The Black Fear of Confronting White Supremacy Pt. 2 (singing, rhyming & Marching Still have No Effect on White Supremacy)

From [Dr. Frances Scott Welsing] It is known that an extremely high level of fear and a profound sense of vulnerability of existence can lead the human brain-computer into ineffectual patterns of circular thought. In such cases, problems perceived are avoided and never solved. This is in direct contrast to effective patterns of direct linear thought that move continuously forward in straight line progress, from problem perception and depth analysis to proposed conclusive modes of problem solution. This holds for in­dividuals as well as collectives. The sense of powerlessness evolves out of fear and vulnerability and, with its imposed patterns of circular (as opposed to linear) thought, sets the stage for mental (behavioral and emotional) illness, which is always seen at levels of increased incidence amongst oppressed populations.

Circular thought means moving from problem perception, away from problem solution (down a diversionary path), and back again to problem perception. This may then be followed by worrying and obsessive com­plaining. There is never consistent motion towards problem solution because to do so would challenge and alter the power dynamic of oppres­sion. Thus, high-level fear is set in motion. 

In photo racist suspectDorothy Meekins holds up the national flag with the picture of President Barack Obama as she attends the rally, commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, Saturday, Aug. 24, 2013. Organizers have planned for about 100,000 people to participate in the event, which is the precursor to the actual anniversary of the Aug. 28, 1963, march. It will be led by the HNIC Rev. Al Sharpton and King's son Martin Luther King III.

Circular thought describes the short-circuiting of logic networks in the brain-computer, an organ which has evolved by nature as a problem-solv­ing instrument.

Linear thought suggests movement from problem perception progres­sively towards problem solution, changing step-by-step whatever needs to be altered to achieve total problem solution - utilizing whatever means necessary to achieve this end. This form of thought is consistent with the function and structure of the brain as a problem-solving organ in the human organism.

Black people throughout the world, live under the power of the white supremacy system of total oppression and domination, implying the absence of any true power to determine ultimately what happens to their individual and collective lives. This is the major and only problem facing Black and all other non-white peoples throughout the world. This is precisely why they are called and classified as Black and non-white, to set them specifically in oppositional contrast to, and in conflict with, the genetic reality of white. But because this is a frightening and painful reality upon which to focus Black and other non-white attention, we as Blacks, particularly in the U.S., succumb to circular thought. Likewise, there is not only a failure to approach problem solution, but there is a stubborn refusal even to look directly at the problem. Ultimately, there is a disturbance in problem perception. Therefore, Black people in the U.S. reject the conscious recognition of the global white supremacy system, its absolute necessity of non-white oppression and its very specific implications of a continuing powerlessness and potential destruc­tion - as opposed to a natural death - for Blacks and other designated non-whites.

'It is, thus, no accident that the year [2013] gives further witness to the near total collapse and loss amongst Blacks - individually as well as collectively [all non-whites] - of the ability to effectively perceive, analyze and propose solutions to the problem of white supremacy and its implications for continuing Black powerlessness and social disintegration. In brief, it is clear in [2013] that there is no commitment by Blacks to analyze of the problem of white supremacy comprehensively. Blacks are without aperception or analysis of racism, or of a scientific counter-racism. Blacks, therefore do not know what to do with themselves. [MORE]