Al Jazeera asks, Will the Congressional Black Caucus Challenge the Establishment? A Better Question is Will They Announce Their Fear of White Supremacy & Propose Solutions for Overcoming Said Fears?

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Dr. Frances Cress Welsing explained, “A prerequisite to overcoming fear is the growth of self- and group-respect. This respect cannot develop as Blacks strive to the blame one another for the symptoms of their common oppression. This respect cannot flourish in the presence of a belief that Blacks cannot develop their own analysis of and provide their own solutions to Black problems without the leadership, approval and/or funding of non-Blacks. In keep­ing with this goal, I recommend to the Black collective that we need not have any conferences other than to announce the existence of our fear of white supremacy and to share with one another all possible solutions for overcoming these fears.

Solving the problem of political and social oppression of a people is fundamentally no different than solving a problem of illness in the human body. What is essential in the latter instance is an accurate diagnosis of the problem through observation, examination and various clinical tests and studies. The diagnosis represents a summarized statement of the specific pattern of physiologic derangement and a statement of the major and minor causal factors. A program of treatment and cure is based upon producing the specific measures to counteract the causal factor(s) efficiently and to alter any potential for the return of those factors permanent­ly. Finally, the test of diagnostic accuracy is the effectiveness of the treatment and cure. [MORE]

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