Dummy Trump does double fist pump upon Arrival at 9/11 Ceremony to Commemorate US Government Injustice & Cruelty to the World

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According to FUNKTIONARY:

Nine-Eleven (9-11) - the pre-planned inside-job false-flag attack on the Romulus and Remus World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon Murders, being a continuation of the CIA—Criminals Inside America—wetworks operations that was also carried out on innocent lives at Pearl Harbor, and the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing. In order for you to believe the official legend, i.e., the Corporate State by-lie, you would have to also become a believer in Physics Revisionism (PR). In the 20th century, steel melted at 1538 degrees Celsius (2800 degrees Fahrenheit), but in the 21st century are we to believe that the fire from the explosion of the jet fuel tank (assuming some type of airplane actually hit the towers, and not the hologram that we witnessed) burned for 104 minutes (in the North tower) getting constantly hotter until the steel floor supports reached a weakened fault temperature, or are we to believe that it burned hot and steady throughout until over 200,000 tons of steel were heated to the point of collapsing—all on (whatever was left of) one plane of jet fuel? The towers did not "collapse" or succumb to gravity-driven "cave-in," nor did they fall or "give-way" to self-related and self-proportional forces, on the contrary, they were systematically and progressively disintegrated ("dustification or pulverization) from the top down using powerful directed energy technology or directed energy weapons for sure. 200,000 tons of steel, 325,000 cubic meters of concrete, 43,600 windows, 19,000 kilometers of cables, 318 kilometers of heating ducts from two very large buildings don't just vanish into thin air or grind themselves into nothing. Some in the intelligence community who are aware of it, refer to it as the Death Ray. The same explosive scheme that is removing the support structure is also simultaneously and utterly destroying the building itself this can be verified from the projectile-like scattering pulverized disintegrating debris seen ejected from the buildings, taken horizontally, up to 1200 feet, when the WTC towers are only 207 feet wide.

Logic and common sense have to be put in abeyance in both incidents in order to believe the official story-line (legend) also touted by the counter-intelligence operation called the "9/11 Truth Movement" run by government operatives. Knowledge of the laws of physics can demonstrate the presence of other than "what appeared to be obvious" complicity by additional or external agents fundamental to both operations-cum-attacks. In the OKC bombing, energy cannot turn a corner unless deflected by a powerful object. No such object existed in front of the Murrah Federal Building, so any force from a truck-carrying 4,800 pound Ammonium Nitrate / Fuel Oil (ANFO) bomb travelling east could not have been turned south to take out those columns in the indentation. Nor could columns further away the same size with the same rebar fortification be taken out by a truck bomb and columns closer to the truck be undamaged. Concrete broken by pressure from a distance will be jagged, while that taken out by "cutting charges" will be smooth, hence the name. Photos of the Murrah Building columns (before the crime scene was razed in order to destroy the evidence), show the columns stumps to be smooth and rounded. That is the signature of a high velocity, military grade, high brisance explosive, certainly not ANFO, which is a low velocity, low brisance explosive widely used in quarries. The damage pattern to the building was inconsistent with a truck-carrying fertilizer bomb that spreads energy bi-directionally, horizontally, but not vertically. Are we also to believe that the "black boxes" from both the planes that were found in the WTC attack-sabotage were rendered inoperable while a paper passport of an alleged hijacker survived the explosion? There is no evidence whatsoever of an airliner hitting the Pentagon; moreover, the decoy (hologram) aircraft that we only imagined hitting the world trade center towers (with the aid of the complicit Media) were not the colors of either American Airlines or United Airlines, rather, they were military gray and the images of their respective fuselages were not consistent the Boeing commercial airlines. Are we to believe that a 757 crashed into the Pentagon when released official footage clearly shows a much smaller plane (a remote controlled F-16 missile-launching drone perhaps) approaching horizontal to the building firing something ahead of it crashing into Column 14a leaving a plume of smoke (like a missile) and only a 10 meter wide hole as also clearly shown in pictures immediately after the crash? Where did the wings and seats and 13 foot fuselage of the Boeing 757 disappear if it really struck either of the towers? Major General Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III, head of all U.S. intelligence stated: Pentagon not hit by a plane; WTC 7 was brought down by explosives and the media in America is controlled.

Please recall the statement: "Tell (broadcast) a lie long enough and people will believe you." -Adolph Hitler. Likewise, categorize an event and then exclude any thought, facts or reality that do not fit into the categorization generated by the unproven assumptions on which it is based. Isn't mind conditioning great? We no longer have to think—much less critically or independently. To all those who believe that the core steel frame columns with their welded connections and dense cross-bracing, along with the high-strength perimeter columns building framework can actually collapse due to extreme heat without high-grade explosives and/or scalar weaponry (to turn steel and concrete into dust), this is what you do—please catch a clue. For the minds of those who are convinced that they saw something that never actually happened, or for validation and verification against the growing and well-documented evidence of the cold-blooded horrific crimes of 9-11, visit: www.drjudywood.com, wwvv,physics911.org, and the ww.thememoryhole.org. The same cast of characters within government and working with government (including Gary Best, Inc., the Bush Family Crime Syndicate, and the Isreali Mossad) were in on both mass killings. The control of Iraqi oil and the control of the oil in the Caspian sea was the motive. (See: Hutchison Effect, DEW, Bullshit, Mind Control, Categories, Scalar Weaponry, Assumptions, BCCI, Comverse Infosys., Uncle Brother, CIA, FBI, Propaganda, MOSSAD, Anti-Terrorism Bill, Amdocs Ltd., Patriot Act, Wet Squads, Tactic, Bush Family Crime Syndicate, CALEA Act, Language, Fascism, Perception, Police State, U.S. Gestapo, ECHELON & War)