Neely Fuller, Jr. - Racism: A Basic Perspective

An excerpt from The United Independent Compensatory Code / System / Concept. A textbook/workbook for thought, speech and/or action for victims of racism (white supremacy) by Neely Fuller, Jr. available [HERE] and [HERE] and [MORE


Racism: A Basic Perspective  

The matter sometimes referred to as the “race problem”, is the BASIC-INITIAL “unfinished business” among the people of the known universe. 

Therefore it is not possible to EFFECTIVELY speak and/or act to eliminate ANY major problem that involves people without FIRST eliminating the problem of racism, in every area of activity, including economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex and war. 

In order to do this, it is necessary for victims of racism [non-white people], in effective numbers, to know and understand who the racists are, how they function, and for what ULTIMATE purpose. 

The victims of racism must also know and understand how the power of the racists (to practice racism) can be nullified and/or eliminated, by victims of racism, speaking and/or acting as INDIVIDUAL PERSONS.  

Racism: Some Initial Questions 

Why race? 

What makes racism so important as a problem? 

Are there not other problems among the people of the world that are much greater? 

What about the problems of unemployment, housing, food shortages, healthcare, robbery, and laziness? 

What about tribalism and sexism? 

What about the confusion that exists in the area of religion? 

What about capitalism, and communism, and drugs, and alcohol, and ignorance, and pollution, and lying politicians? 

Why race? 

Is it not narrow-minded to see racism as the major evil? Did not other evils exist long before the practice of racism? 

What about the problems of distrust, and greed, and envy, and murder, among NON-white people as well as white? 

What about economics? Why not see to it that everyone is adequately fed and housed FIRST? 

Why not work to establish a system that guarantees that EVERY person will be comfortable and protected---regardless of color, or non-color? 

Why not reach for a greater goal? Why not eliminate the problems of distrust, greed, envy, and murder among ALL people? 

Why single out the “race” issue as being more important than any of the other problems that continue to plague the people of the known universe? 

Why not eliminate the other major problems, and, by doing so, through that process, dismantle the “need” for people to practice racism? 

Why not have the SMARTEST people of goodwill, regardless of color, or sex, or age, come together and solve the REAL problems of the world instead of wasting time with what is really an artificial barrier? 

Racism: Some Initial Answers 

Two Facts: 

(1) The WHITE people of the known universe, are collectively, the smartest, AND the most capable, of ALL people, and, 

(2) The WHITE SUPREMACISTS (racists) are the smartest, and the most capable of ALL the white people. 

Of all the people of the known universe---both white and non-white---those white people who practice racism (white supremacy) have the GREATEST ABILITY to use truth, and to use it in such manner as to produce justice and correctness, in all place, in all areas of activity, in the shortest period of time. 

The white people who practice racism know that they could, if they CHOSE to do so, produce justice and correctness among the people of the known universe. They are smart enough to do this. They also know, however, that in the PROCESS of producing justice and correctness, they would also eliminate white supremacy (racism). Knowing this, they have chosen NOT to produce justice and correctness. They prefer to continue to practice white supremacy, though they fully understand that in order to practice white supremacy they must do so by promoting FALSE HOOD, NON-JUSTICE, and INCORRECTNESS. They apparently believe that the value of white supremacy is at least as “valuable” as the practice of justice and correctness. To them, the promotion of white supremacy HAS PROVEN to be, in many respects, “better” than justice, and “better” than correct-ness. 

The white supremacists (racist) have a TOTAL need to be, and to feel, supreme over ALL non-white people, at ALL times. This supremacy is what they value most, though they know that it can only be maintained by promoting falsehood, non-justice, and incorrectness. Through the skilled use of deceit, direct violence, and/or the threat of direct or indirect violence, the masters of racism (white supremacy) have chosen to continue this practice for no apparent basic reason than to be “proud” of themselves for causing others to be fearful of them, and/or to be dependent upon them. Such a relationship is non-just and incorrect. This is not the way that [any] people should relate to each other. 

Those white people who practice white supremacy should stop doing so. They should strive to become WISE instead of being satisfied with being “smart”. The knowledge and understanding that they possess is a GIFT. That gift should not be wasted on what is fundamentally an ego-producing enterprise. It is incorrect to squander the gift of knowledge and understanding on the promotion of racism. All knowledge and all understanding should be used to produce a universe in which no people---white or non-white---abuse each other. The basic duty of each and every person in the known universe is to find truth, and to use truth in such manner as to produce justice, and correctness, at ALL times, in ALL place, in ALL areas of activity. 

In practice, there is no other way for any person in the known universe to “justify” his or her existence. 

Explanation of the Law of Compensation: 

Question: What is meant by the term “compensation”?  

Compensation is a law. 

Compensation is a law of “nature”. 

Compensation is a law of existence. 

Compensation is a law of mathematics. 

Compensation is the ‘LAW of LAWS”. 

A person compensates for his or her lack of ability by relying on the ability of other persons or things.  

A “people” compensate for their “weakness” by depending on the “strength” of other people, or things. 

One who tills the soil is compensated by the fruit of the soil. 

A microscope compensates for the limitations of the eye. So does candle light… So does electric light. 

Light compensates for dark, and dark compensates for light. Heat compensates for cold, and cold compensates for heat. Sound compensates for silence, and silence compensates for sound. Existence compensates for non-existence, and non-existence compensates for existence. “Death” compensates for “life”, and “life” compensates for “death”. 

A flying machine compensates for a person’s physical inability to fly. 

WRITING is a compensatory process used to make up for limitations in knowledge and/or memory. 

“Religion” is a compensatory SYSTEM. 

PRODUCTION of off-spring is a compensatory ACT. 

MONEY is a compensatory TOOL. 

To eat is to compensate. 

To sleep is to compensate. 

To walk is to compensate. 

To talk is to compensate. 

To breathe is to compensate. 

To cry is to compensate. 

To ride is to compensate. 

To work is to compensate. 

To play is to compensate. 


There is no such thing as “OVER-compensation”. 

There is no such thing as “UNDER-compensation”. 

There is no such thing as “PARTIAL-compensation”. 

There is no such thing as “DEGREES of compensation”. 


Compensation either IS [compensation] or it ISN’T [compensation].  

The law of compensation is applicable to all that is in the known universe. 

Special Note: 

It is important to know and understand that the word “compensation” is, at best, a word that can be used to describe a [“compensatory”] condition that does exist, an/or a [“compensatory”] “desire” for a condition that does not exist, and/or has never existed. 

The use of the word “compensation”, may or may not, sometimes, promote contradiction and/or confusion. 

For that reason, both the word and the “concept” of “compensation”, should, like all other words and “concepts”, be used to reveal truth, AND produce JUSTICE and CORRECTNESS.  

Explanation of Racism as Related to the Law of Compensation: 

Question: How does the law of compensation relate to Racism?  

Within the vastness of a phenomenon commonly know as “space”, there exists a phenomenon commonly known as the “universe”.  

Within the “Universe” there exists numerous bodies of massed materials of various sizes and shapes which are situated a various “distances” in their relationship to each other. Upon, and/or within some of these massed materials exist things which have been commonly referred to as “plant life” and “animal life”.  

Some of this “animal life” is commonly referred to as “human beings”, and/or “people”.  

NONE of these “people” are EXACTLY ALIKE in the way that they ARE. 

NONE of these “people” are EXACTLY ALIKE in the way that they THINK. 

NONE of these people are EXACTLY ALIKE in the way that the APPEAR to other people. Because none of these people are exactly alike in the way that they are, none are exactly alike in the way that they think, and none are exactly alike in the way that they appear to other people, some of the people, sometimes “treat” some of the other people in a “different” way. The difference in treatment between people is always a result based on a difference in thinking that exists among people. The differences in the thinking of some people sometimes causes differences in the treatment of other people, based on the difference in the thoughts of people as regards the “size”, “shape”, “height”, “weight”, “color”, “complexion”, “general presentation”, “general state of being”, of people and/or PARTS of people or persons. Ofttimes some people are treated in an unjust manner, by other people, on the basis of “color’, and/or, on the basis of factors which some people regard as being “associated” with “color”, and/or an “idea” of color. 

When people are treated “unjustly”, they are deprived of, and/or denied access to, something of “value” to which they are entitled.  

When people are deprived of, and/or denied access to something of value to which they are entitled, it is correct for them to ASK FOR THAT TO WHICH THEY ARE ENTITLED. 

When people ASK for that to which they are entitled, and are REFUSED, they are then entitled to compensation.  

When people ask for compensation from OTHERS, and are refused that compensation, they must then acquire compensation for THEMSELVES through their own efforts.  

When people seek to acquire compensation for themselves through their own efforts they must establish a “COMPENSATORY SYSTEM” to use as a basic guide for thought, speech and/or action.  

When people form, and function through, a “Compensator System” they should base that system on some form of compensator “Code” which is especially designed to help serve the “needs” of people according to their “Status” and/or “Classification”.  

Most people of the known universe “classify” themselves as being INDIVIDUAL PERSONS. 

Most people of the known universe “classify” themselves, and/or ARE classified by OTHER people, as being members of a “Group”, and/or as members of a combination of interrelated and/or associated “Groups”, on a basis of “Language”, Customs”, “Religion and/or Philosophy”, “Economics”, “Color”, etc. 

Some people of the known universe HAVE CLASSIFIED THEMSELVES on the basis of the “Non-Color” (“White”). These people call themselves “White People” and/or “Caucasian”. 

Some people of the known universe HAVE BEEN CLASSIFIED on the basis of the “Color(s)” (Non-White). These people are generally referred to as being “Black”, “Brown”, “Red”, and “Yellow” and/or collectively, as being “Non-White People”. 

Other people of the known universe may, or may not be, or may, or may not, HAVE BEEN classified by other labels. 

Those people of the known universe who have classified themselves as “White” people and/or “Caucasian”, and/or as members of the White Race, and who are in NEED of compensation, are, should be, or have been, provided with compensatory “Codes” which are designed to serve the “Needs” of “White” and/or “Caucasian” people. Those people of the known universe who have been classified as “non-white” people, and who are in need of compensation, are, should be, or have been, provided with compensatory “Codes” which are designed to serve the “needs” of “non-white” people. 

Any “other” people of the known universe who may be classified by other labels, and are in need of compensation, should be provided with compensatory “codes” which are designed to serve the “needs” of those “other” people who are classified according to those “other” labels. 

The “needs” of ALL people are best served when their thought, speech, and action is promoted through the adoption of correct [compensatory] “codes”. 

No “code”, however, should be used to promote falsehood, non-justice, or incorrectness. All “codes” should help to produce justice and correctness. 

Some Questions and Answers Relative to “Racial” Compensation: 

What is the “statute of limitation” on justice? 

There is no “statute of limitations” on justice. No matter when, or where, NON-justice exists, it should be immediately replaced with justice.  

How does the law of compensation relate to “color”? 

All color, “shades” of color, or absence of color, is “neutral”. 

There is no such thing as a so-called “right” color or “wrong” color. 

All known color, “shades” of color, or absence of color, have a correct claim to existence. 

It is INCORRECT to either “hate” or “love” color, “shades” of color, or absence of color. 

The action toward, and/or re-action to, color, “shades” of color, or absence of color, by people, is always determined by the way people “see” themselves in relation to all people, place, things, etc. 

To RECOGNIZE and/or ACKNOWLEDGE the differences in “color”, “shades” of color, or absence of color, in the appearance, and/or in the essence of people, animals, plants, etc., is CORRECT. 

To treat people, animals, plants, etc., UNJUSTLY, and/or INCORRECTLY, by utilizing factors “associated with” differences of color, shades of color, or absence of color, is to contribute to one of the major reasons for the absence of “peace” in the known universe. 

General Notes Relative to Racism and the Law of Compensation

"If a system produces injustice, then the rules that maintain the system are incorrect, even though these same rules, used to maintain a just system, would be correct rules. 

White Supremacy (Racism) is an incorrect system, that promotes injustice. Any person who willfully helps to establish, maintain,, expand, and/or refine a condition of White Supremacy, and/or, who does, does not, at all times, strive to speak and/or act against this condition, is a criminal, and/or as agents of criminals.  

All "comforts" that come to any white person as a direct or indirect result of the practice of White Supremacy(Racism) are "comforts" unjustly received

All persons [white] who directly or indirectly practice White Supremacy (Racism) are equal to each other in that practice. This is true because each individual act of Racism is interrelated with all other acts of Racism. This means that all white persons who practice Racism in any form, are equally as guilty as those white persons who practice Racism in all forms. Racist Man and Racist Woman, by functioning as the White Nation (White Supremacists, collectively) and by acting to maintain, expand, and/or refine the existence of Racism, have, more than any other creatures in the known universe, "violated" the "natural" Law of Compensation. By doing so, they have deliberately forced and/or directed all other creatures--particularly non-white people--to do the same."