Fear of annihilation drives white racism

From The Michigan Citizen February 9, 1991

By Derrick C. Lewis 

Comprising only 10 percent of the world population, whites have a fear of genetic annihilation which explains their racist behavior, according to psychiatrist Dr. Francis Welsing.

During a symposium at the University of Michigan last Monday, Welsing spoke on "Resisting Assimilation: The Psychology of Self Identity. She said this fear has created a global system of repression, functional in all areas of our existance, including education, sex, entertainment, economics, and war, which ensures that power will remain in the hands of whites. 

In order for Blacks and other non-whites to fight racism successfully, they have to "have clearly in mind who they are and respect for what they are," said Welsing.

She noted that racism existed at least 2000 years ago when Semetic Jews were trying to be accepted for what they were, saying racism against Jewish people continued into this century with "destructive media coverage" in the years before World War II.

"JEWS WOULD read 'Nobody would do anything like the Holocaust to us because we are German.' They did not understand the context in which they were functioning," Welsing said.

Understanding context and the times in which one is operating are crucial to gaining self-respect, she explained. 

Non-whites comprise 90 percent of the world population, and are collectively identified as minorities, said Welsing. She said if everyone in the world was placed in an eggbeater and sex were added, everyone would be non-white.

Welsing said black, brown, red, and yellow are dominant colors, and whites believe if they are to survive genetically they must retain power.

Welsing cited a recent Time magazine article reporting that by the year 2000, the majority in the United States will be people of color. "They presented this as if it's a problem, saying 'What are we going to do?"

 PEOPLE IN power set the focus, Welsing said. "You must determine how you will behave. You must respect yourself for what you are and know the rules of the game."


Welsing is the author of "The Cress Theory of Color Confrontation and Racism (White Supremacy)." Her participation in the symposium was part of the university's Martin Luther King Day activities, which lasted from Jan 15-21.