Did White Folks Dial 911 & Get a Funkadelic Album Removed From I-Tunes? ['America Conditions Its Slaves']


According to artist & and media assassin, Vincent Brown shortly after the Washington Post published an article about "the GOP’s fast-moving tax overhaul plan" with the headline "Funkadelic, ‘America Eats Its Young’: The Week In One Song" last week, the Funkadelic album vanished from I-Tunes.  The Post article simply presented a You-Tube video of the instrumental title track from the album with a picture of the album cover. The article contained only one sentence ["The Senate GOP’s fast-moving tax overhaul plan has potentially powerful generational implications"] and the song has no lyrics, however, the album's cover artwork was apparently too much for Apple who removed it from their otherwise complete I-Tunes catalogue of Funkadelic offerings.

Brown mused that it was probably taken down after racist suspect readers of the WashPost complained about it. He observed that it had been previously available on I-Tunes. White folks function as an auxillary police force or a hyper-alert snitch force viligantly watching Black & Brown people and all the things they do with hyper-alertness to report any perceived non-compliance with the operating system of RSW. Glitches are filtered out. Said album was released 40 years ago. But anything that threatens belief in Doggy must go. Anyway, "fair taxes are for unicorns."