To Prevent Another "Katrina" Just Hide & Undercount the Number of Dead & Turn Cameras Off [Puerto Rico]

Brown Probot Undercounter says it probably wasn't the hurricane that killed all those people -because he better say that. According to FUNKTIONARY, a probot is a propagandizing programmed robot. (An official  representative from an organization, agency or institution whose assignment is to make prepared statements and answer "cooked"  (prepared)  questions at news conferences, briefings and the like. A probot is a proxymoron who conveys programmed disinformation in computerized language and bureaucratese jargon. A probot is one who disseminates lies, distortions and convenient mass truths composed by a superior overruling elite. A Brown probot, mechanically efficient but with no awareness, is a robot who has been programmed in service of white domination.  [MORE]

Undercounting Non-Whites Like Trump's Election or his Census Bureau.  From [NYTimes] On Wednesday, Puerto Rico officials, facing increasing questions about the accuracy of the official death toll from the storm, acknowledged for the first time that 472 more people died this September compared with the same month last year. The storm made landfall on Sept. 20. The government’s official death toll is 55.

The numbers confirmed what had been speculated for weeks: After the waters receded and the roads were cleared, people here continued to die at rates far beyond normal.

Having no idea of what happened the NYT speculates, "as temperatures frequently rose above 90 degrees, the lack of power in nursing homes, private houses and hospitals hit the elderly particularly hard. Soaring temperatures accelerated the deaths of people who were already seriously ill. Ambulances could not arrive, medicines ran out and oxygen tanks that ran on electricity were useless, several funeral directors said."

Even with the increase in mortality in the weeks after Hurricane Maria, authorities insisted that the official death toll remained at 55: 20 direct deaths; 31 indirect deaths, such as suicides; and four more from leptospirosis, a waterborne bacterial disease.

The government said it was up to doctors to certify whether other conditions — such as lack of air conditioning or dialysis because of the blackout — contributed to a person’s death. If families believe an error has been made they should file a report, Héctor M. Pesquera, the secretary of public safety, told reporters Wednesday. But the government, he said, would not be influenced by anecdotal reports or suppositions.

“We are not going to question 29,649 doctors who signed all those death certificates,” Mr. Pesquera said, referring to the number of people who died in the past year. “There’s a process, and there’s the law, and we follow the process and the law.” [MORE]

Journalists at El Vocero, VOX and USA Today have explained that the death toll probably ranges from 450 - 1000. [MORE]

Public Radio International recently interviewed Vox editor Eliza Barclay about the facts and fiction of what’s happening on the ground. When asked about the method officials are using to tally the number of fatalities, Barclay said that “we don’t have a super clear sense of exactly how they’ve been doing it. But one thing they’ve been doing is requiring that every single body be inspected by officials from the Institute for Forensic Science. And then they’re also saying that they need to do interviews with family members to confirm that a death definitely resulted from the hurricane. So it seems, at least, like a pretty strict set of requirements in order to attribute a death directly to the storm.” [MORE]