubled loners.” Other terrorists are always suspected of being part of a global plot, even when they are obviously troubled loners.

3. Doing a study on the danger of white terrorists at the Department of Homeland Security will get you sidelined by angry white Congressmen. Doing studies on other kinds of terrorists is a guaranteed promotion.

4. The family of a white terrorist is interviewed, weeping as they wonder where he went wrong. The families of other terrorists are almost never interviewed.

5. White terrorists are part of a “fringe.” Other terrorists are apparently mainstream.

6. White terrorists are random events, like tornadoes. Other terrorists are long-running conspiracies.

7. White terrorists are never called “white.” But other terrorists are given ethnic affiliations.

8. Nobody thinks white terrorists are typical of white people. But other terrorists are considered paragons of their societies.

9. White terrorists are alcoholics, addicts or mentally ill. Other terrorists are apparently clean-living and perfectly sane.

10. There is nothing you can do about white terrorists. Gun control won’t stop them. No policy you could make, no government program, could possibly have an impact on them. But hundreds of billions of dollars must be spent on police and on the Department of Defense, and on TSA, which must virtually strip search 60 million people a year, to deal with other terrorists.


Justice or White Supremacy? Pennsylvania Judge Allows Voter ID Law to Move Forward

In a world that is overwhelming (90% or more!) Brown and in a country that has a dramatically shrinking white population it must be understood that racism/white supremacy is behavior engaged in by whites to enable their survival. A behavioral system for the survival of white people - or a white survival game which has to inferiorize the functioning of Black and other people of color.They must create rules/tricks and such to enable a system they can dominate... From [HERE] A judge in Pennsylvania has refused to block the state’s photo voter ID law, one of the strictest in the nation. Civil rights groups had challenged the law, representing 10 Pennsylvanians impacted by it, and brought dozens of witnesses who testified to their inability to get picture ID due to lacking primary documents such as birth certificates and social security cards. But despite the fact that an untold number of Pennsylvania citizens lack ID — most estimates range in the hundreds of thousands — lack ID, that the state’s own governor and secretary of state didn’t know the details of the law, a state legislator admitting the law would throw the election to Mitt Romney, and testimony that thousands of African Americans and Latinos would be unfairly burdened by the law, Judge Robert Simpson rejected many of the arguments made against the law, particularly that it violated the state’s constitutional protection of the right to vote.

Said Judge Simpson“The photo ID requirement of Act 18 is a reasonable, non-discriminatory, non-severe burden when viewed in the broader context of the widespread use of photo ID in daily life. The Commonwealth’s asserted interest in protecting public confidence in elections is a relevant and legitimate state interest sufficiently weighty to justify the burden.”

His ruling mirrored the ruling handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court, which upheld Indiana’s voter ID law. The difference here, though, is that the Indiana case was argued on the premise that it violated the U.S. Constitution, while the Pennsylvania case was about the state’s constitution.

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Arizona tells court anti-1070 claims 'speculative' - Law will Allow Police to Stop & Detain any Non-White Person

Arizona is eager to implement this racist law which legalizes police stops and detentions of persons based on physical characteristics. It would be reasonable under SB 1070 for police to stop and detain all persons who look Latino to the police -  any stop and detention of a non-white person. Sec. 2(B) cannot be implemented without violating the 4th Amendment’s prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures and the 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause. From [HERE] Attorneys for the state asked a white federal judge late Friday to reject a new bid to block a key provision of SB 1070 from taking effect.

 In legal papers filed in U.S. District Court, lawyers for the state said claims by foes of the law that it will necessarily result in racial profiling are "entirely speculative.' And John Bouma, the lead attorney for Arizona, pointed out that the statute itself "expressly prohibits racial profiling.'

It will be up to Judge Susan Bolton (photo right) to decide whether what foes have dubbed the "papers please' provision of the 2010 law aimed at illegal immigrants can take effect. She is under a deadline of sorts.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in June that Bolton acted improperly in granting an injunction in 2010 against the same provision even before the law took effect. And earlier this week the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which had previously sided with Bolton, sent her an order formally informing her of the high court's ruling.

But that injunction remains in place until Bolton acts. In the interim, opponents are hoping to get a new bar to the law. 

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'White Party' House Candidate Calls For Troops Along Arizona Border To ‘Start Shooting’ 

From [HERE] Samuel Wurzlbacher — known to most as Joe the Plumber — made an appearance at a fundraiser for a Republican Arizona State Senator candidate over the weekend, and told the audience that the way to solve the country’s immigration problem is to station troops along the border and have them “start shooting.” The comment was first made at a Friday evening fundraising dinner for Lori Klein, the Republican candidate for her state senate district:

“For years I’ve said, you know, put a damn fence on the border going to Mexico and start shooting. I’m running for Congress and that should be a bad thing to say. But you know what, it’s how I feel…I want my borders protected, I’m very very adamant about that.” The dinner attracted both Wurzelbacher, who is running for Congress in Ohio, and infamous conspiracy theorist Sheriff Joe Arpaio, along with 125 supporters. His comment was met with nervous laughter, as seen in a video shot by local news outlet Prescott eNews.

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Blacks Burning & Looting in France - Major Urban Riot Erupts after Police Incident

Buildings and cars were torched overnight as youths and police clashed in the northern French city of Amiens. 16 Officers Injured. 

From [HERE] and [HERE]  Police were shot at and buildings destroyed as rioting broke out in two major French cities, presenting the first big test of newly-elected president Francois Hollande’s leadership. Reports suggest the unrest may have been triggered after police arrested a man for dangerous driving.

Disaffected youths from north African immigrant estates went on the rampage in the northern cathedral city of Amiens on Monday, setting fire to property and seriously injuring several police officers. And yesterday there were outbreaks of trouble in the south-western city of Toulouse as the spectre of widespread urban disturbances returned to haunt France. Mr Hollande broke off from his holiday on the Riviera to pledge that the government 'will mobilise everything it can to fight this violence’.

Trouble first broke out in the Fasset district of Amiens when a driver was stopped by police for a routine check. Youths taunted the officers before throwing missiles at them. The situation was made worse by the presence of a crowd gathered to mourn a 20-year-old man who was killed in a motorcycle accident last Thursday.

Buildings were burnt down in the north of the city and many police officers were seriously injured, including 16 who suffered wounds from shotguns and fireworks. Riot police used rubber bullets and deployed a helicopter to try to stop the trouble, which intensified throughout Monday night. 'The situation got out of control and spread to nearby streets,’ said a police spokesman. 'Soon hundreds of rioters were involved. They were setting fire to bins and to cars and attacking anybody who tried to stop them.’

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Increase in Diversity, First Black President Leading to Explosive Growth of Radical Right

From [HERE] The murderous attack on a Sikh temple in Wisconsin this past Sunday by neo-Nazi skinhead Wade Michael Page was just the latest in a series of terrorist incidents and plots by the radical right in recent months and years. It comes in the midst of explosive growth on the radical right – growth fueled by America’s increasing diversity, its economic problems and the election of the nation’s first black president.

Earlier this year, the Southern Poverty Law Center documented a third straight year of extraordinary growth that has swelled the ranks of extremist groups to record levels. The SPLC is now tracking 1,018 hate groups – a 69 percent increase since 2000.

In addition, the SPLC has documented a powerful resurgence of the antigovernment “Patriot” movement, which in the 1990s led to a string of domestic terrorist plots, including the Oklahoma City bombing. The number of Patriot groups, including armed militias, grew by 755 percent in the first three years of the Obama administration – from 149 at the end of 2008 to 1,274 in 2011.

Following is a list of SPLC resources related to the shooting in Wisconsin, the rise of extremism, the neo-Nazi skinhead movement and the racist music scene.

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And Another Ramadan White Terror Attack: White Man Fired BB Shots at Morton Grove Mosque During Service  

From [HERE] A man allegedly fired a BB gun at a mosque in the northern suburb of Chicago Friday night while 500 people prayed inside. The shooting happened while worshippers were celebrating the holy month of Ramadan at the Muslim Eduction Center, 8601 N. Menard Avenue, about 10:30 p.m., according to Kamran Hussain, Vice President of the Muslim Community Center of Chicago, which owns the mosque.

Off-duty Chicago Police officers, who been hired to provide additional security at the mosque during Ramadan activities, called Morton Grove police after they saw an object whiz by and hit the building just above the head of one of the officers, Hussain said. Though the damage to the building was minor, there were about 500 people inside the mosque for prayers at the time of the shooting, Hussain said, adding that many kids from the congregation were outside of the building during the service. Earlier this week a mosque in Joplin, Missouri was burned down. [MORE

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African diplomats say they fear racist attacks when out walking in Israel

From [HERE] Several African diplomats have complained to the Foreign Ministry that they cannot walk about freely for fear of racially motivated attacks.

Because of racist remarks by Israeli politicians, “we are afraid to walk down the street,” ambassadors from a number of African countries told Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon at a recent meeting, the Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Sunday.

Henry Hanson-Hall, the ambassador from Ghana, told officials that his wife was harassed and laughed at when she went shopping. What can legal foreign workers say or do “if that’s what happens to the ambassador’s wife?” he asked. “When I jog, I’m afraid I’ll either be arrested or hooligans will attack me.” Other diplomats, including the ambassadors of Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria, said that racism in Israel affected the image of the Jewish state in their home countries.

Israel must deal with illegal immigration in a dignified and humane way, they told Ayalon and his staff. The diplomats criticized the public deportations of those sent home — an act that cast them as “dangerous criminals.”


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Racist Graffiti Incidents Directed at Africans in Concord, Connecticut: "We cannot coexist with third world scum"

From [HERE] Detectives are circulating a flyer with handwritten samples taken from hate-filled messages scrawled on a home occupied by a Somalian family last weekend and left on three other refugee families' residences last September.

Detectives have not confirmed the four graffiti incidents were done by the same person but said it is "very possible." The latest racist, xenophobic graffiti was left on the side of a Thompson Street home sometime overnight Saturday, Aug. 4, and discovered early Sunday, Aug. 5, morning. Someone used a black marker to pen the neatly written, racist message on the apartment building where a Somalian family of nine resides. 

"We can not coexist with third world scum. The Primitive beasts like those in this house are to blame for the crimes we now suffer. Love your legals, DePort (sic) the rest," was the message.

A similar incident happened on Sept. 18 when hate-filled messages were left on three homes on Perley and Downing streets, targeting other refugee families from Somalia and the Congo. 

"You are not welcome here this town was a wonderful crime free place for hundreds of years, your subhuman culture has already brought many crimes linked to you mud people. We are sick at Paying for you to live here go back to your hell and leave us alone" one message said.

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Missouri National Guardsman tells of Training White Supremacists for an Expected Race War

From [HERE] A former Missouri National Guardsman provided combat training to a white supremacist group whose members were preparing for an expected race war, a recently released court document shows.

The court document detailing the guardsman's role in the American Front was made public in a Florida state court proceeding regarding charges filed in May against members of the group. The Associated Press isn't naming the former guardsman, whose enlistment ended in May, because he hasn't been charged. But other members of the group are charged with hate crimes and conspiracy, as well as paramilitary training in furtherance of a civil disorder. The court document shows that in July 2011, the guardsman went to Florida and trained American Front members on the AK-47 assault rifle and fighting techniques, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ( reported. Afterward, the group gave him a patch, a sign of membership, according to the document.


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White Party Candidate Romney Running on Race - not much else

From [HERE] Mitt Romney has finally figured out what to do with his vanquished rivals Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. They will be his senior advisers on race relations.  Both gentlemen are eminently qualified for this role.  Santorum, you may recall, is the man who stood before a group of white Iowans in January and said: "I don't want to make black people's lives better by giving them somebody else's money. I want to give them the opportunity to go out and earn the money and provide for themselves and their families." The candidate later attempted to argue that he had said "blah" rather than "black." 

Then came Gingrich, who in New Hampshire repeatedly dubbed President Obama "the best food-stamp president in American history." Then, as now, Gingrich claimed his branding of the first black president with a program that disproportionately benefits African-Americans had nothing to do with race. 

Romney, admirably, had largely avoided such dog whistles during the primary campaign. Then, last week, he released an ad that abandoned the high ground, falsely claiming that Obama had "quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform." It went on: "Under Obama's plan, you wouldn't have to work and wouldn't have to train for a job. They just send you your welfare check." 

I covered welfare reform in 1995 and 1996 as a congressional reporter for The Wall Street Journal, so I have followed the issue closely. And Romney's assertion is, as has been widely documented, nonsense. Republican governors were among those requesting the recent waivers of the welfare work requirements, the "demonstration projects" that sparked Romney's attack. Ron Haskins, who as a Ways and Means Committee staffer in the 1990s helped draft the welfare law for House Republicans, told NPR that "there's no plausible scenario under which it really constitutes a serious attack on welfare reform." 

Why Romney is doing this is fairly plain. Romney polls best among white, working-class men, and he needs them to turn out in large numbers. Yet even at this late stage of the campaign, some of the GOP base remains suspicious of his candidacy -- a suspicion that was encouraged by last week's defense of "Romneycare" in Massachusetts by a Romney spokeswoman. And a poll by Pew Research Center last month found that nearly a quarter of white evangelicals were uncomfortable with Romney's Mormonism. Romney therefore has incentive to revive the culture wars, which also accounts for his ad last week claiming Obama had launched a "war on religion." 

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Judge hears challenge to conflicting Racist Florida voting laws 

From [HERE] Florida Administrative Judge Thomas Crapps on Friday heard a challenge [text] to a voting rights law, HB 1355 [materials], filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) [advocacy websites] and Senator Arthenia Joyner [official profile]. The new regulation, which applies to only 62 of 67 counties, creates conflicting voting rules depending on the county. HB 1355 limits the window for early voting to one week prior to an election, down from the previously established two weeks, and imposes a series of additional regulations on organizations that enlist new voters, including requiring that they register with the state, submit periodic reports and file voter registration materials within 48 hours of completion. It also requires voters that have moved between any of the state's counties to use provisional ballots if they wish to update their information while at a polling location. The complaint alleges the newly implemented regulation violates the Voting Rights Act (VRA) [text] that requires state voting regulations to be "precleared" by the Department of Justice (DOJ) [official website]. Judge Crapps said he would rule on August 24.

There has been significant controversy surrounding voting rights in Florida recently. Over the last two months, the voter purge controversy caused the DOJ and various rights groups [JURIST reports] to call for an end to the purging of voter rolls. In July, Florida was given access to federal voter rolls [JURIST report] in an effort to continue the purge.

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