Stupid Off Duty DC Cop Wore Racist Shirt to Court to Provide [in-credible] Testimony against Black Defendant

Thanks For Letting Us Know You Are Racist Vincent Altiere. Now we can respond accordingly. If a White person or cop is able to be a Racist (White Supremacist), he or she may be one and should be presumed to be Racist. [MORE] Nevertheless, a cop may not be racist or a racist cop may not be practicing racism when he is interacting with you. Racism is carried out through deception and/or violence. Racists seek to keep their racism concealed - it is more effective that way. Why do you think KKK wear hoods? or KKK become cops?

The victims of white supremacy cannot always tell who is racist and who is not. Unless non-racist white folks starting outing racists we may never know who is racist and who is not. This is not likely to happen because all white people benefit from the operating system of white supremacy. Racists do not practice racism all day, everyday and they take on many appearances -this is part of the deception. Also a racist cop wants his interaction with you to appear as normal or lawful as possible. He cannot do that if he outs himself as this jackass has done. How many arrests has he made of non-whites? Were the arrests motivated by racism? How many cases has this idiotic liar testified in? 

Racism is the Opposite of Justice. From [HERE] An on-duty white DC police officer is under investigation for allegedly wearing a 'racist' T-shirt emblazoned with a white supremacy symbol while in court testifying in a criminal case of a Black defendant. The white cop was observed wearing the same t-shirt at DC Superior Court outside of courtroom 301, a courtroom in which contested preliminary hearings are held. At such hearings officers provilde live testimony and are subject to cross examination to determine whether probable cause existed to uphold an arrest. Thereafter, release conditions are made.

The officer was assigned to desk duty Friday and ordered to have no contact with the public, pending an investigation.

In a photo, the officer is seen wearing a black shirt that shows the Grim Reaper holding a rifle under a District of Columbia flag.  Above the image is the word 'Powershift' with a cross embedded in the letter 'o'.  That image is a 'sun cross' or Celtic cross, which advocates say white supremacist groups use in their logos and imagery. 

Recently, in Ohio, white cop Ray Tensing murdered unarmed Black Sam Dubose while wearing a confederate flad t-shirt under his uniform. [MORE

Though the officer was not identified by the Metropolitan Police Department, Stop Police Terror Project DC identified the officer as Vincent Altiere in an online petition. 

Washington Post reporter Radley Balko said that there may be more officers who have worn the shirt.

The group Law 4 Black Lives DC filed a complaint against the officer and posted the petition demanding his firing. Though the officer was not identified by the Metropolitan Police Department, Stop Police Terror Project DC identified the officer as Vincent Altiere in an online petition.  Law 4 Black Lives DC officials wrote in the petition that there were three seperate occasions when Altiere allegedly wore the 'offensive, racist and threatening shirt'.

The groups says he was 'seen in the DC community and at the DC Superior Court, where he was present to testify in a criminal case' wearing the shirt.

The complaint states, "this t-shirt is symptomatic of a dangerous and insidious combination of racism and a crass abuse of power that has infiltrated the police department." 

Sun Cross Symbol

The cross found in the letter “O” of the word “Powershift” is a symbol adopted by the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist terrorist organizations.4 By including this imagery, the shirt explicitly promotes white supremacist ideologies and aligns these ideologies with MPD.5 The exact same symbol can be seen in the logo of “The Crusader,” a white supremacist publication sponsored by the Ku Klux Klan that brands itself as “the premier voice of the white resistance." Grim Reaper and an Assault Rifle

Under the word “Powershift” is an image of a Grim Reaper—the very personification of death— in front of the District of Columbia flag. In his right hand, the Grim Reaper is holding an assault rifle. In his left hand, the Grim Reaper is holding the MPD logo. This graphic, worn by armed officers, conveys the unequivocal threat of violence and death, alongside the official MPD logo. MPD itself becomes synonymous with the threat of death.

Reference to Ongoing Constitutional Violations

Below the Grim Reaper is the phrase “Let me see that waistband jo.” This phrase refers to MPD officers’ routine practice of demanding to see the waistbands of individuals, disproportionately young black men, often without reasonable suspicion that the individual is armed or involved in any criminal activity. It is a reminder that the officer—who has already been identified as the bearer of death--can harass, intimidate, and threaten members of that community at any time, in violation of the constitutional protections afforded by the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment.

This shirt demonstrates Officer Alteri’s disposition to commit unconstitutional pretextual stops and jump-outs demanding from citizens to “Let me see that waistband jo”. This message is offensive to all DC residents, regardless of racial or ethnic background.

Insinuated MPD Endorsement

The t-shirt associates the Metropolitan Police Department with racism, violence, and death. The shirt identifies the officer wearing the shirt by his MPD-designated badge number and includes MPD’s official logo. 

According to the group, the shirt 'displays symbols of police harassment, hate, and death while prominently displaying the symbols and emblems of the Metropolitan Police Department'. 

The petition called for immediate disciplinary action against the officer and any other officers who have worn similar shirts. 

The sun cross is a 'well-known and notorious white supremacist symbol adopted by the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacist hate group,' the petition states.

In a tweet, D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham called the content on the shirt 'disgraceful'.

The department also released a statement: 'The message conveyed on the T-shirt does not represent MPD's values. 

'We understand the trust of the community is critical to our ongoing work and take seriously any incidents that may undermine the confidence the community has in our members,' the statement read. 

According to the ADL,

The sun cross is believed to be the white supremacist version of the Celtic Cross, which consists of a square cross interlocking with or surrounded by a circle.

It's one of the most commonly used white supremacist symbols dating back to the pre-Christian 'sun cross' or 'wheel cross' in ancient Europe.

Norwegian Nazis used a version of the symbol in the 1930s and 1940s. After World War II, a variety of white supremacist groups and movements adopted the symbol.

Today, this version of the Celtic Cross is used by neo-Nazis, racist skinheads along with the KKK and others. 

The largest white supremacist prison gang in Tennessee calls itself Aryan Nations.

The gang borrowed its title from the older neo-Nazi group of the same name, though the two are separate groups with few connections. The 'gang' Aryan Nations is also far larger than the 'neo-Nazi' Aryan Nations.

The main symbol for this racist prison gang consists of a rounded Celtic Cross image with different symbols in each of the quadrants formed by the circle and the cross.