Another Accused White Authoritarian Sheds Crocodile Tears Under Softball Questioning: As Chicago Cop’s Murder Trial Ends, Lawless Authorities & Businesses Brace for Injustice for Laquan McDonald

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[MORE] Van Dyke shot Black man 16 times as he walked away from him. In order to shoot him that many times he reloaded his gun and continued shooting him while he was on the ground. The prosecutor’s softball cross examination of Van Dyke did not take full advantage of the impeachment value of video and the contradictory statements he made when the incident was fresh in his mind. Although they have been preparing for months the Government seemed unprepared to cross examine Van Dyke. We will see if it was effective.

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authoritarians - the great unweaned of the world 2) violentists. 3) 'reality-violaters.' 4) uniform (costume-wearing) and non-costume wearing purveyors of the absolute worst crimes against humanity. 5) the coercive class within an economic and social caste-based society. While the State is a military formation, it is first and foremost a fruit of justice—not to be confused with (or extrapolated to imply or mean that) justice is a seed of the State. There is a high correlation between justice systems and the development or proliferation of the State. (See: Justice, Control, BOG. Statists, Power. Psychopaths & Violence)