Video Shows Jesusized Mob of Delusional Racist Teens with Trump Hats, Mocking Native American Vietnam Veteran & Interfering with Indigenous Peoples March in DC

“THE GREAT BRAIN ROBBERY.” Daily News reports that a video that showing a white mob of Kentucky high school students mocking and harassing a Native American war vet during the Indigenous Peoples March in Washington has sparked uproar online. With regard to non-white peoples, DC cops usually consider such arrestable conduct as disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, loitering, threats etc. No white teens were arrested.

Multiple clips shared across social media show a group of rowdy teens, many of them sporting Covington Catholic high school apparel, surrounding and yelling at a group of peaceful protesters at the D.C. event on Friday.

One student wearing President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hat can be seen leering at a man playing a drum while he stands inches away from his face. The protester, identified by Indian Country Today as Vietnam War veteran and Omaha elder Nathan Phillips, remains stoic and continues to beat his instrument while those behind him sing along. Many of the white children are wearing MAGA hats and yelling “build a wall” to the Native Americans.

“I heard them saying ‘Build that wall. Build that wall.’ This is indigenous land. We’re not supposed to have walls here. We never did,” Phillips said in video posted to Instagram. [MORE]

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Dr. Blynd states, Racism is a "virus in the mind. A racist is a psychopath at war with his own being." [MORE]  Race is an empty representation having no meaning or a granfalloon. Yurugu is ruled through many granfalloons and belief systems. Whenever the unreality of race is present [in their minds] racists are in a real deep state of attachment that prevents them from being conscious. When YOU appear they have checked out and checked into some robotic beliefs going on in their minds. Bhagwan explains, "a mind filled with belief always goes on projecting things in the world, it sees things which are not there.” Dr. Amos Wilson explained “when the projecting party or projectionist has superior influential advantages, as in the case of the White community relative to the Black community, projection becomes introjection, an act of creation, of transforming and conditioning reality.”

Bhagwan also explained “Believers create their own deceivers.”  Neely Fuller says that most white people have made racism their religion and have made themselves the God of that religion.

Fuller explained, "Most white people hate Non-White people. The reason that most white people hate Non-White people is because whites are not Non-White people. If you know this about white people, you need know little else. If you do not know this about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only confuse you."

FUNKTIONARY defines as follows:

MOBS - Many Other Belief Systems. 2) More Obvious Bullshit Stinking. 3) Mentally Off Balanced Society. 4) Most Other Belief Systems. All belief systems throughout all eras are designed to funnel human power (freedom, creativity, innovation, resources and wealth) up to a controlling manipulative elite. MOBS (secular, political and religious) in theory preach non-violence but in actual practice, ‘the crowd,’ foment, precipitate and participate in bloodshed and pathological violence when challenged by other belief systems, absolute truths or scapegoats (symbols of projection). See: The Crowd’s Clothes)

Jesusize - to believe in something (or someone—real, mythologized or imagined) or even worship it, based on little (scant and sketchy) to no evidence in support of it (single-source propaganda), and uncorroborated accounts that fly in the face of knows history, facts and science. 2) to turn fiction or fictional accounts into fact and history through propaganda, indoctrination coercion and violence.  Just because a man called "Jesus" did not exist in history does not mean that you cannot become the Christ you are awakening in (or at least to) the Divine Mystery. (See: Jesus Seminar & Christ Consciousness). [MORE]

belief systems - linguistically created illusions of structured thought. Belief systems are "my truth is better than your truth" systems carved out of absolute truth (abject falsehood) codified as dogma, spread by fear, enforced by hatred, resulting in continuous warring, genocide, and unimaginable atrocities. Belief systems create formulas and fixed patterns (ruts) for living. They provides us with ready-made reactions (not responses) to whatever situation may arise. Thus we are never phfree to act spontaneously in the fullness of any moment. Life is infinite in its unfolding; it cannot be met with formulas and scripts. Belief is a tether that keeps us forever in the tiny circle of our vanities. Ken Carey has aptly noted, "Belief systems are cages created by words, imprisoning their makers. Even insights that accurately reflect reality cannot be preserved effectively by a belief system." Belief systems are the greatest of our shared vanities. We judge, choose, and reach conclusions, and from these conclusions we create concepts and images. We vest these images with the illusion of reality; we give them life, and they in turn allow us to think that we know—but knowledge is always of the past. It is fixed, lifeless and immovable. No amount or quality of belief system can expand knowledge nor bring any justice. Besides, even knowledge is not reality. It is an image and conceptualization that we create of and about reality—a dead thing. Belief systems suck you in but can't get you off. Why are you living your life based on the unquestioned chain of hearsay? Our beloved BS (belief systems) are elaborate mirage-like constructions of vibrations through and to which we chain ourselves: ideas, ideologies, representations, events, and information deemed important and considered as foundational if not real. However, all that we are is an elaborate thoughtform appearing (temporarily congealed as light) within a world of ceaseless change that itself is a thoughtform that we (as human beams) choose to experience as physical and governed by the physical laws through which impersonal Consciousness creatively expresses (self-animates) in the world through undulating patterns of repetitive existential Self-relation. "The pathway to Enlightenment via radical truth is demanding and requires the surrendering of all belief systems. Only then does ultimate reality reveal itself..." -David R. Hawkins. (See: Reversion, Surrendering, Human Beam, Enlightenment, Spiritual Unfoldment & Mind-Inversion)