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Deeper than Atlantis
« Nowhere to hide: Israeli bombs 'rain down' on defenseless Gaza civilians | Main | After Election Blowout, Media Agree that Fox News Has Damaged the White Party (GOP) »

"Dwight Power!": N.C. White Supremacist Parade Interrupted by Clown Counter-Racist Protest, outnumbered 5 to 1

From [HERE] A gathering of white supremacists attempting to promote an anti-immigrant message at a rally in Charlotte, N.C. was largely drowned out by a clown-themed counter-protest over the weekend.

WCNC reports that members of the National Socialist Movement and Ku Klux Klan ended up being outnumbered by at least five to one as they spoke out against Charlotte's growing Latino population, which they claimed was being largely bolstered by illegal immigration. The mocking counter-demonstration was organized by the Latin American Coalition, which said it was an attempt to underscore the absurd and hateful nature of the rally.

The protesters, many of them wearing red clown noses or face paint, played off the "white power" message of their opponents, throwing "white flour" in the air and holding up "wife power" signs.

Protestor Tom Strini, fully decked out in a bulbous red nose and rainbow clown wig, held up a sign reading "Dwight Power," alongside a picture of NBA star Dwight Howard.


It is great when white people reveal that they are white supremacist because it is difficult for non-white people to "always determine who is a racist, and who is not - as it is impossible to monitor (or judge) all the individual actions and words of any white person at all times." Racism is deception. Remember, being white supremacist has nothing to do with membership in one of these clownish organizations and there are differing ways to practice white supremacy. 

What is a “Racist Suspect?”

ANY white person who is CAPABLE of practicing racism against non-whites. Since all whites are able to practice racism in a white supremacy system if they choose to do so, it is correct (and logical) to use the term “racist suspects” to identify whites who do not openly function as white supremacists (racists). This is not a hateful, unjust, or racist statement, but it is a logical statement. .

What is a “White Supremacist?”

A white person (a racist) who practices racism against non-whites. Being a white supremacist has nothing to do with income, title, or status. It does not mean a white person belongs to the KKK, the Aryan Nation, or is covered with Nazi tattoos. A white supremacist can be a soccer mom, a businessman, or a US Senator if they are practicing racism against non-whites. Another term for a white supremacist is “racist white man” and “racist white woman.” . [MORE

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