Rachel Maddow Lying to Maintain the Spectacle: "Provisional Ballots" are "Placebo Ballots" to Make You Feel Like You Voted - Georgia Election may be Decided by Votes NOT Counted, not by Votes Cast

Pointing her finger at the screen Maddow said, “You can still cast a provisional vote.” What is she talking about? According to Greg Palast, provisional ballots are thrown out at a rate of about 30 precent. They are placebo ballots designed to make you think you voted and prevent chaos in voting places by people purged off voter rolls by racists without notice. [MORE] [To be clear placebo literally means 'I shall please,' a prescription given to please rather than to benefit. 2) a vesper hymn.] GOP’s Brian Kemp Purged 1 in 10 Georgia Voters without any notice. When any of the 600,000 mostly Black voters show up at the polls on [s]election day they will be given provisional ballots to play pretend they are participating in the hoax of choosing their masters. Such “tricks of the elect” enabled Trump to rig his election. 'The “Race” of the Voter, Not the Choice' May Determine the Outcome in Georgia. 


Dr. Blynd explains that elections prevent revolution and your rebellion. "Elections are always an attempt to stymie cognitive dissidents' (the unlearner and the natural man) and the working poor's struggles, to silence legitimate outrage at psychological, social, judicial, and economic oppression and demands of self determination." “Voting without having economic rights & control of substantive rights is voting fraud.” FUNKTIONARY defines “Spectacle Society” as “the place and time we occupy where we are offered the image and never the reality; courtesy of Wallflower Productions and Crimeth Inc. Consolidated, in conjunction with ILLUSIONS-R-US & Sell-a-Vision. [MORE].