Deluded Black Cop Pulls White Couple Over, Claims It's Illegal to Disrespect "His" Authority [in System of White Supremacy]

What can we learn from this video? The racist suspect driver probably could not get away with this if the Kentucky cop was white. A non-white driver could never get away with this with any white or Black cop in a system of racism/white supremacy

1) Blacks with Authority Cannot Mistreat Whites in a White Over Black System of Unequal Power. As we know it is rare for a white police officer to be punished for using excessive force against a black man, woman, or child. Anon explains, "it is just as rare for a black police officer to use excessive force against a white person." 

'In fact, researchers for Anon were unable to find a single instance of a black police officer shooting or killing an unarmed white person in the history of modern law enforcement. This is not surprising but it is absolute proof that the black individual operating within a system of white supremacy cannot mistreat whites even if he or she is wearing a uniform, a badge, and carrying a gun.' [BW has noted at least one such episode, but it appeared to be purely accidental and justice/revenge will move "Starbucks quick" for white litigants] 

A black person whose power comes from a white institution will not be allowed to mistreat whites -unless he or she is following orders from more powerful whites. In a system of white supremacy, all whites are more powerful than blacks.

 A white supremacy system by its very NATURE forbids ALL non-white people - regardless of wealth, status, or position - from victimizing white people. 

Powerful blacks present no danger to the white collective but they can be extremely dangerous to other blacks. They are often rewarded for victimizing black people (doing the dirty work), and are usually following orders from more powerful whites behind the scenes." [MORE

In the video above, the Black cop seems confused after he is confronted, acting like a child trying to tell his parents what to do. 

2) No Rules or Code For Dealing with Cops. It is clear from the video that there can be no rules or codes to robotically apply when dealing with the police. You cannot always comply and you cannot always be polite. Will you comply with a maniac cop while he is beating your woman or mother on the side of the road? Will you robotically comply with them when you have a good reason to believe that you will be killed? What are you living for?

Reasonable cops look just like maniac cops until they start talking. There can be no set plans for dealing with a maniac. It is like making a set of plans to prepare for falling out of a tree or falling down the steps. [MORE]

The problem is not compliance. It is robotic, automatic, "always" compliance - having some set pre-made plan or code and script ready to go. Its not that guides or rules are never useful. They may be but there can be no robotic application of them. Following a script, reciting magic legal phrases or words memorized from a code is a sure way to get killed by cops. You are missing the present moment of what is going on right now, right in front of you. Each circumstance is different, "you cannot step in the same river twice" - it is stupid to pretend otherwise. The only rule is be alert, witness your mind and what is going on right now in front of you. As explained by Osho Rajineesh,  "No man of understanding can follow rules strictly. Only people who are dead can follow rules strictly b/c no rule is for you, you are your own rule." [MORE]

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3) Belief in Authority is Dangerous. The racist suspect in the video demonstrates an excellent point about the nature of authority. What exactly is it and why do we consent to it? Endeavoring to undeceive Doc Blynd explains the following in FUNKTIONARY:

authority - (from the root word author)—which means to originate. Only you have authority over your Self...anything else. i.e.. to accept any authority external to one's Self once of discriminating age, is the very definition of irresponsibility. There is no freedom in the presence of so-called authority, i.e. outside of one's Self and Self-Nature.) 2) the handmaiden of autonomy. 3) internal power. 4) Nommo. All authority, like the kingdom of heaven, is within. Be an authority unto yourself as all authority should come from your own authentic experience—that is the only source or wellspring of authority. Authority is the means by which society uses to control its population. Ignoring or belittling authority does not mean people are either good or bad, whether or not they are punished for their insubordination. Healthy people do not need authority figures to tell them what to do, but only the knowledge of themselves. You can teach a parrot to quote from either scripture or statute, but a parrot is not an authority. Only by you becoming truth do you have authority to speak—and then only on your behalf (i.e., your inner truth), your innerstanding. An authority is an eyewitness or an I-witness. and to picture the dynamic truth no proofs or negatives are needed nor possible—as reality isn't certain or static. When you are dead to sin and Alive to the God-Self-Divine, you become the Buddha, the Christ, the true authority within. (See: Obedience, Predictive Programming. Autonomy, Anarchy, Nommo, Sin, Alive. Authentic, Responsitivity, Dharma, Follower, Spontaneity, Conditioning, Conditions, Freedom & Responsibility) 

"authority" - (so-called)—a cartoon, an alleged image of the Law. 2) a cartoon clothed in flesh and blood. 3) the notion of an implied right and application of that "right" of individuals or groups of same to control or exercise external power over others, which has no meaning in reality. 4) power over...which is thoroughly institutionalized. 5) ruling through coercion. So-called "authority" is the justification for remaining impotent. The real threat to "authority" is the masses overcoming info-gaps and verigaps through self-knowledge and the proliferation of symbols of opposition, not crime or destruction of property.

"Authority-" is not a force but a farce! "Every great advancement in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority." —Aldous Huxley. Government is the hefty price we pay for our lack of being further evolved as humans. "The disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far-reaching consequence of submission to authority." —Stanley Milgram Regarding obedience to authority and carrying out "orders" Milgram states, "Thus there is a fragmentation of the totai human act; no one man decides to carry out the evil act and is confronted with consequences. The person who assumes full responsibility for the act has evaporated. Perhaps this is the most common characteristic of socially organized evil in modern society." At its root, government is based on violence and coercion. Without violent authority, studies show that violent behavior will all but disappear in its wake. Authority breeds the violence that it combats and perpetuates. Violence perpetrated by individuals is learned through noxious social experiences typically suffered under some assumed "authority." "The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today [is] my own government." —Dr. Martin L. King. Jr.. 1967. Read "Obedience to Authority" by Stanley Milgram, and "Constitution of No Authority" by Lysander Spooner. (See: Violence, Government. Yurugu, BOG. "The Law," Hierarchy. Obedience, Duty, Defiance, Disobedience, Compliance Priests, Preachers, Citizens, States, Involuntary Taxation, Tax Invasion, Behavior, Orders, Allegiance. Internal Revenue Service, Corporate State, Anarchy. Taxtortion, Power, Experts, Doggy & Neuropeans)