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Now a majority among babies, Non-whites in US to outnumber whites by 2043 (white people/media ignore reality that only 10% of world is white!) 

From [HERE] White people will no longer make up a majority of Americans by 2043, according to new census projections. That’s part of a historic shift that already is reshaping the nation’s schools, workforce and electorate, and is redefining long-held notions of race.

The official projection, released Wednesday by the Census Bureau, now places the tipping point for the white majority a year later than previous estimates, which were made before the impact of the recent economic downturn was fully known.

America continues to grow and become more diverse due to higher birth rates among minorities, particularly for Hispanics who entered the U.S. at the height of the immigration boom in the 1990s and early 2000s. Since the mid-2000 housing bust, however, the arrival of millions of new immigrants from Mexico and other nations has slowed from its once-torrid pace.

The country’s changing demographic mosaic has stark political implications, shown clearly in last month’s election that gave President Barack Obama a second term — in no small part due to his support from 78 percent of non-white voters.

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Deferred Prosecution for Big Banks Involved in the "Drug War": Lenders Face Few Consequences for Violating Anti-Money Laundering Laws  

From [HERE] Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Wachovia (acquired by Wells Fargo in 2009), HSBC Holdings, ING Bank, Standard Chartered, American Express Bank International, and not a few others, have a common bond beyond ranking among the largest banks in the world.

All have been accused within the past five years (and several this year) of failing to comply with US anti-money laundering laws — thereby enabling, collectively, hundreds of billions of dollars worth of suspicious transactions to move through the banking system absent adequate monitoring or oversight.

Yet not one these banks, nor any of their top executives, has been hit with criminal sanctions.

All, with the exception of Britain’s HSBC  (which is still under investigation), have agreed to pay fines for their alleged transgressions after being served cease-and-desist orders or have entered into so-called deferred-prosecution pacts — under which a lender agrees to pay a fine and to comply with the law going foward in exchange for dismissal of all charges at the end of a specified government monitoring period.

But again, not one bank has been charged with a crime nor have any top executives been forced to do the perp walk, bound by handcuffs, in front of the adoring media throng.

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(You Don't really think that HIV/AIDS is something that just spontaneously occurred in nature? do you?) Black Males Ages 13-24 Hit Hardest With New HIV Infections in U.S.

From [HERE] Young people age 13 to 24 made up about a quarter of all new HIV infections in the U.S. during 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported earlier this week. 

In 2010, of the estimated 47,500 new HIV infections, 12,200 were among youths. An estimated 7,000 (57.4%) newly infected youths were blacks/African Americans, 2,390 (19.6%) were Latinos, and 2,380 (19.5%) were whites.

Among blacks, the study found new diagnosis disproportionately affected males: 5,600 infections were for males compared to 1,400 for females.

The following is an excerpt from the CDC report that includes more details and agency’s suggested solutions:

Based on the most recent data available from 2009 and 2010, youths represent 6.7% of persons living with HIV in the United States and account for 25.7% of new HIV infections. Of new HIV infections among youths, 45.9% were among black/African American males, the majority of which were attributed to male-to-male sexual contact. Nationwide, the percentage of youths who had ever been tested for HIV was low compared with other age groups: 12.9% among high school students (22.2% among those who ever had sexual intercourse) and 34.5% among persons aged 18-24 years.

The higher HIV prevalence among blacks/African Americans overall (nearly three times higher than among Hispanics/Latinos and nearly eight times higher than among whites) and men who have sex with men (MSM) overall (nearly 40 times higher than other men ) contributes to the disproportionate number of new HIV infections among black/African American youths and young MSM. Because of this disparity, black/African American youths are at higher risk for infection even with similar levels of risk behaviors.

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"If you attempt to understand the AIDS holocaust, without under­standing white supremacy, you will only be confused"

From the aforementioned information, I conclude the following: If you attempt to understand biological and chemical warfare without understanding white supremacy, you will only be confused.

If you attempt to understand the killing of gypsies in Germany, under the leadership of Adolph Hitler, without understanding white supremacy, you will only be confused.

If you attempt to understand the killing of homosexuals in Germany, under the leadership of Adolph Hitler, without understanding white supremacy, you will only be confused.

If you attempt to understand the holocaust of Semites of the Jewish religion in Europe from 1933 to 1945, wherein 6,000,000 Semites were slaughtered under conditions of mass deceit with the awareness of other Western (white) powers, without understanding white supremacy (racism/anti-Semitism), you will only be bewildered and totally confused. Anyone who has not mastered an understanding of Germany under the Adolph Hitler's leadership and the holocaust of Semites, cannot possibly understand the AIDS holocaust of 1980 to 1991, wherein 50,000,000 to 75,000,000 deaths of Black people on the continent of Africa and else­where have been planned and projected.

If you attempt to understand the AIDS holocaust, without under­standing white supremacy, you will only be confused; and you may be dead.

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Genocidal Goal is Mass Confinement: More Non-White Children Growing Up With Parents Behind Bars 

From [HERE] The number of children with parents behind bars in the United States is growing. And a Latino child is more than twice as likely to have an incarcerated parent as a white child.

An infographic created by sociologist Becky Pettit in her new book,Invisible Men: Mass Incarceration and the Myth of Black Progressillustrates a five-fold increase in the number of children with parents behind bars from 1980 to 2005.

While interpreting the graph, it's important to keep in mind that the Hispanic population has grown much faster than the white and black populations since 1980, meaning there are simply more Latino children and parents in the U.S. However, taken as a percentage, Latino children are still more much more likely than white children to grow up with their parents behind bars. One in 42 Latino children has a parent in prison, compared to 1 in 111 white children, according to a 2009 report from The Sentencing Project, a research and advocacy group, which used data from the U.S. Department of Justice. And, when it comes to black children, one in 15 have a parent in prison.

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