60 yr Old Black Woman Asked White Corrections Cop for Juice So He Slammed Her Down to the Floor of Ohio Jail

From [HERE] A Black woman in Ohio is filing a lawsuit against the Montgomery County Jail claiming excessive force was used against her by white cops. Marsha Pate-Strickland is suing for this video-tapped incident which happened in 2015.

Pate-Strickland says it all began when she asked a white corrections officer at the jail if she could exchange her juice for milk. Then as it goes with maniac white cops in this system, all hell breaks loose. 

In the video-- you see the white officer grabbed her and slammed her to the floor. She wanted to exchange her juice for milk.

That’s when the 60-year-old was ordered to stand up, then was forcefully grabbed by corrections officer (CO) David Stemp and “violently swung” around before her right shoulder and arm were slammed to the floor, according to a federal lawsuit filed against the county, Sheriff Phil Plummer and others. Pate-Strickland said she complained that her arm and shoulder were injured... But she refused medical attention.

The video — which has no audio — shows male inmates passing out breakfast items to several women in the female waiting area at about 5:30 a.m. Sept. 8, 2015.

A corrections officer approaches Pate-Strickland, and the two have a conversation before Pate-Strickland stands up and the officer reaches toward the inmate’s left arm.

When Pate-Strickland pulls her arm away, the officer is shown grabbing the inmate by her left arm, pulling her, spinning her and taking her down to the floor.

“There’s just no reason for the CO — to grab onto this 60-year-old woman and fling her around,” Brannon said.

Pate-Strickland immediately complained of an injury. Defendant Greg Mills, a nurse for Naphcare, Inc., performed a visual inspection “and concluded that she suffered no injury” because the shoulder did not appear to be “out of place” and handed Pate-Strickland an ice pack, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed Sept. 6 and the county has not yet filed a response.

The lawsuit filed in Dayton’s U.S. District Court claims Mills refused to send Pate-Strickland to a hospital and that she complained to other jail staff. Naphcare, Inc. is the contracted provider for medical care in the jail. We have reached out to Naphcare’s attorney and will update this story when we receive a response. 

Pate-Strickland sought medical attention at an area hospital after her release from jail and was diagnosed with a “comminuted right humeral head/neck fracture,” according to the lawsuit. [MORE]