During Traffic Stop White Cleveland Cops Assault & Attempt to Awaken Black Man Victimized by His Own Beliefs: So-Called "Rights are Myths - Obedience to Servitude or Jail is the Reality"

Ruled Through Granfalloons. Here, while interacting with race soldiers, a gullible Black Man searched for the world presented to him on TV, movies, text books during a life-time of indoctrination [the matrix] but instead found himself in the World as it Is. Where are those rights? {“they” remain in your mind - if you believe in them] Who gave them to you? Who is serving who? What is authority? What is government? When did he consent to this arrangement? Can he opt out of it?

Maybe the unseen child in the video watching the incident will overstand that seeing is knowing. Belief is cheap. Dr. Blynd explains, "The child who is taught to believe the law will be his protection is the child who will become the victim of its own beliefs."  "Unquestioned beliefs own you." 

FUNKTIONARY further defines the following:

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rights - fantasmatic or fictitious objects having no reality in actuality by those imagining as an identity being in possession of them. Rights are cultural gratuities perceived through various fantasy frames, recognized, and sometimes even created, by man's system of law to provide a modicum or pretense of civility under a system whereby their very undermining and violation is vouchsafed. Rights are merely rites unless you know how to assert and defend them in order to enjoy them. 2) things people are free to do whether they are able to or not. 3) conditions of existence required by hue-man's nature for their potential survival (primarily against the cartoon that kills, i.e., the wholly unconscionable entity called the "State"). It is a mistaken notion that rights are enjoyed by one at the expense of the many—that is the realm of privilege. Enjoyment of rights in a neo-imperialistic world controlled by Yurugu through the Greater System (Symbolic Order), paradoxically, entails not only a recognition of their inevitability but, equally, their impossibility. How can we be endowed with rights, or even know what rights are when they are based on binary considerations? Rights, as ontological ephemera, cannot be universally observed, recognized, realized or, enforced—and paradoxically, act also as its own eternal source for its assertion and vessel for its fulfillment in our imaginary enjoyment of them. While the law reads rights referentially, what is universally needed in the praxis of rights discourse today is a particular re-inscription, demystification or reontologising of rights (revivified and convivial) by the pan-gendered subject-citizen-decoder—taken symptomatically rather than seriously. Most people rarely experience the cognizance of being property of corporate fictions because as long as you don't violate the rules of society your real status as feudal-property-slave is not involved or revealed. If there is no 'I,' to what and to whom do rights as objects accrue? Those who are confused by suffering (and the subject of same) require a re-onotoligisation of rights through the trajectory of meaning independent of their existence. Rights and even 'lefts' (i.e., what remains after all of our imaginary rights are traced to their inception as figment) for that matter, like good and evil, are human inventions which humans treat as non-human realities. While fantasy frames invent rights, romanticism reinvents them. Enjoy your symptoms and play with your syndrome—the symptom is the solution. Read carefuly the holding in the supreme Court case of U.S. v. Babcock. Rights are myths—obedience to servitude or jail is the reality. (See: Abilities, Bill of Rights, Monoright, Servitude, Fantasy, Jurisdiction, Human Resources, Citizenship, Frankenstein, Autonomy. Rule of Law, Surrogate Power, Indigenous Power, Yurugu, Jouissance, Privilege, Disobedience, Duty & Willpower)

The Matrix - a simulated dream-world generated to keep humanity under a system of control—specifically, mind control; it is the wool that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the function of truth and the nature of reality—the real world. We are (through our energy) the fuel that runs the artificial machine consciousness of invisible systemized mind control called the Matrix, operating in the realm of mind sustaining the dream-like state (projected version of reality) that we take to be our collective consensual reality. The Matrix is a slave encampment for your mind—it can't be told to you or even shown, you have to see it (and feel it) for yourself. "The matrix is this big illusion that's been drummed into us and repeated over and over and over until we think everything is natural, everything is normal and things just progress along some strange 'willy-nilly' fashion, some road that no one really plans, and politicians just hammer out the problems and the crisis as they arise; and nothing is further from the truth. Nothing at all is further from the truth." -Alan Watt. The Matrix is designed to bulk erase what passes for your reality and substitute it with the illusions of objective truth (simulacrum) impervious to subjective verification, i.e., authentic gnosis. When critical thought capability has been "flatlined," you have succumbed (been activated into) the Matrix. The Matrix fabricates an untrue realism ambuscading our senses while lubricating our traction against its offences. It captivates us with things that scare us, and then subtly ensnare us in its lair. The Matrix (the movie) both starts and ends in the heart. In every film (the Matrix trilogy) the main character (the average human played by Neo) is asleep (trapped in the Matrix)—just as you are too. WTFU! The Matrix has you—it owns you—and remote controls what you think, feel, believe, and also even frames and allows what you do or don't do all within a reality that is hidden from your view. In the movie, Trinity represents aligning the expression of the different aspects of our consciousness, namely: Will (played by Neo) representing courage, conscience and freedom; Spirit (played by Trinity) representing heart, compassion and love; and Mind (played by Morpheus) representing intelligence, knowledge and subjective truth. The expression of our consciousness as revealed in the movie, is manifested through three modalities: Thought (Morpheus), Emotions (Trinity) and Action (Neo). The Heart is the bridge" between will and action. The overwhelming majority of humanity is connected in no way to the fundamental nature of reality. What is the Matrix? Control. The world of control—mind control. As long as the Matrix exists, humans will never be free. It was hugely inspired by Plato and his analogy of the cave, which suggested that we are just in the world of appearances, and the real world of the forms is beyond us. The point when Neo asks "why do my eyes hurt" is a reference to the philosopher who leaves the cave after being imprisoned there for many years (the cave represents earth) and finally sees the sun, which is the true form of the good, and therefore it hurts his eyes because he has never truly used them before in the dark cave! The pain the escaped prisoner felt when first seeing the truth is also seen in the Matrix, how when Neo first finds the truth, there is horror and cannot process all the information at once. Neo, therefore, actually represents the Philosopher in Plato's analogy. The only one who actually seeks the truth was the philosopher in the cave, and such in the Matrix, it is only a select few compared to the huge amounts of pods in storage when Neo reveals that he was in a dream world. It's really strange how an idea almost 2200 years old is able to change the present and alter it so much. Some say that the only way you can escape the "Matrix" is to break the physical bindings of your body-meaning bio-physiological death—then and only then are you freed from the matrix. The Matrix is the physical world, the world of your body, the world of atoms and of matter. Matter is the Matrix. What's the matter with that? Escape matter and you escape the matrix. When you stop believing that God is external and outside of the Self then that is when you break out of the Matrix. We are all gods or aspects. There is a verse in the Bible that states that God is not numan but "Light." You can be the one if you choose to be. The Chosen Ones are those who choose to unplug through Self- Realization achieved through Self-Observation and meditation. "We have free will, but we choose not to use it." ~P.D. Ouspensky. One sure-fire way out of the Matrix, however, is through The Fourth Way or with the rigorous unlearning techniques and mental training offered at the Funk Dojo. (See: Fear, Authority, Mind Control, Hole Truth, The Fourth Way, Pathocracy, Water-Line, Politician, Ideologues, Room 101, Unlearning, Chapel Perilous, Asleep, BLYND, Ideologies, Self-Observation, Self-Remembering, Matrix, Control, Predictive Programming, Funktionary, WTFU!, Gnosis, Agents, SOFIA, Enlivenment, Funk Dojo, Self-Consciousness, Mind Central, The POSE, Reality Quotient, Mechanicality, Substitute Life, Self- Knowledge, Neuralignment, Belief Systems, Religious Franchises, Truth-Based Truth, Reality-Based Truth, SOMBER, IIllusion, Double Attention, Wholastic, Absentee Truth, PILFER, Buffers, False Personality, Program, Attachment, Identification, Logic, Possessions, Ignorance, Echolalia, Explosure, Nuphoria, Flip Code, COLO, Chronosophy, Crimethlnc, Digital Maoism, Chidults, Conditional Truth. Reality, Human Behavior, Free-Will, Objective Self, Subjective Self. Question, Answer, Unanswering, Divine Discontent, The System. Sightless Observation, Seedless Knowledge, Human Consciousness, Pia Mater, Mirrorealization, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Consciousness, Third Eye, Pineal Gland, Fishbowl, "Government." Awakening, Anger, Systemites & Overruling Class).