Black on Black Crime in Service of Law Over Humanity: Rolebotic Black Cop Assaults Black Man by Beating & Tasing Him to En-Force Columbus Open Container Law

From [HERE] A disturbing video has prompted an internal investigation into a Columbus officer after it showed the officer punch and taser a man over an open can of beer.

Maurice Taylor, 35, had harmed no one earlier this month when he was subsequently approached by an officer from the Columbus police department. The officer approached Taylor because it is in his job description that he must extort and harass otherwise entirely innocent people for carrying open containers of alcohol.

According to police, when the officer approached Taylor, he refused to provide identification, so the officer escalated force. To make sure he punished Taylor for daring to have an open can of beer, the officer tackled him and took him to the ground.

The bystander video begins after Taylor is already on the ground. The officer is seen on top of Taylor, shouting at him to “get on your belly!” Because Taylor does not respond fast enough, and continues to question his orders, the officer punches him right in the face.


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