The Church Defined in FUNKTIONARY

The Church" as Defined by FUNKTIONARY

According to FUNKTIONARY:

The Church - an epic mythic master-narrative within a context of secular power and control. "God" is a revivification of the ancient Hebrew "Yahweh' (a mental idol itself). Yahweh and his "chosen" is a narrative of empire-building while the Godspells (themselves equally mythic stories of a Jesus of Nazareth) were mental idol (Yahweh-Slaying) narratives of spiritual insurgents engaging and teaching inner evolution towards obtaining the Kingdom of Heaven within. The Church is a reconstituted and recast master-narrative of submission to empire—a purely political move of power and control through fear. It is well to remember that freedom from enslavement by native Black Americans was not accomplished by, but in spite of, the church. The Church and State still today have shackles around the minds of the native Black Americans as there's no separation of fate under the Church and the State—one enshackles the mind (through dogma) and the other your behind (through statutes and regulations). (See: Serapis, The Bible, Plato, Sacred Mushroom, Christian Cryptographers, Aristotle, Corporate State, Religion, Christianity, Jesus, BOP, Constitution, Human Resources, Taxation, SSN, Christ, Theology, Dogma & Slavery)