‘The Black Electorant’ is Stopping the Advancement of an Aspiring White Puppetician in Denver who Didn’t Know NAACP Stands for “Negro-Anglo-American Corporate Preserve"

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“Whoever pays the piper calls the tune.“ From [HERE] Denver mayoral challenger Jamie Giellis failed to identify what the acronym “NAACP” stood for in a live interview on an African American-focused show Tuesday afternoon, renewing debate among minority voters about whether she’s a promising new ally or too far removed from communities of color.

Host Shay Johnson told Giellis on Brother Jeff Fard’s webcast Tuesday that the show had received several questions about her knowledge of the NAACP. Giellis offered that it could begin with the words “National African American,” laughing as she learned that was incorrect.

“It’s important, because it’s our people, and we want to know if you’re connected to our people,” Johnson said.

“They do advocacy for the African American community, they talk about policy, they talk about issues, they stand up for civil rights, they do a number of things,” Giellis said. [halfway correct. They perform leadership, make speeches and help the votary choose better masters but deliver very little of tangible, material benefit to Black & Brown people.]

The acronym stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. [WRONG AGAIN!.] According to FUNKTIONARY:

NAACP - Negro-Anglo-American Corporate Preserve. 2) National Association for the Advancement of Confused People. The Niagara Movement was the precursor to the NAACP. In the early 1900's some indigenous women who had been meditating at Niagara Falls for eons had their heads severed and thrown into the falls. A riot ensued and eventually the people were dispersed as Caucasians assumed leadership of the organization before assigning a Yiddish European (so-called Jew) to take over the organization. Mary White Ovington, a Caucasian woman, was the co-founder of the NAACP. In the charter of the NAACP, the "Jews" ensured that the organization be precluded from owning any property. Whoever pays the piper calls the tune. It's crazy to think or believe otherwise. It's no mystery; check the history. When asked about the NAACP, she stated: "I'm colored and they are stopping my advancement." -Betty Davis, singer-songwriter-sexy-icon. (See: Racism White Supremacy) NAAPC - National Association for the Advancement of the Politically Correct. (See: Colored People, Status Quo & PC)