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Republicans Blasted Obama Administration For Warning About Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism

From [HERE] The gunman in the shooting at a Sikh temple over the weekend has been labeled a potential domestic terrorist — defined as one who incites politically-motivated violence against his or her own country. In Wade Michael Page’s case, that political motivation was likely white supremacy, a growing problem in the United States.

But when, in 2009, the Department of Homeland Security reported that white supremacy is the US’s biggest threat for domestic terror, it was met with harsh criticism. Conservatives blasted the department for defining terror threats too broadly, instead of focusing on potential Islamic terrorists. Then-House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) was one of those who berated DHS, saying that they weren’t focusing on the real threats the US faces:

[T]he Secretary of Homeland Security owes the American people an explanation for why she has abandoned using the term ‘terrorist’ to describe those, such as al Qaeda, who are plotting overseas to kill innocent Americans, while her own Department is using the same term to describe American citizens who disagree with the direction Washington Democrats are taking our nation. Everyone agrees that the Department should be focused on protecting America, but using such broad-based generalizations about the American people is simply outrageous.

The report was titled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment,” and it named white supremacists, radical anti-abortionists, and a few “disgruntled veterans” as most susceptible to recruitment by extremist groups, or to harboring resentment that may lead to domestic terrorism. DHS stressed that, during recessions, these threats go up, and law enforcement should be on the lookout for such extremism:

DHS/I&A has concluded that white supremacist lone wolves pose the most significant domestic terrorist threat because of their low profile and autonomy—separate from any formalized group—which hampers warning efforts..[...]

Returning veterans possess combat skills and experience that are attractive to rightwing extremists. DHS/I&A is concerned that rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to boost their violent capabilities.

The report’s findings were congruous with previous studies that indicate right wing extremism is responsible for more instances of violence every year (with the exception of 2001, when the September 11th attacks happened) in the United States than Islamic extremist. It also tracks with the rise of hate groups in the US since 2000. Sec. Janet Napolitano ended up withdrawing the report and apologizing to veterans who felt they’d been called out, stressing that the threat was limited to a very small number of veterans.

Page, the Sikh temple shooter, was one of these veterans. According to Oak Creek, Wisconsin law enforcement, he served in the army from 1992 to 1998. He was administratively discharged in 1998, and had a known “patterns of misconduct.” After leaving the service, he was arrested twice, once for a DUI and once for criminal mischief — both in the 1990s.

The gunman had also been tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Center for around a decade because of his ties to white supremacy groups. While he apparently “popped up” on the FBI’s radar about six years ago, it seems they had no active investigation.


4th Amendment Vanishing: For Black & Brown Women, NYPD Stop-And-Frisks Are Even Worse

From [HERE] Street stops by the New York Police Department are about as effective for women as for men—that is, they turn up very few guns—but as The New York Times illustrates in a Tuesday report, they often feel a lot more intrusive. As The Times' Wendy Ruderman reports, The NYPD's policy is gender-blind, unlike the TSA's, which requires a same-gendered officer for pat-downs, so women who get stopped as part of New York's controversial stop-and-frisk program often find male officers' hands running along their waists, groins, and armpits (areas where training guidelines say weapons are often hidden) and sometimes rummaging through their purses. This creeps many women out, for example in the case of a woman who was stopped while police were looking for a male rape suspect, according to Ruderman:

"They tapped around the waistline of my jeans," Ms. Pope said. “They tapped the back pockets of my jeans, around my buttock. It was kind of disrespectful and degrading. It was uncalled-for. It made no sense. How are you going to stop three females when you are supposedly looking for a male rapist?”

That does sound pretty unpleasant, especially when you consider how few guns officers find through stop-and-frisk. "Last year, New York City police officers stopped 46,784 women, frisking nearly 16,000. Guns were found in 59 cases, according to an analysis of police statistics by The New York Times. While the number of women stopped by officers in 2011 represented 6.9 percent of all police stops, the rate of guns found on both men and women was equally low, 0.12 percent and 0.13 percent, respectively," Ruderman writes. Street stops, which are heavily criticized for unfairly targeting people of color, have decreased this year as the city has faced extra scrutiny.

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African immigrants in Greece face Discrimination and the threat of violence

Greece Rounding Up Blacks: 6,000 suspected undocumented Africans detained [MORE

In photo Greek protesters and immigrants living in Greece march during an anti-racism rally in central Athens April 24th. The rally was against fascist attacks and the government's plans to create detention centers for illegal immigrants. From [HERE] A backlash against waves of immigrants using Greece as a jumping off point to enter Europe has led to a surge in racist-driven assaults, a report from US-based Human Rights Watch group claimed, and political leaders said they are fearful that extremist groups are trying to create a fascist state.

In a report entitled Hate on the Streets -- Xenophobic Violence in Greece, which came out after six months of research in Athens and other Greek cities, lead researcher Judith Sunderland said the group found at least 300 attacks in three months against Asian and African immigrants, including brutal beatings of teenage boys and pregnant women by gangs of men.

Anti-immigrant fervor has grown in Greece because of a devastating economic crisis that has seen pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensioners leaving Greeks worried about their futures, while rising crime has been blamed on immigrants by groups such as the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party. There are an estimated 1 million immigrants, many of them illegal, in Greece, a country with a population of 11 million.

"We hope we can convince them this is important even in the midst of an economic crisis because if they don't address it now, it will get worse … you have gangs of thugs roaming around attacking people," Sunderland, who met with ministry of public order and citizen protection officials, told SETimes.

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Another Ramadan White Terror Attack: Mosque Burned Down in Joplin - again

From [HERE] and [HERE] The shooting at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin is the day’s worst example of hateful violence — but it is not, sadly, the only one. Early Monday morning, someone set fire to the Islamic Society of Joplin during Islam’s holy month of Ramadan. The mosque couldn’t be saved, so now there are 50 Muslim families in Joplin, Missouri — the same town devastated by a tornado last May — without a place to worship.

The destruction follows earlier fires, including one on July 4, when someone threw a flaming object onto the mosque’s roof. If it was an attempt at arson, it wasn’t a very good one. There wasn’t much damage, though the miscreant managed to be captured in a security video, and the FBI offered a reward for information on the arson. Oddly, despite the video evidence and reward, there was never an arrest. Muslims in Joplin probably weren’t surprised: When they opened their mosque and community center in 2007, their sign was torched. That crime, too, remains unsolved. The media is focused on documenting the property damage. What's missing is the chilling effect the terrororist act has on the civil liberties on Muslims freedom to worship, freedom to associate and freedom to live. But please believe that these folks are catching hell not only because of their religion but also because they are non-white -- bw.  

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Sikh Temple Terrorist was Neo-Nazi

From [OPP] and [HERE] The shooter in the shooting at a Sikh Temple in suburban Milwaukee that killed six people before police gunned him down has been identified as Wade Michael Page, a member of the Hammerskin Nation HSN, the oldest and most violent neo-Nazi bonehead organization in the United States.

According to the Anti-Defamation League website, Hammerskin Nation was formed in Dallas, Texas in the late 80s, adopting the crossed hammers - the symbol used by the fascists in Pink Floyd's the Wall - as their organization's logo. At its peak. HSN was able to boast dozens of chapters across the United States and worldwide. They are best known for holding concerts around the country known as Hammerfest, but also for the murders and other violent acts that have been committed by HSN members over the past 20 years. As of late the organization has lost the strength it once had, and other organizations like Volksfront and the Vinlander Social Club - an organization founded from the remnants of the Outlaw Hammerskins, which were former Hammerskin members that were ousted - came into being.

Wade Michael Page strode into the temple carrying a 9mm handgun and multiple magazines of ammunition and opened fire without saying a word, authorities said. When the shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in suburban Milwaukee ended, six victims ranging in age from 39 to 84 years old lay dead. Three others were critically wounded. One of three patients fighting for their life is Oak Creek Police Officer Lt. Brian Murphy.

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Shrinking White Population Leading to Racism against Non-whites in the UK 

From [HERE] Bradford is at the heart of the UK and it was once the wealthiest city in Britain, riding the wave of the industrial revolution, its mills churning out textiles that dressed the world. But Great Britain is no longer the great empire that it once was, and today, the city of Bradford is not defined by industrial or political power but by poverty, inequality and social decline.

Another thing that has changed is the make-up of the residents themselves. White Christian Anglo-Saxons used to be the only racial and religious denomination in Bradford. But then the children of the empire started migrating to the UK in search of better lives - and stayed. British society became multi-racial and multi-cultural. Britain embraced multiculturalism, mosques jostled with church spires on some city skylines and Chicken Tikka Masala became the nation's favourite dish.

The problems started when the once colourful minority became, in places like Bradford, the majority. Native Britons felt left behind, especially as times got tougher. There were race riots in Bradford in 2001. The so-called white working class is angry and alienated and the divide between communities seems to be growing. Add the threat of home-grown terrorism and religious extremism and it becomes a volatile cocktail. The Cafe discusses multiculturalism, race riots, poverty and Islamophobia and what it really means to be British in the 21st century. [MORE

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White Terrorist Kills Seven at Sikh Temple in Wisconsin: Witnesses fear community was targeted in hate crime

Another White Man Goes Off: In photo an Oak Creek police officer, speaks with members of the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek following a mass shooting inside and outside the Sikh Temple. They are probably not talking about how the killer acquired his guns -  but the media will blame the guns. No photo or other info has been released about the white man who did this. From [HERE] and [HERE] At least seven people have been killed after a gunman opened fire at a Sikh Temple Sunday in a Milwaukee suburb, according to reports. According to the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, the dead include the man authorities believe was the lone shooter. He was described as a white man in his 30s who was bald or balding with a heavy build in a sleeveless T-shirt. People inside the temple claimed they saw multiple gunmen, so police have continued to sweep the area as far out as a mile away, according to CNN.

At a press conference, Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said they were treating the attack as a "domestic terrorist-type incident", and that the FBI would take over the criminal investigation. [MORE]  The shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin will place new focus on a religion that is the fifth largest religion in the world with 27 million adherents, but it is one of the smallest faiths practiced in the US.

'Mistaken for Muslims'

There are an estimated 250,000 Sikhs in the US. About 3,000 Sikh families live in southeastern Wisconsin, according to local reports. Local Sikhs had met in a rented space on the south side of Milwaukee until 2007 when the Oak Creek Gurudwara, as Sikh temples are known, was built. The 17,500 square-foot Gurudwara has parking for a hundred cars. Sikhism was founded in South Asia more than 500 years ago. Observant Sikhs do not cut their hair, and male followers often cover their heads with turbans and refrain from shaving their beards.

Members of the Sikh community in the US were physically attacked after the 9/11 terrorist attacks by racists who were also attacking America's Arab and Muslim communities. Witnesses to the shooting on Sunday have expressed fears that once again their community may have been targeted as part of a hate crime.

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Romney Refuses to Condemn Bachmann’s Islamophobic Witch Hunt

From [HERE] Mitt Romney refused to condemn Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and four other Republicans who have alleged that Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is part of a Muslim Brotherhood campaign to infiltrate the American government. During an event in Reno, Nevada Romney dodged a question about the allegations, saying simply, “I’m not going to tell other people what things to talk about. Those are not things that are part of my campaign.” A growing number of Republicans, including House Speaker John Beohner (R-OH) and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) have condemned Bachmann. But not Mittens. Watch Romney’s remarks [HERE]

This isn’t the first time the former Massachusetts candidate has failed to speak out against extremists in his own party. Romney refused to directly repudiate Donald Trump’s claims that President Obama was born in Kenya just hours before he is scheduled to appear with the reality T.V. star for a fund raiser in Las Vegas, NV. He also wouldn’t decry Rush Limbaugh for calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” or speak out against social conservatives who opposed his decision to hire an openly-gay national security spokesperson.

Romney’s foreign policy adviser John Bolton, however, has defended Bachmann’s call for the government to investigate the alleged Muslim Brotherhood plot.


Detention camp for African migrants in Israel's south to hold up to 30,000 people

From [HERE] The detention compound being built in the south for African migrants will accommodate up to 30,000 people, despite Defense Ministry statements that it would house 12,400, an Interior Ministry protocol shows.

At a discussion held by Interior Ministry officials last month about the sewer treatment facility at the detention site, officials explained that the professional water and sewage committee had received a plan for a "compound housing up to 30,000 people."

The sewer treatment facility is also to serve other communities in the region. The Defense Ministry had stated during the detention center's planning process that it would accommodate more than 20,000 people. In June, the National Planning and Construction Committee was informed that by the middle of next year the state would have accommodation for 16,400 migrants in the detention center. According to plans presented by Defense Ministry officials, the existing Saharonim A and Ketziot prisons have room for 4,400 migrants and the soon-to- be-completed tent town would add 4,000 places.

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Racist Israeli hospitals refusing to treat African patients

Report: Jerusalem’s Bikur Holim Hospital refuses to treat a number of African asylum seekers under the premise that they don’t have health insurance.

From [HERE] In the past week, the Bikur Holim hospital in Jerusalem has turned away at least three Eritrean asylum seekers, according to a report in Maariv (Hebrew). After experiencing severe stomach pains, Nestah Ibrahim, a 21-year-old Eritrean woman who arrived in Israeli legally, was transported to Jerusalem’s Bikur Holim by ambulance. There, hospital workers asked her if she had money to pay for the visit. When she told them she did not, they told her to go somewhere else.

Speaking to Maariv, Ibrahim says,  I tried to explain to them that I’m new here, that I don’t have status and rights but they weren’t convinced and they told me: “Go to a different hospital.” I asked them to at least give me pills to make the pain go away but they did not agree to give them to me.

Earlier this month, Ynet reported that a Tel Aviv hospital, Sourasky Medical Center, will limit admissions of and ban visits by African asylum seekers “out of concern for the spread of infectious diseases to other patients.”

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Racist NY Post Frequently Exploits Shooting Victims To Push Pro-'Stop-And-Frisk' Agenda

From [HERE] With facts and statistics staring down the New York Post's attempted defenses of the New York Police Department's controversial stop-and-frisk agenda, the Post has been forced to resort to purely emotional appeals in their attempt to maintain public support for the policy.

Over the past few months, the New York Post has published several news pieces dedicated to interrogating the friends and family members of recent New York City shooting victims. Each story features someone emotionally close to the case speculating about whether ramping up the New York Police Department's controversial "stop-and-frisk" policy could have saved their loved ones' lives. Meanwhile, the Post's editorial page has been littered with hyperbole and graphic imagery -- fear mongering designed to scare readers into believing that ending stop-and-frisk will result in "more blood in the streets."

Several recent interviews in the news section of the New York Post have followed the above theme. Given the unconditional support for stop-and-frisk expressed by the Post's editors over past months, it's difficult to view these stories as anything more than an effort to exploit the raw emotions of their subjects in order to push the paper's political objectives in a "straight news" format.

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Mittens right at home in racist Israel: Palestinians outraged by Romney's comments at fundraiser

From [HERE] Mitt Romney told Jewish donors Monday that their culture is part of what has allowed them to be more economically successful than the Palestinians, outraging Palestinian leaders who called his comments racist and out of touch.

"As you come here and you see the GDP per capita, for instance, in Israel which is about $21,000 dollars, and compare that with the GDP per capita just across the areas managed by the Palestinian Authority, which is more like $10,000 per capita, you notice such a dramatically stark difference in economic vitality," the Republican presidential candidate told about 40 wealthy donors who breakfasted around a U-shaped table at the luxurious King David Hotel.

The reaction of Palestinian leaders to Romney’s comments was swift and pointed.

"It is a racist statement and this man doesn’t realize that the Palestinian economy cannot reach its potential because there is an Israeli occupation," said Saeb Erekat, a senior aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

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White Anaheim Councilwoman Happy that Latinos are Shut Out of Voting Process - "a win with no shots"

From [HERE] and [MORE] An Anaheim city councilwoman is apologizing for remarks celebrating as a "win with no shots fired" the abrupt end to Tuesday night's council meeting because of violent protests before two measures could be placed on the November ballot, including one eliminating citywide council seats.

Councilwoman Gail Eastman made the remarks on a private neighborhood message board after the council failed to take up the ballot issues -- which are of particular concern to Anaheim's Latino community -- and illustrate to many a divide between wealthy neighborhoods and the impoverished city core. The City Council was planning to approve for the Nov. 6 ballot a measure that would require council members be elected from districts rather than at-large. The American Civil Liberties Union sued in June to require the city to establish such districts; saying the city in effect silences Latinos by shutting them out of the electoral process. Read the complaint.

In Anaheim, the city's mayor and four council members are elected "at-large," meaning they can come from any part of the city. No Latino is currently on the council and four of the five council members live in Anaheim Hills. The lawsuit calls for Anaheim to elect council members from individual districts – a move the plaintiffs say will ensure better representation of all residents, including Latinos. [MORE

Eastman posted this week on a private message board: "It's finally quiet in the hood and I've had time to collect my thoughts. The bonus now is that a threat of seeing either the TOT issue or districting on the November ballot is past. In spite of how it happened, it was a big time win for all who opposed seeing that placed on the November ballot." She later added, "Tonight we celebrate a win with no shots fired!"

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Former Florida Republican Party chairman said Party Leaders met to Discuss Ways to Suppress the Black Vote

From [HEREFlorida Republicans conspired to dampen voter turnout among African Americans, according to a former top party official currently battling criminal fraud charges. [...]

Former Florida Republican Party chairman Jim Greer has filed a lawsuit against his former colleagues, saying he was improperly denied a $130,000 severance package after being forced out his leadership position. In a deposition recorded in late May, Greer described a party that had fallen into disarray and become divided between competing factions. [...]

In addition to saying the Florida Republican had come under the sway of “whack-a-do, right-wing crazies,” he claimed that party leaders met and discussed ways to suppress the black vote.

His exact words about voter suppression: “They talked about not letting blacks vote” and that party officials believed that “minority outreach programs were not fit for the Republican Party.


Shrinking White Population Could Mean the End of the Republican Party

Race, age and ethnicity are at the heart of the problem (problem? to whom - bw). And they portend not only the GOP's' death in California, but perhaps its destiny in the rest of America. Consider. Almost 90 percent of all Republican voters in presidential elections are white. Almost 90 percent are Christians. But whites fell to 74 percent of the electorate in 2008 and were only 64 percent of the population. Christians are down to 75 percent of the population from 85 in 1990. The falloff continues and is greatest among the young.

Consider ethnicity. Hispanics were 15 percent of the U.S. population in 2008 and 7.4 percent of the electorate. Both percentages will inexorably rise.

Yet in their best years, like 2004, Republicans lose the Hispanic vote 3-to-2. In bad years, like 2008, they lose it 2-to-1. Whites are already a minority in California, and Hispanics will eventually become the majority. Say goodbye to the Golden Land.

Asian-Americans voted 3-to-2 for Obama, black Americans 24-to-1. The Asian population in California and the nation is growing rapidly. The black population, 13 percent of the nation, is growing steadily.

Whites, already a minority in our two most populous states, will be less than half the U.S. population by 2041 and a minority in 10 states by 2020.

Consider now the Electoral College picture.

Of the seven mega-states, California, New York and Illinois appear lost to the GOP. Pennsylvania has not gone Republican since 1988. Ohio and Florida, both crucial, are now swing states. Whites have become a minority in Texas. When Texas goes, America goes.

This year could be the last hurrah.

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