'They Don’t Serve Us & We Can’t Fire Them:' White Cop Fired For Calling Black People “Porch Monkeys” at Crime Scene is Rehired by Aurora City Commission After Appeal

aurora cops racist.jpg

From [HERE] A Colorado police officer who was fired after being caught on video using a racial slur last year will reportedly be rehired by the city commission.

In body camera footage obtained by local ABC affiliate Denver7 in June 2017, former Aurora Police Lt. Charles DeShazer can be heard saying, “We got the Alabama porch monkeys all contained.”

DeShazer reportedly made the remark at the scene of an officer-involved shooting and was referring to a crowd of African-Americans near the site of the shooting.

The slur was picked up by body cam and two other supervisors, according to a Facebook post shared by Chief Nick Metz on Tuesday. [MORE]