Why are Puppeticians Trying To Pass An Obviously Unconstitutional Bill to Criminalize Boycotts Of Israel? [b/c ‘eventually government will arrogate all power to itself if people don’t stop it’]

{TechDirt] asks a question on many people’s minds, Why Is Congress Trying To Pass An Obviously Unconstitutional Bill That Would Criminalize Boycotts Of Israel? [MORE] The answer is why would it not? In the context of a gun control, Dr. Blynd says the operative question is, “how much do you dislike your slavery?” Authority is a farce. Once you have conceded a limited amount of freedom to a higher authority you have conceded all. It is just a matter of time. Everyday “the government” attains more power. What is the “government hoax?’

Doc Blynd explains: “Throughout history many intelligent thinkers all around the world have tried to contemplate or design some way to have "government" and freedom too. Failing miserably and repeatedly to find one either in practice or in theory, it is time for intelligent human beings to give way to beings of higher consciousness using sagacity and sapience to finally realize that:.

1) "government" itself is a deadly mental contrivance and immanent threat to their freedom;

2) there is no way to prevent "government" from constantly increasing its power and eroding freedom;

3) "government" itself being a reification (deadly cartoon) will vanish when the illusion on which it rests dissipates.

trump israel terror.jpg

This goes for all brands and flavors of "government" across the ideological spectrum. Violence (against statists) makes government appear government legitimate. Non-violence and non-cooperation exposes government for what it is: a gang of killers, thieves and liars. Governments do not protect the people they subjugate and control; on the contrary, they control, kill, maim spray from the skies, lie, steal, harass, wrongfully imprison, torture and spy on them. It is high time for the nature of "government" itself (not any particular brand on the violence spectrum) to be fully and plainly overstood and be regarded as an enemy—for it is truly our enemy. Freedom is the enemy of the State and our enemy is the State. Government is deadly force deified and reified then superimposed (falsified) on non-consenting, clueless and passively willing duped-victims alike. [MORE]