How Brainwashed & Gullible are Blacks to "Believe" Cameras Would Stop Police Brutality? [they only record it]

"Evaluating the Effects of Police Body-Worn Cameras: A Randomized Controlled Trial." From [HERE] and [HERE] A new study by the Lab @ DC found that there was not a “statistically significant effect of the body-worn cameras.” Many seem surprised. [MORE]

Police brutality on non-whites is caused by racism/white supremacy. Cameras have no effect on Racism/White Supremacy. "Racism White Supremacy is a virus in the mind, a malignant meme that has both the host of the virus and the whole society sick. White Supremacy (Degeneracy) is socially engineering Black Consciousness and/or also responsible for the falsification of Black consciousness." [MORE] Relentless programming and psy-ops by elite racists has made Black people extremely gullible and well, crazy. This programming must be dropped. 

Dr. Amos Wison explains, 

"White domination and Black subordination involve special types of social power relations constructed predominantly by Whites in order that they might receive certain material and non-material benefits thereby. These social power relations involve social practices and processes which mediate the White American socioeconomic, sociopolitical, sociopsychological manipulation and construction of Black consciousness and behavior. Under White supremacy Black consciousness and behavior are socially manufactured, labeled, and judged by Whites in ways consonant with their social control and expropriation of Black natural and acquired human resources. The "normality" or "abnormality" of Black consciousness and behavior are so classified with reference to the degree to which they support or oppose to the continuity of White supremacy. "Normal" Black consciousness and behavior under the various regimes of White domination are characterized by habitual thought patterns and behavioral tendencies which render them pliable to White authoritarian/authoritative social control with minimal resistance; which induce Blacks to accept their subordinate status as natural, perhaps actually to misperceive their oppression as freedom. "Abnormal" Black consciousness arid behavior under White supremacy involve habitual thought patterns and behavioral tendencies in Blacks which make their social control by Whites intolerably difficult or ineffective; which induces them to protest, resist and reject their subordinate status as destined or natural, to perceive their oppression as unfreedom." [MORE]